Monday, May 12, 2014

"Low Paternal Investment" Brings Down Societies

I pointed out in a recent article that I came from an area in which some of the teenage girls were extremely promiscuous, and I got the impression that they had problems with their fathers. I was perhaps 16 or 17 when this first occurred to me.

Later I realized that without fathers there is no civilization. Women trying run to things. What a joke. Goodbye everything. And one of the scariest things about that is the father is the weak link.

I ran across an article HERE, from "The Social Pathologist." He quotes a study, and here is a section of it:

"One factor that seems to affect infidelity across cultures is low paternal investment. For example, in matrilineal societies paternal investment typically is low, often giving rise to the avunculate, and infidelity and divorce tend to be common (Daly, Wilson, 1983; van den Berghe, 1979). Similarly, where the wife is relatively independent economically of the husband, marital bonds tend to be weak (Friedl, 1975; Goode, 1993; Seccombe & Lee, 1987) and infidelity by the wife is relatively common (van den Berghe, 1979)....In fact, women with low self-esteem tended to have had more sex partners and one-night stands (Mikach & Bailey, 1999). Similarly, adolescent girls who had had many sex partners rather than few or none tended to have lower self-esteem and more depression (Spencer et al., 2002)."

What this means is under "patriarchy" there will be less divorce, less marital cheating, a better self-image among young girls, and less of this appalling promiscuity that I encountered, now that I think about it, when I was 13, not 16.

It means that under "matriarchy" (aka feminism) there will be more divorce, more infidelity, more exceptionally promiscuous women, more single mothers, more damaged children, more abortion...I can't think of anything good. Actually, society and civilization will stop and then start to go backwards.

Both men and women will go wild - men withdrawing, or becoming PUAs, or else Going Their Own Way. Women will become unhappy without husband, home and children, won't know what the problem is, and blame everything on men.

It is not by chance that both the Hebrews and Greeks saw women as being the ones who brought problems into the world. You know - Eve and Pandora.

Incidentally, if a girl doesn't love her daddy you might want to stay away from her.


James said...

The problem is this.

On one hand we have an incentive to live in a civilized society. But how big is this incentive? In fact weren't most of us born into an already civilized society? It is not like we were born in the bad parts of Africa or the Middle East, or Asia, we were born in a land where poverty includes TV's, videogames, and appliances. So this incentive is not actually as big as it seems because many people have not lived in the big bad world.

On the other hand we have an incentive to enjoy life at the expense of others. Or not really expense of others but rather disregard or without thought for others. The entire PUA movement, redpill movement, alpha beta movement is evidence of this. They acknowledge the world is fvcked up and women are fvcked up. They proceed to become as fvcked up as possible via Dark Triad, Dread Game, call themselves the Alpha, everyone in their view Beta. So yes. Their dick is wet. But it slowly leads to other things. While all those men didn't start the fvcked up cycle they perpetuate it. People fvck virgins toss em aside, fine. How do you think the girl is going to grow up and what kind of family will she raise? How about the men who don't indulge in these things yet see other men going Dark Triad as possible to fvck all these women? They are going to drop out of society. Oops, there go your future engineers, doctors, professors, builders of society. We see this in MGTOW, herbivore men. Japan the great nation that gave us innovation in the sciences, robotics, computers, videogames, culture, etc.. now can't even figure out how to motivate their young men to enter society again.

Our society incentivizes everyone being promiscuous, and men being low investment as possible. Look at rap and randb songs for the past decades: all about infidelity, adultery, promiscuousness, slutty behavior, thug glorification. To some extent rock music as well. When you glorify a lifestyle 24/7, when your mom and sister get into the car and turn on the radio to listen to Robin Thicke's Good Girl which is about a taken woman engaging in Anal with a random big dick dude she met at the club. Or when your son and husband enter the car and listen to the next Kanye West, Weezy song which surprise glorifies sex.

Is it no surprise? How we all end up? Look at the societies that end up super promiscuous. They either live in huts, or all killing each other constantly. If you want to build a society, a civilization rather, you need to incentivize the type of people who would build it. Monogamy oriented. Non entertainment worshipping (worshipping entertainers is a phenomenon for super rich societies), punishing those that go out of line, men and women.

Why would that woman want a monogamous marriage when she can go to or go to the club on any given Friday to get sexed up by everyone? Or why would that man want to stay to the wife of his youth, when he can join a frat and get laid every weekend?

America's live and let live conditions are unsustainable. We are too afraid to shutdown our slutty sons and daughters, too afraid to instill familial values from the Bible (or really most religions as they have common universal truths as you pointed) so when we are afraid to regulate that, it will naturally collapse. It makes sense.

Unknown said...

All this Alpha/Beta/Dark Triad/Shit Test stuff is a direct response to feminism, but it's the wrong response. It's like it's the mirror image of feminism, and in many ways it's just as bad. Both of them don't seem to pay much attention to families and children, and those are the bedrock of society and civilization.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and thanks for inspiring my second effort. I suppose Judaism is a strange exception to the quoted section on matrilineality, with its traditional emphasis on high investment parenting. It seems quite odd really, considering that biblical figures often took Gentile wives and their offspring was certainly considered Jewish.

Unknown said...

I followed your links to the Etruscans and Minoans. I had no idea they were so bad (in some ways worse than us) but I shouldn't have been. And they disappeared. How unsurprising.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and they were largely forgotten until first some fanciful Victorians and then feminists created fantasies of free love in peaceful matriarchies. Feeble, decadent, effeminate societies cannot defend themselves, even with material and technological advantages. The aforementioned two as well as the Romans, Persians, and Abbasids proved it in the past, as they were supplanted by unsophisticated, but vigorous barbarians, and the West is proving it today.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...the portrayal of Xerxes and his court in "300." A perfect example of extreme decadence.