Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Would Vote for Hillary Clinton Over any Bush

The Bushes are a known quantity: some sort of inbred brain damage that prevents them from speaking coherently (particularly bad for Dubya Shrub, due to his 20+ years of alcoholism/cocaine), refusal to fight in the military (except for the father, who flew over WWII battlefields looking down) and a decided tendency to start completely unnecessary wars that enriched them and got soldiers killed (“Rich man’s war, poor man’s fight”).

There have been two Bush Presidents, both incompetent. Both started unnecessary wars that got a lot of people killed, especially Dubya Shrub, who called the Constitution a “goddamn piece of paper” and suggested this inbred (why do you think all of them look alike?) brain-damaged sonofabitch should have been dictator. What are the chances that traitor and “white Hispanic” Jeb! would have started a war? Pretty damn good, I’d say. Thank God the American people have finally completely repudiated the Bush crime family – and thank God Trump put an end to their political aspirations.

And this ridiculous family still thinks the Presidency belongs to them, which is why they ran Jeb! as a candidate. Isn’t two generations of imbeciles enough?

Hillary Clinton is also a known quantity: obsessed with money and power. Brain-damaged, alcoholic, seizure disorders. But what are the chances she’d start a war? Pretty slim, I’d say. Her husband had some small military adventures but they were nothing compared to the horrors the Bush family has visited on this country.

If it came down to Trump and Clinton I’d vote for Trump. If it came down to Clinton and any Bush I’d vote for Clinton.

That is how much I utterly despise the traitorous, mass-murdering Bush crime family.


Quartermain said...

Robert Kocher put it well about the Bushes, when he said that he wishes that the leisure rich would find something better to do with their time than inflict themselves on us through politics.

kurt9 said...

I agree with you. And yes, there is no question that Jeb would have gotten us into a war somewhere. Unfortunately, Hillary is not as immune to the neo-con war bug as you suggest. Check out what Fred Reed said about her:

Unfortunately, Hillary is almost (but not quite) as dangerous as the Bush clan with regards to stupid wars.

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush spent over $100 million and won only a few thousand votes. I think the White House has seen the last of the Bush family.

Anonymous said...

Bush's still inflicting themselves on us shrubs in Texas.

Unknown said...

The Bushs and Clintons are peas in the same pod. At the rate Hillary's health is supposedly going we could have a Kaine presidency.

little dynamo said...

That's silliness Bob. National-level politics is jive; how old are you now? The Bushes and Clintons are a single team. You've lived under their rule for how many decades? And yet still imagine that there is some practical difference between them?

Takes a True Believer. A sane person would know what to do with both families. And their supporters.

Twarog said...

"But what are the chances she’d start a war? Pretty slim, I’d say."

Not sure about that. In a long career in DC, Mrs. Clinton has never once met a war she didn't like, including Iraq Part II. If she and her husband haven't started bigger wars, it's mostly through lack of opportunity. (Bear in mind her husband was hemmed in by a hostile Congress and loads of scandals; he didn't get to accomplish a fraction of his agenda in office). There may be good reasons to prefer her to the Bush clan, but war probably isn't one of them.