Thursday, May 15, 2014

"More Women Are Paying Alimony in Divorce Settlements And They Are Pissed"

Most divorces are initiated by women - for whatever reasons. Boredom, mostly.

My view is that whenever a woman initiates divorce she automatically loses the kids to the ex-husband and has to pay alimony no matter what she makes.

Money, as always, matters. I wonder what this would do to divorce rates?

Women, of course, will be outraged by this. Me pay! Not fair! He's supposed to pay!

But, hey, turnabout is fair play. You know the old saying - what goes around goes around comes around.


Glen Filthie said...

It's been this way for awhile up here in Canada, Bob. When you and I were young punks the classic story was that in a divorce, the men went to the cleaners and the women went to the bank. Men would bear the social stigma of a failed marriage too. The horror stories were everywhere of men unable to feed themselves while women making six figures gouged their ex's for everything they could.

About ten years ago about three of the couples in our ring of friends divorced pretty much all at once - and the women were shocked and horrified that the rules had changed while the guys smirked and heaved a sigh of relief!

My personal feelings is that a prenup should become mandated by law - and force couples to think through the ramifications of marriage before they tie the knot. Further - any asset they can't agree on should be sold and the cash split 50/50 - unless a prenup agreement applies to those assets. The intent should be to look after the kids and be fair to the spouses.

Anonymous said...

Women truly are scumbags. Overgrown children. They're ONLY pissed because the tables have turned on these dumb bitches.