Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Donald Trump Should Just Buy Mexico

Mexicans have an average IQ of 87 and the country has a GNP that is 4% of the U.S. It will never be a First World country.

The U.S. conquered the place once in about a week and some Mexicans told us, "Don't leave! We want you to stay here and give us a better government!" The entire country is corrupt.

Instead of visiting the place, Trump should just buy it and remove most of the inhabitants and move Americans down there.

It'd be a hell of a lot better place than it is now.


Quartermain said...

Well, Mexico is rich in resources which could be developed like oil, and such which could turn into some good paying jobs which could draw many Mexicans back so they wouldn't have to leave their country. It could build a middle class and a healthy tax base for infra-structure. Some of our unemployed STEM graduates could be hired and help in the development. In the long run, it would mean more jobs for Americans. The resources could be developed by American companies, for some good paying of our own people. It could lead to less dependence on Arab oil.

Just a thought.

Al Fin said...

I may be off-base, but I like most of the Mexicans I have met on a personal basis. The Mexican elite, on the other hand, is insane -- just as most elites in Europe and the Anglosphere are insane, and clearly the enemies of most of the people living in the countries they taint.

It is liberating to step away from the shackles of political correctness, but I am always trying to force myself not to paint with too broad a brush when discussing citizens of wayward nations and statistically delinquent population groups.

Rather than actually buying Mexico, President Trump needs to help make it easier for North Americans residing outside of Mexico to buy Mexican assets. Mexico needs to take on more of a North American flavour and lose most of the corrupt and bloody Latin thug overtones.

Unknown said...

I actually like most of the Mexicans I've met, too, but I seriously doubt Mexico would be open to 12 million Americans moving to Mexico even though it would make it a much better place.