Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump is an Example of Steam Engine Time

”As ethics is the science of individual happiness, so politics is the science of collective happiness.” - Will Durant, The Life of Greece

Steam Engine Time is the name describing the concept about how many men were working on the same things simultaneously throughout history. The only reason people think Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone is because he filed his patent about an hour before Elisha Gray. That’s just one example. Another is when Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz simultaneously invented calculus. Things like this have happened over and over throughout history.

Even if Trump loses his ideas will live on and grow more powerful. The time has come for his ideas, and he’s not the only one who has them. The evil of globalism is over; the good of nationalism is back. That’s Steam Engine Time.

Think of the way that Barry Goldwater lost to the war-mongering monster Lyndon Baines Johnson but Goldwater’s ideas culminated in the election of Ronald Reagan, who was the last half-way decent President we had. Even if the Hildebeast wins she’ll be such a catastrophe we’ll never have another woman President again, just the way the homo half-breed pretending to be President now has been so bad there will never be another black man as President, even if he is a yellow-skinned half-breed like Brak Yomama.

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are so bad they have ceased to represent the people at all. That accounts for the rise of so many outsiders. Everyone is tired of this country being crapped on by politicians and other “elites” (and that last word in not a compliment). They are not concerned at all about the collective well-being of this country of its citizens, only with enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense.

I was in my hometown recently, which has always been a Democratic stronghold. I was raised Democrat, which in those days was just the same as a religion (the whole county has also been a Democratic stronghold).

Now all I heard there was Trump, Trump, Trump. Not a word about any Democrat except for “rotten bastards” and “culture of corruption.”

Politics is supposed to be about the well-being of the country and the people. It ceased being that in America a long time ago.

Now it’s about the wealthy “elites” exploiting everyone else for just more a bit more money so they can live in decadence and luxury.

Unfortunately that has been the history of the world. Fortunately these “elites” have always fallen, as they will fall today.

The Mainstream Media/Talking Heads/Chattering Classes have also destroyed themselves. They have no one to blame but themselves because of their bad, anti-American ideas and their cluelessness about the rise of the Internet.

“The conscienceless exploitation of the poor.” - Will Durant on the elites of ancient Greece.

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