Monday, September 12, 2016

Trump in a Landslide

I am part of the "basket of deplorables" and I'm predicting Trump (aka "Lucky Hitler" to his enemies) in a landslide because the Hildebeast is at death's door.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

Did you see she's got a body double? It'll be like the movie Dave all over.
You've got to wonder what she's got over her party that would make it that they wouldn't just dump her.
She's got a hell of nerve to not just step down.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Also, I'm surprised that people aren't boycotting all of the companies linked to the Clinton foundation.
It's clear that it's anything but clean.

Glen Filthie said...

Bob! Stop it! You'll jinx us talking like that!!! :)

I agree all the way... but this electorate was stupid enough to put The Chocolate Jesus back in for a second term. People that stupid WILL vote for Hillary, whether she's alive or dead!

cecilhenry said...

The scene in Hillary's recovery room:

Robert What? said...

Bob, you're forgetting about Hillary's Diebold Advantage.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Trump guy. Never have been, never will be. I know who he is and what he is about.

That being said, I strongly suspect that Trump will win in a massive landslide and get 80% of the popular vote, much like Reagan or Obama did. Then, the Dems will MOST CERTAINLY try to steal the election. Yes, they will try to steal a landslide election. They are that brazen, and they believe they have that much control. We will see fraud on a level never before seen in America. That says a lot. I will go further and predict that Trump will not protest the the theft, much like Romney tucked his tail and quietly disappeared after his narrow defeat in 2012. Trump is controlled opposition, after all. After that, shit is going to get very hairy. This is not the 1940s. It it very difficult to hide things anymore. The Democrat's theft of the election may result in mass civil unrest and violence. Or , I can also see American's just taking the whole thing up their ass and doing absolutely NOTHING. After all, the NFL season just started. I really, truly can see America just simply taking it. I cite the last 16 years as evidence that Americans will not life a (trigger) finger as their nation is being dismantled before their very eyes. Can any man really disagree with what I've said, after all we've seen thus far? Obamacare is law of the land, after all. Americans are getting their wallets stolen in broad daylight, and they do nothing.

All of this of course depends on whether or not Hillary lives long enough to even see the election. She is obviously tremendously ill and there is now a very strong possibility that her health health will deteriorate rapidly and she will die. I don't think this was part of the plan for the globalists. I think they miscalculated. I do believe they have several contingencies in place should this happen. They will just replace Hillary with a generic, lib-approved douchebag like Tim Kaine or Bernie Sanders, possibly both on the same ticket. This will bring the Presidential race to dead heat, making it much easier to steal it in the end.

The powers that be are not only smart, but tremendously lucky. They badly miscalculated how unpopular Hillary is among the entire human race. They do live in a bubble. They now realize she can never win. Good thing for them that she is sick. They now have an out, and can put in a more favorable candidate while nature ushers Hillary out.

It's a fucked up situation, to be sure.

Unknown said...

"Trump is controlled opposition, after all."

He's a multi-billionaire. Who controls him? Answer: no one. The Clintons, both of whom are soon going to be dead?

Anonymous said...

A billionaire is not an island in and of himself. He is beholden to many others who have more money and power. They are a tiny club, and they work for each other for their mutual benefit. You don't make billions of dollars all by yourself. Trump is one man. He does not have the power to go against the entire globalist machine (the machine that enriched him) simply because he claims to be worth billions in fiat. He is a cog in that very lucrative wheel. He is not going to go against the grain and disrupt that. They will destroy him if he does. He knows that better than anyone. Trump is all about Trump.

Not to get off on a tangent, but I suspect Trump is not worth anywhere near a billion dollars. Much of his self-proclaimed 'wealth' is not in actual tangible assets. Much of it is speculative; tied to his brand name. He values the 'Trump' brand name at many billions of dollars. That's bad accounting.

Trump is making ridiculous statements and campaign promises that he has no intention of making good on. In that respect, he is a typical politician. He has not laid out any sort of concrete economic plan to get the nation back on track. Has rarely mentions the Federal Reserve. He says inflammatory things that appeal to traditional white Americans who are desperately watching in horror as their once great nation is swirling down the toilet. He's playing you. He's a master manipulator who plays with people's emotions.

Trump is the ultimate insider. He knows that the globalist's agenda is unstoppable and inevitable. He's not stupid.

The system is broken. It cannot be fixed with voting. To some degree I try to understand the support for Trump. These are desperate times. Humanity is at a terrifying crossroads. A few of us can see that. This 'election' will prove to the human race that mass democracy is a fraud. If it can't work in America, It likely won't work anywhere else.

Trump will betray you. He will renege on all of his pie-in-the sky promises. Why can't you see that?

Unknown said...

Globalism is dead. Nationalism is back. That's why Trump is so popular.

Trump is worth more than the Bushes and Clintons put together.

And he has destroyed the political aspirations of the Bush crime family. And if he wins the election, the end of the Clinton crime family.

Anonymous said...

Globalism is dead? I see absolutely no evidence of that. Quite the contrary. The UN and corporate oligarchs all seem to want to steal away the internet from US control very soon here. Once that happens, things will get very heavy and scary. I fully expect to see complete censorship in very short order. I expect to see many of the websites I frequent go dark, and their administrators prosecuted for made-up 'hate' crimes. All I have have seen in the last 8 years is globalism on steroids. The people are more or less awake, but that means little. The globalist agenda has been shoved down our throats at an accelerated pace.

I agree with what you said about the ruined political aspirations of the Bushes, and possibly the Clintons. That's a great thing. Perhaps Trump's popularity has something to do with that. I will admit that he was being attacked from all sides and managed to still secure the nomination. Or maybe Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are about as appealing as an Indian baby's soiled diaper. The case may be not that Trump is particularly good, but rather that his opponents are particularly terrible.

I want to share in your optimism. But I cannot. As an avid student of history, I cannot bring myself to believe that Trump is somehow unique or is capitalizing on something out of the ordinary. He has shown me nothing yet that would indicate that he is not of the mainstream; other than the fact that the lying media says he's not mainstream. That is all.

The fact is, I simply no longer know what to believe. I truly want you to prove me wrong. It would make me very happy to be proven absolutely wrong on this over the long term. But I strongly doubt it will happen. So far everything that Trump has said is nothing but talk. Talk is cheap. All politicians talk. They never deliver. What makes Trump different, other than savvy talk? I'll just leave it at that. Must be a nice luxury to have a shred of optimism about this circus.

LosAngelesKing said...

"He's a multi-billionaire. Who controls him? Answer: no one. The Clintons, both of whom are soon going to be dead?"

I can't wait to see the Hildebeast croak myself. Her rapist husband is dying of AIDS. He is definitely on deaths door. Good thing too. There may be some justice after all.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the rumor about Bill's AIDS. Certainly would not put it past a guy like that. He's a fucking sleaze if there ever was one. He makes Charlie Sheen look like a god damn Buddhist monk.

But it's probably not true. He's just another shit-turd baby-boomer who treats himself like the trash that he is. It's refreshing to see these "elite" bastards dying in their 60s and early 70s; the way it should be. Hopefully that's a trend that the Clintons will start. Soros, Rockefeller, Kissenger, Rothschilds, etc are all living well into their late 80's and beyond. I've long believed that the baby-boomers on average will not have as long a lifespan as the generation before them, due to all the toxic shit that mid-century industrialism has poisoned us with.

Time will tell I guess. Maybe the Clintons didn't make a good enough deal with the devil.

Farm Boy said...

the clintons are toast. yesterday's news. a couple of old lying grifters lobbing a Hail Mary in a futile effort to regain some of yesteryear's glorious lying, corruption, and graft. Bill is a fossil and H is seriously ill and she probably won't live much longer. Regardless, hillary's campaign was in the toilet months ago and the dnc communists knew it. The plan was to get H into office and then the weasels at Global Evil World Headquarters would take it from there, similar to the way that our real president is Jarrett, with obama as a limp dick puppet who can golf every day and it doesn't matter b/c he is not in the decision chain. Trump is going to demolish whomever (Biden?) but I do agree that the communists will do their damnest to steal the election. I believe they stole the previous election and they will try it again. "Brazen" does not even begin to describe these schittweasels.

Unknown said...

"Her rapist husband is dying of AIDS."

Bill looks very bad and sounds weak. Right before my father died his voice was so weak I didn't recognize him on the phone. Bill has that kind of voice.

Twarog said...

I know people Hillary's age with similar symptoms and health problems who are perfectly lucid and probably have many years left- but they're taking it easy in retirement and watching their diets, not trying to run a gruelling Presidential campaign while chugging whiskey like an Irish dock-worker. There's probably nothing wrong with Mrs. Clinton that couldn't be significantly alleviated by dropping out of the public eye, getting some badly-needed rest, and laying off the booze for a while. Given her famed propensity for shooting the messenger, though, none of her flunkies are going to demand that she do this. Her ambition may literally kill her before long.