Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Tao of Gender

It's of course interesting (and educating, too) that in all cultures interested in the truth, they have come to the same conclusions about men and women.

In the West men are consider the active, the reasonable, who discover, invent, innovate, fix, repair. They are protectors and providers. Women are the passive, the acted upon, emotional, nurturing (when they aren't busy destroying)

Not surprisingly, these same concepts exist in the East, with Yin/Yang.

Yang is male and Yin is female.

Here's the basic rule:

"YANG protects YIN
YIN nurtures YANG
Together they form a complete whole."

So what happens if there is an imbalance, as we have today? We've got a lot of Female Men (Manginas) and Masculine Women (Manjaws).

So what happens when women don't nurture and men don't protect? When they refuse to provide, innovate, repair, fix, discover, invent? When they withdraw from these things?

I've also heard Yang described as Strength and Confidence and Yin described as Goodness. When the masculine lessens men become weak and when the feminine lessens it becomes evil, envious, selfish and greedy, like the witches in Grimm's fairy tales.

Sound familiar?

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Women with money and freedom.