Saturday, September 17, 2016


"Belief in things that one does not understand, to the point of giving money to frauds and spiritual confidence men." – Albert Culbertson on fear and superstition.

I consider the belief in impossible conspiracies to be a form of superstition. Some have argued it should be added to the Seven Deadly Sins – the fear and superstition Culbertson mentioned in his 1908 quote.

People who believe in impossible conspiracies I refer to as Conspironuts. You know – explosives (even nuclear bombs) in the towers on 9-11, remote-controlled airplanes, chemtrails, vaccines to murder 90% of the population, three shooters on Kennedy, the CIA, Bush and LBJ involved in his assassination.

The same applies to people who think the Clintons have murdered a bunch of people. Bill Clinton couldn’t even get away with a blowjob in the Oval Office without getting impeached, but some people think he and his wife have committed serial murder and gotten away with it. Or that a sick, dying Hillary Clinton is going to be President because of those “Diebold machines” that “the conspiracy” controls.

The same applies to those who delude themselves Trump is “controlled opposition.” Such people think there is a conspiracy of Evil People who rule the world and even though these clusterfucks screw up everything they touch yet somehow they are so incredibly brilliant and so purely evil they are involved in a centuries-old conspiracy. You know – the Illuminati and the Masons.

I’ve met black people who thinks the Klan really exists (to the extent it exists it couldn’t even field a softball team, and half the players would be FBI agents). Some of them have told me in all seriousness HIV was created by white scientists to target melanin, that Krispy Kreme doughnuts is owned by the Klan (two Ks is pretty close to three, I guess), and that the kosher “K” on bottles means “Klan.”

“It’s not our fault because the Man is keeping us down!”

One of the reasons Muslims are so backward (along with their hideous inbreeding and their belief in their backward, false religion) is because they blame everything on Jews and Israel.

“It’s not our fault because the Jew is keeping us down!”

Why do people believe in such impossible conspiracies? It allows them to avoid taking responsibility for themselves and to blame their problems on other people (and they actually think these people are superior to them).

The first defense of people – and small children for that matter – is to blame their problems on others.

As I’ve mentioned several times, that sort of scapegoating runs back to the story of Garden of Eden, in which Adam blames Eve and Eve blames the serpent (I’ve always thought both of them were about three years old). So this “It’s your fault, not mine!” runs back thousands of years – probably to the beginnings of humanity.

What all of this means, obviously, is that in many ways Conspironuts are little kids – and don’t even know it.


Glen Filthie said...


911: the idea a jet might crash into a sky scraper was not new when those buildings went up. The towers were designed to handle such an event. Call me a nutter, I don't care - when the towers collapsed it looked like a controlled demolition to me. They didn't go over, they came straight down.

The Clintons: they most certainly have killed people, certainly through incompetence... Benghazi springs to mind. A number of their enemies have committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head a couple times. Pull my other finger, it has bells on it. They may not have pulled the trigger, but they have power and money we don't know about. Most people in that league do, and are very careful to conceal it. You can buy anything for a price, Bob. Hell's bells - the Director of the FBI backed down from her. Tell me what happened there? Anyone?

(((Eeeeeevil Joooooooos))) & Controlled Power Brokerage.

Why do ya think Saddam was propped up by the US? Answer - because he threw a monkey wrench into middle eastern politics and kept the rag heads divided and pitted against each other. Why do you think they took him out? Answer - because he was consolidating enough power to threaten Israel and US interests in the area. They correctly feared the rise of a new effective Caliphate.

This is a problem that you and your elderly peacenik friends have with geopolitics, my friend - and this is why you should defer to me and my neocons on issues like that: we learned from history as recently as world war 2 what happens when you appease gangster gov'ts and don't challenge them - they grow stronger, meaner and crazier and when you finally DO act - they are at your throat and you are in very deep trouble indeed! George Bush was a visionary. He moved against Saddam before he could start WW3 and only a handful of enlightened conservative intellectuals like Yours Truly are smart enough to appreciate it!

Unknown said...

(((Neocons))) traitors to everything the U.S. stands for.

Anonymous said...

A third building (Tower 7, I think) fell just like the 2 towers on 9-11, all straight down. The third building was not hit by anything, neither a plane nor another building. There are other anomalies and inconsistencies as well. Something is not right. The official story put out by the government and media cannot be the true story.

Unknown said...

Jews did it, right? Atomic bombs in the towers? I give people 10,000 years to prove it was a conspiracy and even with that time they'll never prove it was anything more than sand kaffirs with box cutters.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who did 9-11.

Anyway, nukes could not have been used, since they do not exist:

Glen Filthie said...

Consider the firefighters Bob. They're certainly heroes - but they're not stupid. The first rule of any rescue is protect yourself first. They brought in the firefighters thinking it was moderately safe to do so. They were flabbergasted when the buildings came down.

No, something isn't right. Who dunnit...? Eeeevil Joos are a prime suspect... As are rag heads and even my fellow patriotic neocons I suppose.

Robert What? said...


As far as I know I coined the phrase Hillary's "Diebold Advantage". It's not so much a conspiracy as a musing speculation. And it refers to general voter fraud, not just tampering/hacking voting machines. It does seem to fit the facts though. Hillary is a terrible candidate and doesn't seem to care what she does or how she looks. I'm just speculating that she knows something we don't. If I'm right, you owe me a beer :)

Anonymous said...

"they'll never prove it was anything more than sand kaffirs with box cutters."

So says the government conspiracy. Too many anomalies that day and not to mention the extensive destruction of evidence after the event. I don't know who did what, but I'm supposed to believe some camel jocks with box cutters learned to half ass fly planes into buildings and the dozen or so US agencies in addition to another dozen or so foreign agencies were just totally clueless. I think the attacks were facilitated in some way. I'm still wondering where those engines are from the plane that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon.

And, I saw the buildings as demolition. WTC7 was clearly demolished and it is not something that would have been wired in a few hours if I'm too believe the demolition documentaries.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, nukes could not have been used, since they do not exist:"

Anony September 17, 2016 at 5:01 PM, the only big lie is you with this nonsense that nukes do not exist.

Unknown said...

"Anyway, nukes could not have been used, since they do not exist"

See? Conspironut.

Steve Kruz said...

"Belief in impossible conspiracies"? There's nothing impossible about the idea that the WTC towers had explosives in them. There's nothing impossible about using a remote control system to guide airplanes into buildings. In fact, given the evidence we have, it'd be extremely easy to make a case that 9-11 was accomplished using those two things. As for "we believe in conspiracies because it allows us to avoid taking responsibility", don't be a fucking idiot. I am a regular American, I was not responsible for 9-11.

AAB said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know who did 9-11.

Anyway, nukes could not have been used, since they do not exist:

But they DO exist! The shape-shifting reptillians from the Betelgeuse system gave them to the 13th tribe of Israel after they wandered North and took up refuge in the Hollow Earth (the entrance is a giant swirling vortex in the Artic Circle) several millenia ago where they keep them safey under lock and key, until the war between the survivors of Mu Mu Land and Atalantis stop their age old struggle for dominion over the world, which is being fought out in proxy wars by Pepsi against Coca Cola (not kidding, I saw this one on Rumor Mill News once), who themselves want to poison the children of the world; but the vaccination programme might beat them to it by killing everyone with their evil MMR vaccines and HIV-AIDS virus which was created in a lab in California by white NAZIs intent on depopulating Africa of Africans who get their funding from NAZIs hiding in New Swabia land in (of all places) Anti-arctica where Martin Borman escaped to before finally arriving in Argentina, where he plans to establish a new Third Reich which will will take over the world in a new NAZI empire, closely supported by the Next Hitler Trump/Kim Jung Il/Saddam Hussein/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad/Kaddafi, and enslave us all until the end of time. The end.

(Have I missed anything..?)

Feather Blade said...

@ glen Filthie:

The towers were designed to withstand impact from the largest jet plane of the day, when they were designed.

That somebody subsequently designed a much larger jet plane with a much greater fuel capacity does not mean that the towers were an inside job.

Unknown said...

"The towers were designed to withstand impact from the largest jet plane of the day, when they were designed."

They were, which is why the Conspironuts are clueless.