Friday, August 19, 2016

“No More McDonald's! No More Sex!”

I was in college when the Iranians took some American hostages. Jimmy Carter, incompetent in so many ways but not this one, responded by deporting many of the Iranians in the U.S. I remember an American college student yelling at some Iranians at the airport boarding a plane: “No more McDonald's! No more sex!”

They did look miserable. I thought, “No only no more McDonald's, no more girls, just sheep.”

Now, on the contrary, the Bush crime family didn’t deport anyone. But they did put some of the bin Laden family on a plane to send them out of the U.S. Why? Because the Bush crime family was financially involved with the bin Ladens, just the way, during WWII, they were financially involved with the Nazis.

The love of money, as St. Paul suggested, just might the root of all evil.

I realized then the Bush crime family were globalists, meaning they were (and are) were left-wing anti-Americans.

I’ve said this before: as Erik von Kuehelt-Leddihn wrote, “Leftists don’t merely misunderstand human nature. They don’t understand it at all.”

I knew the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq wouldn’t work and instead make things worse. And what I and many other people predicted happened. Things are much worse over there, and aren’t going to get any better until we completely pull out and let them murder each over their camel girlfriends until another strongman dictator like Saddam Hussein arises. The one we should have left in power.

It’s because the Bushes and the neocons, being leftists, didn’t understand human nature at all.

I knew that Bush and the anti-American neocons (most of whom are Jews) infesting the administration honestly thought they could turn sand kaffirs into white people and impose American values. That, of course, is impossible, no matter how many of them we kill.

It’s also why neither the Bushes nor Barry Yomama hasn’t cut off immigration or deported anymore. After all, to the leftist mind everyone is the same, equal and interchangeable. Why, since they believe the U.S. in “a proposition nation” anyone who moves here picks up American values and becomes an American, no matter how low their IQ or how anti-American their religion or culture.

Many people have been conned into thinking the Bush crime family are “conservative.” Har har! They’re RINOs, all of them – “Republican in Name Only.”

They’ve just as bad as the Clintons, and in fact dry drunk ex-cokehead Dubya Shrub once said he considered the Hildebeast “my sister.” Why did that not surprise me?

I’ve pointed out before Daddy Bush and Dubya Shrub belong in prison for life. That sounds about right for traitors, although I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if they followed Julius Rosenberg to the chair for their treason.

There is an old but true saying: “Laws are for niggers and poor white trash.”

I’ve written this before: even if Trump doesn’t become President he has put an end to the political aspirations of the Bush crime family. It’s all over for Jeb! (who, not surprisingly like the not-too-bright inbred pseudo-aristocrat that he is, was arrested for drugs when he was much younger).

The history of the world has been class warfare. This class warfare goes back to the earliest known civilization, Sumeria, and it’s one of the conflicts that brought the Greeks down. I hope it doesn’t bring down ours.

Vermin like the Bushes and Clintons and Obamas are as common as, well, vermin. I am disgusted by all of them.


Unknown said...

Oh Bob, you know they are liars and thieves but you believe the bullshit about flowering democracy? What tosh and codswaddle. Its obvious what they want to do. They are destabilizing all of Israel's neighbors, and sending as many of them away as "refugees" to the West. I expect these fools believe they can then easily conquer the whole of their fake promised land from the Nile all the way to the Babylonian parts of Iraq.
Babylon is the real key to this. Palestine was just a front and a base to fulfill this stupid plan. They want to rebuild Babylon. Babylon stretched from Iraq all the way to the Nile. Israel isn't their goal. They are rebuilding Babylon "the Great". They have already started rebuilding the temple of Baal on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. Baal is the Golden Calf of Babylon.
People don't believe the evil. They don't want to, but its all right there spelled out in your Holy Bible. Nostradamus is gypsy tea room crap, but Biblical Prophecy is stunningly accurate.

Unknown said...

'Biblical Prophecy is stunningly accurate'

If you dig into biblical prophecy, it's basically either you repent of your sins and turn to God or your nation will be going into ruin. That's why every great empire has eventually fallen.

I always thought it was surprising the times the nations didn't I realize it was probably more surprising the times the nations DID repent. Jonah and Nineveh as one example.

Farm Boy said...

Amen Brother Bob, That is the 100% pure unvarnished truth. I despised Dubya and thought he was an arrogant, spoiled and privileged, clueless underachiever. He got the office b/c of the Bush name and all the special interests behind it. He could not wait to swamp this country with the third world and was a real smart a** when it was suggested to him that maybe he would not get "his" amnesty -- which he DID NOT GET thanks to the courageous patriot Jeff Sessions and some others. Tom Tancredo tried to clean up this immigration mess, and Bush and his fat dunderheaded henchman Karl DF Rove told Tancredo to beat it. Then to top it off, Dubya could not leave the middle east alone and made an absolute hash of it, as we always do when we monkey around over there b/c we have no idea how things work in that part of the world. I considered Dubya the worst president ever until the current incompetent overrated load of a poseur and loafer assumed the position. Jeb is a joke and I was thrilled beyond words to watch Donald Trump eviscerate him. Time to bring the boys home, build the wall, and mind our own business and take care of our own people, many of whom are in a world of hurt.

Unknown said...

America isn't a Nation anymore. This mixing bowl has turned it all into crap. The Whites and especially Christians need to let go of the past and get to the future. This love your enemies crap has got to stop. Stop being nice to people trying to kill you already. America had a good run. Most Republics only last a couple of centuries. The Founding Fathers knew this day would come. They had to rid themselves of the same non-representative exploitive government we have now.
America and its Constitution was made for a White Nation of moral and responsible people. The Constitution cannot work in a polyglot mess of dysfunctional beggars using their votes to loot the paychecks of the productive. Democracy ends fast. Its the recipe of its own destruction. The wise are always outnumbered by the foolish and lazy. Let everyone vote and you get Bush, Clinton, Obama and the rest of the muck at the bottom of the gene pool. The lowest common denominator is just too damn low.
Whites have to stop helping racial enemies and start sticking up for each other. You hang together or you'll hang separately. Together we are the fasces. An ax held together and made stronger by thinner but more numerous rods to form one formidable weapon. Don't suppress your anger, use it. People are trying to rob you of your inheritance and starve your children out. You owe the other races nothing. You built this, and they can't even understand it.
We can win and they can not. We can make it happen, and they need to steal from us to survive. Understand this. They hate us, but they cannot live without us. If they wipe us out, they will have nothing. We can beat them just by cutting them off from us and not letting them back in. Its really that easy.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you shit everywhere you go on comment boards. How is it that easy to wipe out non-whites if you haven't even lifted your own axe to slice that "polyglot mess of dysfunctional beggars"?

Unknown said...

Only white trash uses the word "dude."

Unknown said...

Maybe its because I'm not dumb enough to believe I can do it all alone. You cannot change society all by yourself. When all of you get on board with this, then we can start this up. Its not impossible, but I can't do it all for you. You have to get together to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Even white trash are important foot soldiers.

Regardless, "Josh", it's all bluster on your part. Sacrifices are made by individual men. Men who lead the charge. Clearly, you are not a man of your word.

Unknown said...

"Sacrifices"? You don't win wars by dying for your country, you win them by making the other dumb Son of a Bitch die for his country. This isn't about sacrifice, its about Victory. In War, all that matters is Victory. War isn't glorious, its not fun and games, and its certainly no place for misguided concepts of fair play and gentlemenly conduct. Gentlemen should stay home with their wives. They have no place on the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

""Sacrifices"? You don't win wars by dying for your country, you win them by making the other dumb Son of a Bitch die for his country."

Is that how you are going to become the next Holy Roman Emperor? Because sooner or later, one of your "lackeys" will realize your end game and slit your throat.

"This isn't about sacrifice, its about Victory."

Yes, victory, as being on the front lines, rather than a backseat driver.

"Gentlemen should stay home with their wives. They have no place on the battlefield."

You're not a gentlemen, you are a grunt. Grunts are meant for the frontlines. Back in place, soldier.