Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why I Didn’t Watch the Debates

I don’t like politics and I don’t consider it entertainment.

I didn’t watch the debates because it’s not going to change my mind.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt career politician and whatever she says has nothing to do with what she’s going to do. I’d trust her about as far as I can throw her epileptic ass.

As for Trump I already knew what he was going to say.

And I’m supposed to spend an hour and a half – if not more – watching these two debate?

I already knew what each candidate’s supporters were going – “Mine won!” “No, mine won!”

Politics is so easy to figure out. There is only black and white, without any shades of grey.


Farm Boy said...

I stayed up to watch it and I won't watch the next two. I thought it was boring and predictable and a ho-hummer. Hillary is a lying unaccomplished evil witch who is full of hot air and has been a spectacular failure in anything she ever has been involved in. What is her biggest success in life? Trump has been a prover winner over and over and in some very difficult and dog-eat-dog business dealings and circumstances. The debate was set up to favor hillary and who really cares who is the best slimy BSr and master of weasel words and of talking a lot while saying nothing.

Unknown said...

Hillary's biggest accomplishment in her life was marrying her husband.

Robert What? said...

I watched about ten minutes of it and couldn't take anymore. From what I saw and read, Trump's performance was underwhelming. His main objective was to show America he is not the monster portrayed in the media. He was probably successful at that. I also heard that Trump does zero rehearsing or preparation for debates. He might want to start. But in the end, I don't think the debate changed a single vote one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

You didn't miss much. The first debate was virtually unwatchable. Hillary looked drugged up, and appeared to be reading a teleprompter. Or maybe she was being fed canned answers through and earpiece. Either way, she looked very artificial. At least she didn't collapse on stage.

Trump was no better. He was all over the place. He could not stay on track with any of his thoughts. He kept jumping from topic to topic, and kept bringing up personal, inside examples to prove his points that nobody could follow. He kept mentioning Sean Hannity as some sort of reference. I couldn't follow what the hell he was talking about. He was a mess. I don't think Trump has any idea what he's doing. He is a businessman, not a statesman or diplomat. His pushy, in-your-face attitude may fly against a listless Hillary Clinton, but I'd love to see him try that shit on a ruthless KGB killer like Putin. The Chinese don't like being talked down to either. Trump is out of his element here.

Both of these candidates are absolutely horrible.

Anonymous said...

I listened (yes, listened, not watched) the debate last night. After 5-10 minutes, I turned it off. I could NOT TAKE Hillary-ugghh! How can anyone LISTEN to that voice?!

Robert What? said...

Yes, Hillary's voice is enough to scare children and pets. I can accept that someone hates Trump. What I can't wrap my brain around is someone actually supporting Hillary.

Anonymous said...

The debates are still fun to watch for entertainment purposes.

It will be an immense disaster if Clinton wins, not just for the U.S., but the world too.

Unknown said...

I only watched because I wanted to see Clinton keel over on live TV. And she was holding onto the podium most of the night, only when the debate was over she waddled out from behind it. The bitch is fucked in so many ways.

Unknown said...

I was hoping so see Clinton start coughing or keel over.