Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Women Should Thank God Men Love Them

”…always culminates in the colossus of the State, drawing about itself the mantle of godhood, being struck down by the wrath of Heaven.” - A Canticle for Leibowitz - Walter M. Miller, Jr.

If men didn’t support women by creating technology and civilization everything else, women would be completely up shit creek without a paddle – or a canoe. Very few women know that. Instead they try to use these things against men, especially the government. That’s the essence of feminism.

Women really are the weaker sex – more like big children than anything else. And feminism has made them even weaker – convinced them to give up being wives and mother so they can pretend to be men. Second-rate ones.

If some weird disease wiped out all men by tomorrow civilization would immediately collapse Food, power – all gone. Women can’t even maintain what exists.

Decades ago one of my friends told me he had noticed that men write almost all the love songs. It’s true, and it’s something I had noticed myself.

The last time we discussed this we realized how many songs are named after women. Think about it and you’ll realize it too (actually I just heard the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann” on the radio, which is showing my age). And he told me some of his instructors in college told him they had noticed it too.

Sometimes when a man’s relationships don’t work out sometimes they kill themselves. Sometimes the woman first, then himself. At a newspaper I worked at the guy whose place I took did that – his wife first, then himself.

The ancient Greeks used to consider love a kind of insanity. No wonder.

Women should thank God it is true they’ve loved by men, because if men didn’t love them, and if they weren’t biologically indispensable because they have the babies and give men families, they would be, as I’ve written recently, almost completely worthless.

Men are the real romantics – unfortunately. Hence, all those love songs. I’m sure it’s been like this since the beginnings of the human race.

Women are basically parasites on men, who discovered/invented/created nearly everything (the vanishingly few things women have done would have ended up being done by men anyway). Every woman I’ve known depends on men to fix their cars. Depends on men for everything. I’ve had women tell me they’ve stood by their cars with a flat tire, knowing that some man will stop and offer to fix it. And they did, without exception.

Men don’t particularly mind this, being men. You know – protect and provide. When they’re not busy killing women (I once had a young man tell me, “If you couldn’t fuck them there would be a bounty on them”).

Some of the ancient Greeks, being philosophers, didn’t want anything to do with women. St. Francis of Assisi, who was not Greek but a Christian monk, sometimes used to wonder if he had missed out on anything by not having a wife and children. Then he realized he might have a horrible wife and kids he’d have to support and feed. Then he didn’t feel bad anymore.

I’ve mentioned before that Western European man invented/discovered/created about 97% of everything in world. It’s pretty much been like this for the last 700 years.

The United States was founded by white British Protestant men. Would American women prefer to live someplace else, like in some Muslim countries where they can’t drive or even go outside without a man? Or take the chance of being murdered by their families?

In the neighborhood I used to live in many years ago one Palestinian man knifed his daughter to death while her mother held her. She had become too Americanized for their taste. I heard it happen on tape because the FBI had bugged their apartment. She was screaming while the father said, “Die, my daughter, die.”

And now some women want to destroy American culture, not that they know they are trying to destroy it. Even now I still encounter women who think they are oppressed and the “patriarchy” really exists. They don’t realize by trying to destroy what men have done they are cutting their own throats.

Sigmund Freud once asked, “What do women want?” He had no answer except maybe “penis envy,” which pretty much means women want what men have because they can’t do what men do.

Many years ago I saw the movie, The Stepford Wives. Women as domestic robots, ones who acted like women. I’ve seen similar movies, such as Cherry 2000 and Serenity. Women who were pleasant and cheerful but humanoid robots.

These problems with women have been going on for a long time. Several thousand years, actually. And I’m sure longer than that.

I get people telling me “things have changed since you were growing up.” To which I respond: BWAHAHA!!

I have six thousand years of history at my fingertips. And all the problems we have today – between men and women, class warfare, economic problems – every civilization has had in the past. It’s what brought all of them down – ultimately, the cancerous growth of the State.

The life of the Athenian Greeks “portrayed a round of triviality, seduction and adultery.” And buffoons like Roosh and Roissy think they’re giving good advice! Not even close!

There is nothing new under the sun. Ever heard that before?

Marriage is at an all-time low. The same with few babies being born. We’re not even at replacement level anymore. And of course women blame this on men, as they always do, instead of looking at themselves and asking, “What do I have to offer? What did I ever have to offer besides being a wife and mother?” And all of this has happened in the past.

Starting when I was 12 years old I started encountering unpleasant girls. It wasn’t bad at all in high school but it got really bad in college.

Now it’s apparently gotten really bad, since there are no good jobs available anymore so men are working just enough to support themselves and spending their money on video games. I’ve seen this more than once.

Why shouldn’t they do this? No high-paying jobs, no hope of a wife and children and family.

The more power is given to women the faster they will destroy everything. It’s been the history of the world. Many don’t want freedom but license – to live lives of Epicurean pleasure and irresponsibility.

“The partial emancipation of women was accompanied by a revolt against wholesale maternity, and the limitation of the family became the outstanding social phenomenon of the age.” Will Durant,The Age of Greece


Robert What? said...

It is true: all the things that properly raised women used to bring to the table are now looked down upon as subservience and oppression: being a good wife and mother, being able to make a pleasant home, cooking, affection, fidelity, etc. Since those things are now off the table the only thing most women bring to the table is sex, which itself has become a commodity. Come the sexbot revolution most women will have nothing to offer.

Take The Red Pill said...

Robert What? said...
"... the only thing most women bring to the table is sex..."

And increasingly, they can't even bring THAT to the table, neither. With incurable STDs/STIs that require medications for the rest of their lives, STIs which are immune to all but a drug or two (remember the strain of gonorrhea in Eastern Europe which was treatable with only ONE drug?), to not even mention how their vaginas are so worn from 'riding the carousel' that they are stretched, flabby, and useless.

Unknown said...

I tell women the only thing they are good for is backrubs.