Friday, September 2, 2016

Except for Babies Women Are Close to Worthless

“Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.” - Peter Principle

When you look closely at these things (and I started decades ago) you see some bizarre things. Except for having babies women are close to worthless.

I’ve mentioned this before: Carl Jung commented are women are biologically indispensable because they have the babies and men are culturally indispensable because they created/discovered/invented everything.

This lopsidedness is close to unbelievable: women make 100% of the babies and men make about 99.999% of everything else. And it’s because men and women are biologically different.

This means if they was some sort of bizarre disease that killed off all the men in about 24 hours civilization would collapse in one hour.

Electricity, water, transportation – all off in one hour.

The humorist P.J. O’Rourke made the comment that without men civilization would last until the next oil change and Camille Paglia wrote that if civilization was left in the hands of women we’d still be living in grass huts.

Yet women somehow still think they’re oppressed by men – you know, the “patriarchy.” They don’t know that women’s lives are so easy today because of all the science and technology invented by men.

Weird – men invented/discovered/invented everything and women howl, “Give me more!” No gratitude or respect or appreciation whatsoever. Just envy.

Nearly every mythology has women bringing evil into the world. Among the Hebrews because of envy, among the Greeks because of destroying things because of her meddling in things which were none of her business.

Men understood these things in the past, which is why women weren’t allowed to vote. Even a lot of women didn’t want women to vote, suggesting they’d be better off raising a great next generation instead of engaging in the ridiculousness of politics.

And men are dumb enough to give women things they haven’t deserved and have no people engaging in. And the story of the Garden of Eden explains that: men have a decided tendency to listen to envious women and do what they ask.

What such bizarre concepts as men going into women’s restrooms because they’ve “chosen their sex” even exist if women weren’t allowed to vote? You would never see men supporting such a demented idea.

Many women, being just big children, want to blame all their problems on men. Again, “oppression” and “the patriarchy.” And if you can get rid of those things we’d have Utopia.

Hardly. Instead we’d have Hell.

Now you might ask, “What have I invented/discovered/created”? Answer: nothing. But I am capable of maintaining civilization, which is what most men do.

Women, on the other hand, can’t even do that.

Women are about as strong and independent as tropical flowers in a greenhouse in Iceland.


Glen Filthie said...

What utter bilge.

The new age good-for-nothing woman is a product of feminism, liberalism, affirmative action and social justice.

The women that came out west on covered wagons were not useless. The women that kept their families together during the Great Depression were not useless. My wife can swap a tire, or build a shed or shoot - all she needs to be shown. If our women are useless bints - it's because we allowed them to be.

Anonymous said...

The retard proclaims, "My daughter is gonna be a STEM major cuz I have a triple digit IQ! I raised her right, goddamnit!" Glen Filthy, full of sound and fury, yet signifies nothing.

Anonymous said...

Men are awesome, priceless, having tremendous value in the world. Just the same, God Himself said, "it is not good for man to be alone." Leave them unattended for a few moments and nothing gets built at all.

little dynamo said...

"Men understood these things in the past, which is why women weren’t allowed to vote"

Correct, strong, mature men do not ensure their own enslavement, and destruction of their civilization. And then call it 'good' or 'progress'.

Anonymous said...

InsanityBytes, you're too good to be hanging out here reading this rubbish. Then again, so am I.

Unknown said...

"InsanityBytes, you're too good to be hanging out here reading this rubbish. Then again, so am I."

I don't think you understood what he wrote.