Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Women as Torturers

"Among the ancient Scots women followed the army and cruelly mutilated the prisoners." - The Unknown History of Misandry

I have mentioned Thomas Berger’s wonderful novel about Indians, Little Big Man (it’s his most famous novel and was made into a movie in the late ‘60s starring Dustin Hoffman). Berger had done his homework about Indian culture, especially the Cheyenne.

Although Berger never came out and said it, his examples about torture were the women cutting their enemies’ bellies open and unwinding their guts. It was an example of “show, not tell.”

One of my posters made the comment that Indians used their women as torturers. That reminded me that when some prisoner is tortured for information women were not used to torture them.

Why? They enjoyed it too much.

That’s been my experience too. Some women – not all, of course – enjoy hurting people. They’re sadists, and they don’t even know it. Or rationalize it.

Again, why? Maybe because they’re big children. That’s been noticed by a lot of men throughout history.

Schopenhauer has a famous essay about women being big children. Lord Chesterfield wrote a famous letter to his son about it.

Children’s brains aren’t anywhere near being mature. And sometimes they can be very sadistic (I can remember, when I was a little kid, one friend who would stick firecrackers in a frog’s mouth and blow them up).

Little kids – at least some of them – can be very sadistic. And obviously they enjoy it. It reminds me of a comment supposedly by John Locke – “The evil man is the child grown strong.”

I’ve even known “adult” women who were sadistic. They never knew it, of course. They also rationalized it, of course.

For that matter, aren’t most of the complaints in the Manosphere about women being sadistic?

Men may kill, but women torture.


DeNihilist said...

Bob, off topic, but thought you may enjoy this -


LosAngelesKing said...

This article reminds me of Marine Sniper Carl Hathcock during the Vietnam War. He was tasked with hunting down a North Vietnamese cunt called The Apache, who used to kidnap American Marines and skin them alive and castrate them as they were dying. One night he could hear one of his brothers screaming in agony, and he couldn't do anything to save him.

So, the next day, he took his spotter out and they went hunting. Hathcock would violate the sniper rule of "One shot, one kill", as he would shoot this sadistic bitch in the back to let her experience some agony before blowing her brains out. She was one of the cruelest broads I ever read about. And Kipling was right that the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Anonymous said...

They're called "wives" ;-)

Anonymous said...

They're also called "ex-wives" ;-)

Anonymous said...

It was Carlos Hathcock, not Carl. He was Hispanic. One of LosAngeles King's brethren.

"And Kipling was right that the female of the species is more deadly than the male."

Men rule the world. They create them and they destroy them. On that metric alone, Kipling is wrong.