Monday, September 26, 2016

The Purpose of Women is Making Sandwiches and Babies

I sometimes (jokingly, sort of) tell women that their purpose is to make sandwiches and babies.

Often they laugh but sometimes they get hostile (some people have no sense of humor). Sometimes very hostile, especially with the comment about making sandwiches.

Sometimes they think they can read my mind and they think they know what I’m really like from my comment (I also tell people that only leftists and women think they can read people’s minds). You know – I’m a racist, fascist, sexist, ageist White Male (by the way, not only have I been called a fascist, I’ve been called a leftist and an ultra-conservative, and worse, both a Republican and a Democrat).

When I was 19 years old I once had a woman tell me that women were not the equal of men (I remember she was a nurse). That’s a comment I will never forget. She really thought women were the weaker vessel (by the way, they are, which is why you don’t see them working in steel mills and mines).

I’ve also had women tell me they should not have to work and should be supported by men.

I once had a woman claim I was sexually harassing her. It was a case where she had a crush on me and was upset because I wasn’t interested in her (Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even if the whole thing is a complete fantasy in her head). I also had a friend of mine, very popular with women (one of those non-existent “Alpha” types that supposedly gets away with everything) who was fired by his boss because he wasn’t interested in her).

I used to work for this guy many years ago and even then he had a woman (again one he wasn’t interested in) tell his boss she was being sexually harassed by him. His boss, fortunately, didn’t take her seriously and thought she was a joke. Which she was, since I knew her.

I told him she had a crush on him (remembering what happened to me) and he said, “That’s what my father told me!” I told him his father was right.

The more authority is given to women they more they are going to screw things up. Even some women, the honest ones, know that.

All you have to do is look at Hillary Clinton.

I’ve mentioned before that Carl Jung said women’s greatest flaw was thinking they are always right and they wouldn’t be happy until they gave up that belief.

When someone thinks they are always right that means someone else has to be always wrong, which means they have to blame their problems on them. And that’s why so many women blame all their problems on men.

And who blames all their problems on others? Children. This means, logically, a lot of women are children (when I tell men that they have never disagreed with me).

I am reminded of that famous comment by Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good as It Gets: to understand women “think of a man and take away reason and accountability.”

I’ve had more than one man tell me his wife has “the good job,” which she got on Affirmative Action (which means “White Men Need Not Apply”) so he was reduced to delivering pizzas (I knew one man who made $44,000 in one year by working 55 hours a week delivering pizzas for that entire year, which he said was “very hard” (and it is a bullshit job).

I’ve heard women say “men are worthless,” mostly because they can’t find good jobs anymore. Do these women ever look in the mirror? Never.

Where is all of this going to lead? No place good. Let’s put it this way – they can get away without making sandwiches but most will go nuts without having babies.


Julian O'Dea said...

It used to be quite common for women to say they were inferior. Or at least tacitly concede it. I would say it was the general if unstated view in about 1960.

Trying to prove otherwise has just about driven society insane since.

Anonymous said...

My wife or 36 years and mother of our four children just brought me a chicken sandwich. She also raised and butchered the chicken.

Proverbs 31.

Robert What? said...

This really annoys the hell out of me. You really have to get your facts straight, dammit.

It's "sammich" not "sandwich".