Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We've Been Here Before

We've been here before with the media lies about Trump and Hillary.

Trump is being portrayed as an unstable narcissist who's going to use nuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton, who really is an unstable war-monger, is being portrayed as temperamentally fit to be President - which she isn't.

I was a very little kid during Vietnam, but remember the news on TV: "Today 11 Americans were killed and 245 Vietcong." Statistics such as these were broadcast every day. You never forget nightly news like that.

I also remember being in class in school and the teacher asked us to raise our hands to indicate who we would vote for. Several of us raised hands for Goldwater and the rest for Johnson. Even then I thought the Johnson kids were nuts. And I was about six or seven.

I do remember the anti-Goldwater commercials. One, exactly, a very famous one.

A little girl is picking daisies in a field and then you see a nuclear mushroom cloud. "Oh my God Barry Goldwater is a psycho who's going to start a nuclear war!!!"

But it turned out Lyndon Johnson was the war-mongering psycho. He was the one who escalated in Vietnam, and two-thirds of the casualties occurred under him. Then he decided not to run for a second term and dumped the whole mess in Nixon's lap. What a worthless POS.

The media, obviously liberal even then, never accepted Nixon's election as legitimate and did everything in their power to bring him down, which they finally did with Watergate.

Trump is going to be President. And when he does the media will never accept the results, and attack him and attack him and try to bring him down. I'm already hearing talk about impeachment.

Good Lord is the MSM frothing at the mouth!

Now Trump is being portrayed as a sexual predator. LBJ was a major horndog, as was that POS John Kennedy - and the MSM never said a word about any of it. Instead we've got ugly women from 35 years ago claiming Trump molested them - and the MSM is eating it up.

But they'll never attack Hillary the war-monger.

People have finally seen though the MSM, and thank God for that. I credit the Internet, which I'm sure the MSM would close down if it could. After all, its members are intellectually and morally superior to the unwashed masses and so should vote as they instruct us.

Those days are over for good, and the MSM did it to itself with its lies. Lies do come home to roost, even if it takes several decades and tens of thousands of lives.


deti said...

"Trump is going to be President."

No he won't. There's been a huge shift to the left since Goldwater and Reagan. Trump's only path to the presidency is to flip back to red the states that went blue in 08 and 12 (NC, IN, AZ, NM, VA and maybe IA) and win PA, OH, MI and FL.

I don't see that happening. Trump will never, ever win the big states of NY, CA, and IL. All of New England except maybe NH is lost. He cannot win without PA, OH, MI and FL. Not going to happen.

Unknown said...

Wait and see. And you're wrong about the shift to the Left.

lannes said...

Ye ti is another fortune-teller. Liberalism seems to breed them.

deti said...

OK. Mark my words. Hillary will win a decisive electoral victory. The fix is already in.

I'll check back in with you in a week.

Robert What? said...

I am voting for Trump, but you have to remember that election and voting fraud will give Hillary at least a 5-10% advantage. That is a huge handicap for Trump to overcome.

Unknown said...

Look Bob. The fix is in. This is a good thing. Trump only delays the inevitable. The Truth is the President doesn't really matter much. The whole sick system is based on bribes, and whores. Its gonna fall down, but it needs a nice swift kick to send it crashing. A Trump win would buy them time. Not much but even a little is still too much. They have no legitimacy anymore so we don't have to do this with votes anyway. They've been cheating. All the way back to Woody Wilson who croaked and his wife sold you all out. Its time to take out the Trash. Its been too long already. The longer this goes, the more Trash I have to take out. Lets do it NOW.
Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, whatever. Lets do things the Easy Way. Give HER, Hillary Ever Rotten, a nice PERMANENT SENDOFF. Its not the 1960s anymore. We burn witches. we don't talk to them.

Unknown said...

If the election was actually legit...Trump would win easily. But given the voter fraud, the Soros machines, the establishment wanting to keep the status quoe, and the media brainwashing...Clinton will win it. However Trump is probably the only individual who would bring the rigging to light...and as a result a lot of people are finally seeing what politicians and the media are about. It'll be interesting what happens Nov 9.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"We burn witches. we don't talk to them."

So, how is that quest becoming the next Holy Roman Emperor?

When are you going on this burn witch parade? Soon, I hope. Then again, that would require actual effort on your part. Wishful thinking for me to believe you are actually going to do something substantial.

Unknown said...

"The fix is already in."

There is no fix. There are about 6000 separate voting districts and the whole thing is decentralized.

Glen Filthie said...

Correct. The scrutiny will be severe by both sides. I don't think anybody will be getting away with anything.

Black Poison Soul said...

People can try to "fix" things. I doubt that it will happen. As Glen states, the scrutiny will be severe by both sides.

The slightest hint of a smell of fixing and that'll be it for whoever wins - perhaps even the government as a whole. Stick a fork in 'em, they're done.

It may even become openly violent. If it does then there's one thing I'm pretty damn sure of: it's not lefties who have guns.

Farm Boy said...

hillary is an unhinged criminal lunatic who will among other things overrun this country with millions more third worlders from middle eastern muzzie schittholes. She must be stopped. This country will be in absolute turmoil if she wins. Who are these violent and ill mental patients who are going to vote for her? Has this country lost its f'ng mind. Am cautiously optimistic about Trump's chances.

deti said...


I was wrong, you were right. President-elect Donald J Trump. Fucking wow.

Unknown said...

Wow is right! I predicted and STILL can't believe it!