Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Idiocracy Now

This was written by Guillaume Duroucher and is from Radix Journal.

He's wrong about the “Jeurasian” elite but what I find interesting about that is that both Jews and Asians would sell their souls to get a white woman (think Woody Allen) and of course NOWAG means "No One Wants Asian Guys." We're the race everyone wants, and we do almost all of the innovation in the world. That's why they lust after us. Overall, no one can compete with us, and everyone wants white blood in their kids.

And neither of them has shown themselves to be capable of running an advanced society - the ones created by white people. Israel is a parasite on the U.S. and China is collapsing as we watch.

These days there are so many occurrences, mostly favorable to the awakening of our people, that it's easy to lose track. This positive trajectory can be downright intoxicating. But we must keep the big picture in mind and, more than this, inscribe our work in eternity.

No one can predict the future with much certainty. But we can know what historical forces will be at work in the coming centuries, as these forces will be reflections of human psychology, and this psychology will have significant continuity with our own. Thus, to look into our own souls is to gain insight into the future.

Let me be more specific. In this article, I want to discuss two historical forces which have increasingly affected our world: cognitive sorting and dysgenics, occurring in both cases, for the first time in human history, on a global scale. These two forces are interacting with one another in a complex and dynamic dialectic. Let me summarize my thesis: humanity in general, and our societies, in particular, is becoming more stupid and ethnically fragmented. However, the negative consequences of this are being attenuated by the technical innovations of the second phenomenon: the emergence of a multi-racial, global cognitive super-elite (e.g. Google). Both phenomena are evil so far as our people are concerned: the first means our deterioration and replacement, the second means rule by an alien and hostile elite.

Cognitive sorting is an established phenomenon in the modern era, most famously documented by Charles Murray in The Bell Curve. The more intelligent members of a society tend to converge in the cities, tend to marry with one another, and generally form a sub-group within the nation. Alexis de Tocqueville had noticed a similar phenomenon in the France of his day and in previous centuries, as the nobles ruined themselves, and the more gifted members of the bourgeoisie connived to steadily rise despite aristocratic privileges and prejudices. We might call this the inevitable meritocracy of intelligence.

Today, national borders and racial pride having been dissolved, this phenomenon is taking place on a global scale. In the Western countries in particular, the intelligent create desirable locations and institutions, whether in terms of their agreeableness or resources. People across the planet then conspire to enter these locations and institutions, succeeding in proportion with their ability.

These institutions include all the elite globalist power nodes which dominate our world. The phenomenon is most visible in Silicon Valley and the Ivy League universities, which have largely been taken over by disciplined Asians and nepotistic Jews. A “Jeurasian” super-elite is forming, with inclinations and interests significantly opposed to the traditional European majorities across the West. In practice, the only really ethnically organized element in this super-elite is Jewish. (Compare Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s promotion of multiculturalism in their own country, with Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban’s support for ethno-nationalism in theirs.)

The second phenomenon is global dysgenics. Within nations, the intelligent, pursuing an individualist strategy of well-being, tend to have fewer children than the poor. Between nations, the more-or-less failed societies of Latin America, South Asia, the Middle East, and especially Africa (which is expected to grow to a fatal 4 billion this century) are having more children than the more successful ones of Europe, North America, and East Asia. Southern and Eastern Europe and East Asia, in particular, have catastrophically low fertility rates.

Indeed, virtually all of the technological innovations of today continue to be accomplished almost entirely in North America, Europe, and East Asia. Facebook and Google, while aggressively pushing multiracial propaganda upon the entire planet, have themselves failed to find many competent blacks and Mestizos: 2% of their workforces are black, while over 30% are Asian. Richard Dawkins has noted that the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims barely produce any scientific papers and, he fails to add, the performance of Sub-Saharan Africans is even worse. Black scientific geniuses to this day mainly exist in television entertainment and advertising propaganda."

The results of all this, logically, is a degeneration of humanity to more primitive forms. In practice, we witness the phenomenon of combined and uneven development: the innovations of the most gifted parts of humanity are attenuating the consequences of this degeneration and, to some extent, lifting up the less gifted with technology they could never produce themselves.

Even societies which should objectively have a very low level of civilization can rise a little. In much of Africa, tribal nepotism and incompetence are too severe for governments to even be able to maintain basic infrastructure such as telephone poles. The Jeurasians have a solution however: mobile phones for all. Similarly, extremely violent societies such as Brazil or South Africa can artificially reduce crime – not by increasing social trust or reducing the barbarism of the inhabitants – but by the proliferation of security cameras.

This is the phenomenon of “convergence” – evident in the “emerging world’s” economic growth – which short-sighted materialists in the mold of The Economist are very smug about. But they omit the fact that this convergence is never complete. The Iron Law of Inequality remains unconquered.

These two phenomena are then in interaction: the concentration of human intelligence, which is leading us towards transhumanism, and the degeneration of human material, which is leading us back to Africa. I did not invent any of this. Lothrop Stoddard, whose work really does seem to age well, noticed this phenomenon a hundred years ago in The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man.

In a word: mongrel Under-Man vs. mongrel Super-Man.

Liberals, in their infinite arrogance, believe that there is nothing to worry about. We have lived since the 1960s in an “affluent society” and they assume that technology will simply solve all of our problems. We will always be comfortable, and that’s what matters. We needn’t think about the implications of long-term trends like demographics (unless, of course, our masters have told us to worry about an alleged long-term trend, such as climate change). A German in 1900, with that forceful pride of the bourgeois fin-de-siècle, European Man having conquered the world and apparently Nature, could be guilty of the same misguided arrogance. The same misplaced belief in a naïve progress.

But history is nothing but a string of surprises. We cannot predict the next world crisis – economic, environmental, energetic, military . . . – and when that crisis comes, a society’s survival will be determined by its character, not merely technological trinkets. Technology will show diminishing returns as America becomes Brazilianized and Europe becomes Afro-Islamized. And really, besides the significant gains of IT, one does not get the impression that technology has much changed human life since the 1960s (the energy sector, in particular, has been rather slow to change, despite all the hoopla about renewables, biotech has also been slow to develop).

Feckless boomers appear particularly guilty of this, with politicians like Bill Clinton, Frans Timmermans, Joschka Fischer, and Carl Bildt being downright enthused at the prospect of minorityhood in our own lands. To be fair, one cannot fault boomers in general for having awful values and ideas. Imagine if you were raised in a world where your only access to information was television and newspapers in the hands of liberal-universalists and anti-gentiles. Imagine if you’d been brainwashed in this manner for 50 years and this conditioning had been reinforced by the agreement of the entire society. Well, you’d also have trouble adjusting to a genuinely inconvenient truth.

The basic force underlying these two phenomena, cognitive sorting, and dysgenics, is individual intelligence. Each try, in his selfish way, to pursue his well-being by joining with other intelligent people and by avoiding an investment in children. These strategies are completely short-sighted and destructive. Against this, we will have to oppose other principles: group identity and solidarity with the next generation, so that our people don't degenerate. Against the selfish intelligence of individualism and the sentimental falsehoods of egalitarianism, we oppose the collective intelligence, and love, of ethnocentrism. We do it for love.


Unknown said...

The Chinaman is called the jew of Asia. Its not a compliment. The Japanese have about had their fill of the scrawny nose goblins. They killed their economy by moving factories to China. Every. Single. Time. I see the Rising Sun and Swastikas are flying in Japan again. They are building new aircraft carriers. China is feeling its oats as all the technology they stole from us are now being used to spy on our enemy. I suppose these fools lacking friends, will try to go to China. They will find a different kind of reception if they are dumb enough to try. I hear most have built an underground nest to ride out the storm. I suspect the World will be far different than they planned.

sth_txs said...

Some say the movies promoted by the Hollywood behind the scenes elite show a glimpse of the future sometimes.

This not an action packed movie, but one might watch "Code 46" to see one version of what the elite would like to do to us.

It does seem technology makes us dumber. As one person put it, you could take away a persons cell phone and internet connection and put them on a farm with milk cows ready to go and a field of ripened wheat and they would still starve.