Friday, September 23, 2016

This is Self-Explanatory and Therefore I Have No Comment

(H/T to Al Finn Next Level)


WL Emery said...

Note that a source, and a reliable source at that, is included with the graphic. This is the kind of thing the SJWs hate with a passion. Facts. Cold, hard, facts.

Anonymous said...

The rate is probably lower than 0.77 for blacks actually killed specifically by white police officers. The figure does not make the distinction.

Anonymous said...

A misleading graph. It's scaled according to "number of members of the murderer's race" but the title says "blacks killed by whites" rather than "rate at which whites kill blacks" in order to make number of killings by blacks seem larger than it is.

Why not scale it by the rate of the murdered race? Why not leave it as just raw numbers? Why not compare it to the total population and have a "people not murdered by anyone" bar, so we can all see how big the problem really is?

Black Poison Soul said...

I decided to check the source to deal only with raw numbers.

This is one-on-one murders only (one murderer, one victim), white and black only. I am completely ignoring "unknown race" and "other race", both for murderer and victim. This is over the entire USA for the year of 2013, which had a total of 12,253 murder victims. And finally, this is not "negligence", etc. It's actual intended murders.

White killing White = 2,509
Black killing White = 409
White killing Black = 189
Black killing Black = 2,245
Total numbers added up = 5,352

Whites killing Whites: 46.9%
Blacks killing Whites: 7.6%
Whites killing Blacks: 3.5%
Blacks killing Blacks: 41.9%
Total percentages added up: 99.9% (inevitable 0.1% rounding errors)

So, when you look at #blacklivesmatter being concerned only about 3.5% of all murders, ie a total of 189 dead people, in 2013. Those 189 people are more important than the remaining 5,163 people solely because they are black and it was a white man who killed them. It has no interest in dead whites or blacks killed by other blacks.

To show it another way:

Dead Whites = 2,918
Dead Blacks = 2,434

And only 189 of those dead blacks matter. Over all dead whites, and over blacks killed by other blacks.

Note that these numbers are not about Police killing victims. Those are termed as "justifiable homicide" (so long as they are justifiable) and are not considered to be murders. So if #blacklivesmatter is concerned only with white Policemen killing black felons (justifiable homicide) we have to dig around elsewhere.

Black Poison Soul said...

For justifiable homicide, here's the page.

In 2013, a total of: 461 felons nationwide killed by a law enforcement officer in the line of duty. (Not just policemen, note!)

Also: not broken down by race of felon or officer. It's a pity, I'd like to know how many of those dead felons were black, white, hispanic, or other.

Black Poison Soul said...

Now, the reason they scale it is because of the proportions of race in America. From Wikipedia for 2010. (We can assume that any people born since 2010 are unlikely to be killing people in 2013.)

Total Whites = 223.6 million
Total Blacks = 38.9 million

So the proportion of murders by race becomes relevant:

White killing white proportion: 2509 / 223600000 = 0.001% of the population murdered
Black killing black proportion: 2245 / 38900000 = 0.006% of the population murdered

If you're black, you have 5-6x the chance of being murdered by another black than a white does of being murdered by a white. (Slim chance.)

White killing black proportion: 189 / 223600000 = 0.00008% murdered
Black killing white proportion: 409 / 38900000 = 0.00105% murdered

If you're white, you have 13x the chance of being murdered by a black than a black has of being murdered by a white. (Slim chance.)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see data on blacks killed by black police officers, then compared to blacks killed by white police officers (and compared for both justified and unjustified police shootings).

Unknown said...

There are slightly more whites killed by police officers than blacks. Overall, it's somewhat les than 500 a year, all told, people killed by police officers.

Anonymous said...

The stats for "number of white cops who kill blacks unjustifiably" is right there on your TV screen: Trayvon and the half of a half of a dozen that BLM "protests" about. If BLM had more, they would tell us. Not that this would repair BLM's non-existent reputation for truthfulness....