Friday, August 26, 2016

The Historical Ignoramuses of the Manosphere

“Meanwhile history assures us that civilizations decay quite leisurely.” – Will Durant, The Lessons of History

I have many times gotten comments how “things have changed since you were younger.”

Guess what? They haven’t.

When I was in high school I found girls were having sex at 13, 14, 15. And I graduated in 1974. My 5’6” father told me the same thing when he was in high school – and that was about 1950. He told me about things he did that I never did. Like hanging out in whorehouses when he was 13, getting a tattoo while drunk when 14, three and four of his friends having sex with one girl when he was 16 (which happened in my high school), pulling a faggot out of a canal at 17 while his friends were trying to beat him to death (and finally did, and the three served seven years for it while my father walked), and waking up in the hospital at 17 after a bus hit him and finding his best friend dead and that he was addicted to morphine when he woke up after being in a coma for two weeks (he also ended up with metal plates in his head, an arm and a leg).

Then after all this, things returned to “normal” – and if my father had died (as did three of his eight siblings – of cancer, drowning, and rheumatic heart disease) I would have never been born.

None of these girls were having sex with “alphas,” which, as I have pointed out before, don’t exist (all the men I know who devote their lives to seducing women have been liars and cowards and ruined their lives through becoming degraded). That’s why I refer to Vox Day, Roosh and Roissy as con men and liars. And none of them can tell me anything that I don’t already know.

Women have sex with guys they find attractive and since most women are pretty irrational, there is no telling who they like and for what reason (and women’s clothes don’t fall off because of “Game).

I know a woman who was attracted to a man in a bar who was wearing a ridiculous stovepipe hat – and she ended up marrying him and having three kids. I also know another woman who was attracted to a man because she liked the way he danced. She also married him, found out he was an alcoholic, and once found him drunk and pissing in their bedroom closet. “Alphas,” indeed.

By the way, when I was 20 I met a dim-bulb 17-year-old who was joining the Army because he had gotten three girls pregnant – two of them sisters and the other their cousin. His IQ appeared to be about 93 and before I talked to him I thought he was retarded because of how he looked. This was about 1976.

When I got older and started reading history, I wasn’t surprised to find things go in cycles. As I have mentioned, societies are born in Stoicism and die in Epicureanism. But even in Stoicism there are sex and drugs sex and rock-roll – and this goes back to the beginnings of recorded history. Which is Sumeria.

The entire history of humanity has been people destroying themselves through hedonism (very much a vice of the “elites”) versus those who oppose it – religion and most philosophers. And it goes in cycles.

I have found if you want to understand people just about all you need to know is the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues. That takes care of understanding about 99% of what people do.

Not “Alpha Fux and Beta Bux,” not “hypergamy,” not “the Dark Triad” (which is actually vainglory) not Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Omega. And not Evolutionary Psychology, which isn’t a science, certainly not a theory and not even a hypothesis because none of it can be tested in the slightest (ideas about feminism, atheism, materialism and evolution have been around for thousands of years).

These are people who have never read the Bible (the Old Testament is not for children), or Marcus Aurelius, or St. Augustine, or Thomas Aquinas, or My Secret Life, or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure - the latter two of which are nonstop orgies.

Or the insane Marquis de Sade, who was probably the founder of Leftism (and who gave his name to sadism, as in sexual sadism).

It’s amusing how those who really believe in the concepts of the Manosphere try to shove everything in their tiny non-existent boxes. And ignore it when life pops right out of them. And then double down.

When I was in high school all we did on weekends is party, drink, smoke dope, and end up in the backseat with various girls. I saw cocaine just one time. Heroin, never (that was a black thing). But hashish with opium, LSD and mescaline? All over the place.

By the way, in Robin Buss’ translation of The Count of Monte Cristo Edmond Dantes would pass the time on long coach rides by eating a ball of opium and hashish. And criminals were executed by bashing them in the head with a mallet, then cutting their throats and having their abdomen stepped on so the blood spurted out of their cut throats. History has always been about things like this.

Now heroin can be found everywhere and addicts are dropping like flies. So, obviously, society is becoming more hedonistic. Which is doubleplusungood.

I actually got the tail end of the Sixties – and I assume everyone knows what that was like.

So don’t pretend that things have changed and that I haven’t been around a lot. Because things haven’t changed because human nature doesn’t change and I have been around a lot.


Hugh Jaffrough said...

Yeah, some girl tried to tell me the rates of divorce and illegitimacy haven't changed since 1950. Shit for brains, just like you.

Unknown said...

Another moron who doesn't know shit about history.

Unknown said...

Bob what have you got against the manosphere? This stoicism stuff is interesting, but the Spartans lost against the Persians. The Athenians collapsed because of democracy. Macedonia walked right in and took over. Alexander defeated the Persians not with stoicism, but by adapting to the conflict. He went straight for the King and when he fled Alexander was victorious. St. Augustine started out as a soldier, his philosophy was forged in battle with the real world. Your stoicism will not appeal to our world.
The manosphere is not made up of hedonists. Sure some guys like Roosh want to be players and playboys, but the Heartiste of the manosphere is winning the game. They changed the rules. Marriage is no longer what it was, and the courts reward women for bailing out and bilking men. The manosphere is a new strategy to take on the new unbalanced rule of law that punishes men for commitment.
Women are ruled by emotions. Finding what appeals to them can bypass the brainwashing and go straight to the control center. You have to appeal to them by assuming what they are looking for. Alphas have always existed. They are the leaders. Most are followers. Hierarchy will restore order. Hierarchy will destroy egalitarianism. Moral appeals are lost in the narratives coming from media, academia and government. Hierarchy. A Hierarchy of Men will rule this day.

The Night Wind said...

Good Article. All that most of these manospherians have actually is co-opt all the sophistries of the Cultural Marxists and reversed them. Most of what Game teaches is just Feminist philosophy with the genders switched. Same with Manosphere history, sociology, economics---it's all Marxist revisionism repackaged with Neocon slogans.

Unknown said...

There are sectors of the manosphere that wouldn't surprise me if they go all Heavens Gate, particularly these MGTOWs.

Glen Filthie said...

Yes and no Bob. The quality of modern western women is in the shitter and no bones about it. Same goes for our young men too - if they were worth a hill of beans they wouldn't fall for this childish Manosphere crap.

I personally gave up on it ages ago. Haven't got the time of day for whining pakies like Roosh, or the rest. I am an avid reader of Vox Day. I admit the man fascinates me. He's the best of the con men currently in the game and it amazes me how he can get away with the shit he does. Take his "work" on social justice warriors - he's gamed their motivations too, just like women! SJW's always lie!!! SJW's always project!!! SJW's always double down!!!

But if you watch that prick long enough, you'll see that Vox Day always lies, he always projects, and he always doubles down. He whines about the corruption of science - and is a rabid anti-vaxxer. He whines about how his enemies live by rhetoric even as he so clearly does himself. And he controls his fanboys like Josh here - with ease. They literally eat out of his hand. For the con to work, the mark HAS to want to be conned. The boys know their girls aren't happy, they know they are at least partially at fault, or they have no success with women at all - and the Manosphere peddles the pap they so desperately need. "None of this is your fault, it's all THEIR fault! You CAN be a chad - because they're ALL sluts and dykes! Because YOU are an Alpha Male...". Vox and his ilk will play these boys like a Stradivarius. Do they believe their own bullsht, I wonder?

Josh... The rest of you: Stoicism is not about women or war or tactics. It's about the internal battles of your spirit. It's about challenging yourself and recognizing your flaws and weaknesses and overcoming them. When you make yourself a better man, women of quality will see that and respond to it. The tire biters, the con men, and the fags of the Manosphere with all their PUA's and Alpha Males and MGTOWS... they become more meaningless than the mud on your boots. They will be intimidated by you! And rightfully so! The Manosphere used to have stoicism as part and parcel of it ... But hard work and honest introspection does not sell to stupid people and children, I guess.

What we're seeing here, boys, is women trying to re-assert the sexual contract. It used to be that they looked after the family while you provided for them. When feminism tore up that contract, women essentially became sluts - and sluts have no long term value for men. You know the Four F's! Find em! Finger em! Fuck em! Forget em! Women suddenly found themselves with an even worse deal than they had before. This is why women are trying to push all this phoney rape and consent BS. They are trying to artificially inflate their sexual worth to men... And are getting the expected result. The Manosphere will lead you right not their traps as many men have found to their detriment - ask Jian Ghomeshi, he knows all about it.

The smart women today ( and their numbers are exploding) are opting for classical marriages and families. Those are the women that offer you a future. They won't be gamed, they won't be negged, they know what they're worth and they won't bother with chads. They are as smart or smarter than you - and if you want a quality will need to be a quality man. Fags like Roosh and Day won't get you there. Stoicism will definitely be a strong step in the right direction.

Just say in'.

Anonymous said...

Well said. The 'sperians won't listen to me of course, but if they could that is one thing I would tell them, "listen to the wisdom of your elders." That is something that has changed in the last 40 years or so, complete disrespect for those who have already walked these paths. That's stupid because that's where all the human wisdom lives. Older people are either a good example or a stern warning, but either way they have something to teach us. Everything these days is allegedly new and cutting edge, some great secret modern youth has just discovered. "We are the ones we've been waiting for." And by "modern youth," I also mean the perpetually bitter and disenfranchised middle aged red pills who seem to have the emotional maturity of a bunch of 14 yr old boys.

Johnny said...

Anecdotal Bob back to work. Obesity rates have skyrocketed. Is that not important to society? An entire generation of unhealthy and lazy people with no willpower.

But guess what? Bob met a guy in '62 that was 243 pounds. See people? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Johnny said...

Anecdotal Bob back to work. Obesity rates have skyrocketed. Is that not important to society? An entire generation of unhealthy and lazy people with no willpower.

But guess what? Bob met a guy in '62 that was 243 pounds. See people? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Unknown said...

"Anecdotal Bob back to work. Obesity rates have skyrocketed. Is that not important to society? An entire generation of unhealthy and lazy people with no willpower."

I KNOW THIS. I have 6000 years of history at my fingertips. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. Ever heard that before?

The ignorance, stupidity and inability to read is just astonishing.

Anonymous said...

"Obesity rates have skyrocketed."

Well now, there goes the ancient Hawaiians, the Polynesians who once equated obesity with wealth, royalty, and attractiveness. Than there is the entire Rubenesque period. All through history we've seen the ebb and flow of what is considered culturally acceptable for the times. Somewhat amusing, our modern craving for the very thin, the pale, the small, probably stems from the consumption epidemic in Victorian times when tuberculosis was so rampant. So much for survival of the fittest, humankind seems to have once actually developed a reproductive desire for the diseased.

Of course obesity is not healthy, nor should we be demanding ALL men suddenly find it attractive, however, these issues are complex, not a simple matter of, "all the women in the world are too fat and they're doing it on purpose just to make red pillians suffer."

Johnny said...

I predicted you would say that. I said, "the more things change, the more things stay the same."
And you reply, on cue, with,"nothing new under the sun".

So Bob, when there's artificial intelligence and men merge with machines... That will be another repeat of history. There's a term, Bob, that we say when something new happens. Unprecedented. Sometimes it happens. Some days there are new things under the sun. Not that it matters because you're too blind to see them.

The Night Wind said...

Johnny---what were the Nazi and Communist regimes doing other than to control human minds and turn them into automatons? Even back in Roman times, poets who were Imperial courtiers used to write homilies to the bees and ants as having the ideal social structure. The idea that man can be made machine has been around forever. It failed before, and will fail again.

Feather Blade said...

@Glen Filthie: The likelihood that they believe all of what they are saying is low. As near as I can tell, the function of most threads on that site ( and his more strictly Game-related site) is the same as that of the pub or of gentlemen's clubs before women were allowed: a place to kvetch where the women can't hear and get their panties in a twist about what the men are saying. There will always be a few gullible younglings of all ages who take what's said far too seriously, and try it in their own lives, possibly to their detriment, but life or wiser counsel will eventually beat it out of them.

@insanitybytes, re: obesity. Isn't it amusing that the same guys who go on about human biodiversity seem to think that it doesn't apply to women and their body-types?

Anonymous said...

Glen, why don't you actually comment on Vox Day and tell him he's full of shit to his face rather than lament here?

Josh, the manosphere is primarily made up of hedonists. Heartiste in particular is biological dead end. He has no white children.

"Marriage is no longer what it was, and the courts reward women for bailing out and bilking men."

Only 5% of all divorces go to court. Out of that 5%, it is an even 50-50 split when it comes placement and funds.

"Alphas have always existed. They are the leaders. Most are followers. Hierarchy will restore order. Hierarchy will destroy egalitarianism. Moral appeals are lost in the narratives coming from media, academia and government. Hierarchy. A Hierarchy of Men will rule this day."

The problem is that this hierarchy is artificially created. See Vox with his own interpretation as to what is a "true man".

Now, are you a leader or a follower?

little dynamo said...

"Glen, why don't you actually comment on Vox Day and tell him he's full of shit to his face rather than lament here?"

Possibly because your Supreme Dark Lord is such a coward and pussy that he bans disagreement with His Magnificent Self. Which he is, and does. So suck it and run on back to the pretentious little bitch now.

Anonymous said...

"[I]f you want a quality woman... you will need to be a quality man."

Yes. I was in the dating market until just a couple years ago, and I have a hard time buying the "no quality women left anymore" line. I never had any trouble finding them, at any rate. They don't hang out in meat-market nightclubs, though, and I'd advise cultivating some hobbies other than video games and internet porn if you want to attract them. A man will need to plug into some healthy social networks to make it happen- "Bowling Alone" won't do it anymore. If young men get the impression that all women are sluts, it's because they're following advice designed for picking up sluts- if a man had employed certain PUA tactics at the events where I used to meet women, the organizers would have taken him aside, and politely asked him to leave and never show his face there again. You can't find rare birds with a metal detector, or buried coins with a pair of binoculars.

Anonymous said...

Why marriage has become a raw deal for men:

Unknown said...

"Alphas have always existed"

If true, that's means I lead and everyone else listens, including frauds and con men like Vox Day, Roosh and Roissy.

Unknown said...

"So Bob, when there's artificial intelligence and men merge with machines"

Stalin told his scientists to make half-man/half-chimps to use as warriors.

Such attempts - half-man/half-machine or half-man/half-animal are not new at all.