Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump and His Luck

I’ve often wondered if there is such a thing as luck. Trump in many ways seems to be lucky.

Suddenly it’s come to light that Hillary Clinton may have had a stroke or two. She’s clearly quite ill. She’s got brain damage from some severe falls, she was/is an alcoholic, and she’s developed seizures/epilepsy. She needs help going up stairs. Someone with those kinds of problems is surely on medication – more than one.

She’s clearly unfit to be President.

Of course the media is covering up her physical problems and claiming they don’t even exist. But then, the media is liberal – and liberals always lie. And it’s Trump’s fault because Hitler!!!

All of this seems to be great luck for Trump.

I’ve heard luck described as the “intersection of preparation and opportunity.” I’m sure Trump knows all about the Hildebeast’s physical problems, and I’m sure he’s going to take advantage of them. Perhaps she’ll throw a seizure during their debates. That’d be the end of her.

Perhaps luck can be managed – sort of.

I know some serious gamblers who believe in luck. My father, after he retired, went on the gambling boat every week and almost always came home with $200 or $300. He played craps, which he tried to teach me but I had no interest.

But how did he beat the odds so often? I have no idea.

I know another guy who went on vacation riding his motorcycle. He funded his trip by gambling. I remember he walked into a casino in Vegas and walked out with about a thousand dollars. He didn’t make a living gambling but it was a lot of extra money. None of this explains how the Hildebeast happened to get sick at the right time for Trump. At least I don’t think it does.

If you’re a lucky person – however you define it – does luck just keep accumulating? After all, there is that old saying – “Nothing breeds success like success.”

I should be so lucky.


Unknown said...

Hillary and the Clinton's themselves are built on such a house of cards it's not even funny. But eventually the house finally collapses.

And it seems like from what I've gathered from comments to various media stories...a lot of people are on to their manipulative tactics about Hillary.

Twarog said...

A possibly-apocryphal story says that, when Napoleon returned from his exile on Elba, and had to choose his senior officers in a rush, he only asked one question about each general recommended to him: "Is he lucky?"

Shaun F said...

I've had too many personal miracles happen in my life to believe in luck. Besides luck has an origin, like a blessing, - it comes from somewhere, and it ain't us.

sth_txs said...

All Trump has to say at the end of each debate is rhetorical question used by Reagan: "Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?"

Unknown said...

As far as I'm concerned thee only difference between Clinton and Trump is that if Hillary is elected I will probably shoot myself! If Donaldis elected I will probably hang myself!

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has gotten the worst, most unfair press coverage I've ever seen a Presidential candidate get. Could his luck be running out?

Robert What? said...

I plan to vote for Trump, but I'm still not sure he really wants to be President.

Anonymous said...

The only way to beat craps is to make side bets with the other players. Craps players are superstitious - they think that wishing really hard will make the dice do stuff. If you offer one a bet that he won't make his point, he has to accept or else he's not really believing that he will make it.

AAB said...

Robert What? said...

I plan to vote for Trump, but I'm still not sure he really wants to be President.

It might be better that way, you know, not being power hungry like Hillary. If he's not desperate for the top job then he might not be so willing to engage in the typical politicking that we usually see from politicians day in day out. He might be more willing to speak his mind, or do what he thinks is best rather than toe the party line.