Monday, September 19, 2016

The Scapegoating/Human Sacrifice Inherent in Politics

“Girard…reversed the classical mythological pattern by exonerating the scapegoat and showing the community to be guilty of gratuitous murder.” - Brian McDonald

I’ve pointed out before more than once I’ve been interested in scapegoating/human sacrifice for a long time. And once you become aware of it you see it everywhere.

Let’s take politics. I don’t like politics and the only reason I’m interested in it is because it is interested in me (it reminds me of an old saying: “You may not believe in the devil but the devil believes in you”).

Politics is always based on a narcissistic all-good/all-bad dynamic. And once the “all-good” gets rid of the “all-bad” then things will be much better Of course in reality this never happens.

The fact we have only two major parties is why it’s so easy for one to see the other as evil.

Leftism (these days, the Democratic Party) always sees those to the right of them (in their minds, the Republicans) as not merely mistaken but evil. And leftism clearly is based on envy and hate.

I’m certainly no fan of Trump and I’m not surprised at the vicious attacks on him by the “elites” (that word is not a compliment), who really should know better. But they obviously don’t (and I’ve had people tell me, “I hope he gets assassinated”).

Look at the attitude of the Republican Party toward him. To it it’s not their fault all the horrible things it’s done to the United States; it’s Trump’s fault because he’s not like them.

You know – Trump is a Nazi and therefore pure evil (I once saw some idiotic woman on TV dressed as a Nazi officer, supposedly imitating Trump).

His attackers are of course trying to use him as a scapegoat. Not at all surprisingly many people have fallen for it.

The same all-good/all-bad dynamic applies to feminism, which is a leftist political ideology and sees men (specifically white men) as the cause of all the problems in the world. The cure, to the leftist mind, is to destroy them (which means to make them over in another, better, image).

As far as I’m concerned politics is paganism in action and certainly not Christian at all even if it claims it is. It believes in human sacrifice even if it claims it doesn’t.

All human sacrifice, in whatever form it takes, is always a fertility rite.

I’ve also mentioned before, more than once, that Dionysus was a god of sacrifice and a fertility god (the two always go together). The scapegoated/ sacrificed are always guilty (even though innocent) and deserve their fate, in order to “save” and “renew” society.

The most famous story about this is Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” which used to be taught in middle school. These days, I have no idea if it’s still taught. People (most especially in groups) have no brains, just childish emotion. That’s why it is so easy for them in engage in Dionysian orgies of sacrifice (just watch a political convention sometime).

These people are engaging in blood lust, i.e. a lust for blood. And blood is a fertilizer.

I’ve also mentioned before about the late Rene Girard, who spend his life studying scapegoating (for the matter, so did the insane prophet Nietzsche). Not surprisingly Nietzsche greatly influenced Girard.

Here is what Nietzsche wrote: "Every time Dionysius appears, a victim is dismembered and often devoured by his or her many murderers.”

In a sentence that is what politics is about.

“People must really project their tensions and aggressions against the victim.” – Rene Girard


DeNihilist said...

And if this grows, Hilary is toast.

I think it is growing.

If TLDW, start at about 6:20 and be amazed, Trump has a chance for a historic landslide.

little dynamo said...

"As far as I’m concerned politics is paganism in action and certainly not Christian at all even if it claims it is. It believes in human sacrifice even if it claims it doesn’t."

Correct, all politics are types of pagan rites; that's a sophisticated understanding, particularly for a non-Christian. There is NOTHING Christian about politics, and Scripture makes absolutely clear that God did NOT want humans to have political leaders and political processes, because he knew that humans ruling over themselves in reality = satan ruling over everybody. This will become more obvious in the near future.