Monday, November 14, 2016

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Unattractive Feminist Scorned

The old (and true) saying is, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

It's worse than that, though.

I've pointed out before one of the nuttier beliefs in the Manosphere is that attractive woman are unpleasant and bitchy. I've never seen it. The only unpleasant women I have ever met have been unattractive. Every attractive woman I've met has been pleasant.

And every feminist I've met has been unattractive. And every one of them has been unpleasant.

The first feminist I met was my first semester in college when I was 18. She was overweight, plain, hostile and loud. Those characteristics cluster together. Clusterfuck, actually.

These woman think they have been scorned because men aren't kissing their fat, leftist asses. I've mentioned that Carl Jung said women's greatest flaw is thinking they are always right and would never be happy until they gave up that belief. And if you think you are always right than someone else - men - are always wrong, which means everything is their fault.

There is a certain small percentage of women who seek vengeance on men because their lives have not turned out as they desired - and like children they blame their problems on others. Unattractive women (not all of them, of course), feminists (all of them).

I've met one than one woman who was attractive and popular when younger, then later never got married and never had children, or got married than divorced, and by middle-age their looks were gone and they were hostile - "Men are all cause of all the problems in the world! (as I've been told more than once by divorced/never-married women).

I've suggested women should not be allowed to vote unless they are married and have children.

I've also written, jokingly, that unattractive women should get free plastic surgery. Or be sterilized so they can't pass on their ugly genes to their children.

I don't blame my problems on women. But some of them blame their problems on me and other men.

It's children who blame their problems on others. Not surprisingly, intelligent men in the past have suggested women are just big children.

When I was 19 - swear to God - I had a middle-aged nurse tell me women were not the equal of men.

Women aren't the equal of men. They really are the weaker vessel. That's why you don't see them in steel mills or as carpenters.

Now some of them think the day will come when they can defeat men in mixed-martial arts. This is hubris, which is related to a kind of insanity.

It'd be a much better world if such women assessed themselves much more realistically. The Greeks called that Sophrosyne – knowing your limitations.


Anonymous said...

Well, beauty is somewhat related to how one feels about themselves, so women who are content, healthy within their spirits, tend to be more attractive. Those who are miserable, angry, bitter, are rather defiantly doing everything they can to express their own self loathing.

Most of the 'spherians are not too bright, so they put all of their eggs exclusively on physical appearance, SMV, completely forgetting that women have been using makeup, fitness, fashion, clothing, sometimes to cloak and conceal the ugliness within. I have no sympathy, they treat women as sexual commodities and trophy wives and then whine about being the victims of false advertising. Irony is totally lost on these guys.

Axe Head said...

Confirmed: Bob's a 6'4" blond blue-eyed Chad god. But have you seen the guys at Return of Kings?

Unknown said...

Blaming their problems on others you say?

APL said...

UB: "I've pointed out before one of the nuttier beliefs in the Manosphere is that attractive woman are unpleasant and bitchy."

Then, one or two citations shouldn't be too hard to produce.

UB: "I've never seen it."

Nor have I, it's almost a common place that the Lena Dunham types are hateful feminists because they have massive insecurity about their lsmv.

Emily Ratajkowski on the other hand for example, does not.