Monday, August 22, 2016

The Manosphere and the Alt Right

“A nation is said to be degenerated when the virtues of its ancestry are lost.”Arthur Gobineau

I’ve been part of the Alt Right before it was called the Alt Right. Before the Internet even existed. In many ways since I was about 21. Maybe as far back as being 12 or 13.

For a while it was called “the Dark Enlightenment,” a ridiculous name and one I’m glad is mostly gone. Was it supposed to be the opposite of “the Enlightenment?” Which one? The rationalistic Scottish one that gave so much to the world?

The Alt Right was called by various names before that – paleoconservatism, paleolibertarianism, etc. None of the names were quite accurate. Names never are – the name is never the thing, just the way the map is not the terrain.

I used to write about 15 years ago for, a “libertarian” site which has gone downhill in a big way. I got banned and my archives erased for pointing out some major American problems with blacks, Jews, Mexicans, etc. I wasn’t the only one banned and tossed down the Memory Hole.

Jimmy Cantrell was one and I believe another was Carole Ward. And I’m sure there have been others.

Now I’ve ended up writing about the Manosphere, which has some huge fatal flaws – which I’ve pointed out more than once. Such as the fact that the Greek alphabet soup of Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Omega doesn’t exist, and if you truly believe in them then you have to believe in polygamy, which destroys cultures and is something that is not part of Western European and American culture, only African and Islamic cultures. And it will never make any headway in the West, contrary to the delusions of those who think it will (and if you think I’m wrong, just wait and see and you’ll find out I’m right – because Western culture is overwhelmingly a genetic thing).

Speaking of culture as genetic, I am of mostly Scots-Irish ancestry and know about that ethnic group and their attempts to get the hell away from governments, including fleeing all the way across the Atlantic and then fleeing from Appalachia into Tennessee and Kentucky and even into southern Illinois. It seems to be a genetic thing with them – and me. And that’s a lot of traveling to get away oppressive bureaucratic idiots.

In a sentence, the Manosphere promotes culture-destroying ideas and says they’re instead good, true and wholesome. What are these people – a bunch of New England Yankees? (There used to be a saying in the U.S., probably during the 1850s/1860s, that whatever problems the U.S. had were caused by Massachusetts “conquering the U.S.”).

I’ve also pointed out the fact that Roosh, Roissy and Vox Day are grifters (Roosh and Roissy are out-and-out liars and Roosh in a half-wit half-white obsessed with jerking off over white women). Now all of them are writing about the Alt Right. I knew it was going to happen before they did and started trying to run their con game again.

But if they’re going to claim they’re part of the Alt Right they have to give up the Manosphere delusions of Alpha/Beta “Dark Triad” blah blah blah.

Because the Alt Right doesn’t support those adolescent beliefs (James Bond is second-rate fiction, not a role model).

Since none of them want to give up the attention and money they’ll slowly change the definitions of Alpha/Beta/Omega and then stop talking about the psychopathic “Dark Triad” as something that makes women’s clothes fall off. Or that woman are “hypergamous” whores who only seek “cash and prizes” (have these imitative morons ever had an original thought in their lives?).

Many years ago I read some of Frenchman’s Arthur Gobineau’s books from the 1850s (“The Moral and Intellectual Diversity of Races With Particular Reference to Their Respective Influence in the Civil and Political History of Mankind”).

He pointed out the backwardness and poverty of Africans and Muslims – the low IQs (although he never used “IQ,” since the term didn’t exist then), the animalistic impulsiveness, the lack of civilization and culture.

So don’t think the concepts of the Alt Right are anything new. They’re not. And as I’ve pointed out several times the concepts of the Manophere are nothing new and were dismissed as nonsense hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Read the Bible sometime if you want an example.

There is an old saying: “Whites create, Asians copy, and blacks sing and dance.”

That in a sentence that is what the Alt Right is about. And why so many of the deludedleft (one word) are hysterical about the “racism” of the Alt Right. And how it’s full of old, angry, poor, lower-class, stupid white men – the ones the media convinced are Trump’s main supporters.

Fortunately the truth is never racist.

I’m not some sort of loon who believes in ZOG or Black Run America. Those are the delusions of what I call Conspironuts. Blaming all your problems on other people (who the Conspironuts actually think are superior to them) is something minorities and the inbred do.

But there are problems with Jews (otherwise they wouldn’t have been expelled over 100 times), there are problems with blacks, with Mexicans, with Muslims.

This land for us and their land for them.

And these problems wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for multiculturalism, which is one of those deluded leftist beliefs.

All of this makes the Alt Right part of the right wing – hence the name. It’s an alternative to the sickly, dying version of “conservatism” that exists – the kind the corrupt left-wing Bush crime family supports.

And I guarantee you that Trump, no matter what he says, supports the concepts of the Alt Right – otherwise he wouldn’t be so popular and the media wouldn’t hate him so much.

Trump is clearly a nationalist, and nationalism is part of the Alt Right.

The Alt Right is pretty much what the U.S. was founded upon. Only in those days it was considered just obvious common sense.

None of this means I hate the groups I just mentioned. I don’t. But what am I supposed to think about blacks who can’t make it in the U.S. and have become wards of the State? About Jews who have, as I just mentioned, been expelled over 100 times and always for the same reasons – stealing, lying, cowardice, spying, treason. About Mexicans who have their own country, can’t make it a success and instead climb fences and dig tunnels to make it into the U.S.? Or Muslims who rape women and children?

Ignoring the truth won’t make it go away.

And isn’t the Alt Right about telling the truth, no matter where it leads? The Left sure isn’t about that.

"A government retains its sway over a great number of citizens, far less by the voluntary and rational consent of the multitude, than by that instinctive, and, to a certain extent, involuntary agreement, which results from similarity of feelings and resemblances of opinions.” – Alexis de Tocqueville


Anonymous said...

"I got banned and my archives erased for pointing out some major American problems with blacks, Jews, Mexicans, etc."

Can you post these articles on this blog?

Unknown said...

Some of them I have and the others are some 15 years old.

Shaun F said...

Bob - I presume some of the articles are in your book?

Unknown said...

Very old ones.

Unknown said...

Uh, no. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega and Sigma are the classic male hierarchy found in Nature. Any social mammals like wolves and even humans have this as a default hierarchy for males. It may gall you to treat man like an animal, but when it comes to assortive mating, these patterns are obviously there and can be observed. Biology is still a big part of human nature. Monogamy is a rather recent development. Even in societies which claim monogamy is the standard and enforces it with laws, the stronger and more affluent males still are not completely monogamous. High status males usually have partners willing to accept indiscretions against monogamy to stay with high-status males. You may not like it, but it still happens. We don't live in a perfect world, but ignoring Biological reality is something only the Left should do.

Unknown said...

An Alpha wolf is the parent wolf. The Alpha couple is the only one that breeds, to limit the number of pups. Transfer it to humans and you get a patriarch.

Unknown said...

By the way the man who come up with Alpha wolves as leader of a hierarchical pack later said, "I was completely wrong."

Just the way such Manosphere beliefs are completely wrong.

DeNihilist said...

Yup Bob, he was studying a captive "pack" made up of wolves from different clans. When they finally started to observe real wild packs, he realized, and good on him, admitted, that his previous work was shit.

JS, I know Bob has commented on this, but here is as close to truth as you can get, when we try to compartmentalize men into groups. This grouping is basically an immature viewing of life because most people have a bit of all these traits in them, some are just stronger so tend to be seen more.

As for the notion that monogamy is not a natural state for humans, I tend to see this as evo-psych bullshit. Needed by these guessers to dress up their "theorise" with "scientific" garb. Thinking that for most humans, monogamy is the norm, but for a large minority, not so much.

Any way check this out.

Unknown said...

I've written about this before. The only times dogs and people from strict hierarchies is in prison - zoos, people prisons, the military and to a degree public schools.