Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Leftist Mind

I have found the way to understand the leftist mind is to think of an irrational, hysterical, hostile child.

I've had more experience with the leftist mind than I thought I would ever have, and I have found the descriptions of it by knowledgeable people are exactly what I have experienced.

The leftist mind thinks the people they disagree with aren't merely mistaken but evil. Leftists blame their problems on others - who are always racist, sexist, whatever. And blaming all your problems on others is the first defense of children. Three-year-olds. "It's your fault! You made me do it!"

They think they can read people's minds, and not only that, they distort and lie. They don't even know they're doing it. Their "arguments" consist of ad hominem attacks.

Since this is my blog I can access who has linked to my articles. I generally don't read any of the links, but this time I did.

I present some perfect examples of the leftist mind. Just click HERE.


Glen Filthie said...

I made that list once too! I considered it a validation of my viewpoint. You are certainly offending the right people, Bob!😉👍

Black Poison Soul said...

They also cry and whine when things don't go exactly the way they expect it to.

Just look at what happened with the election!

Anonymous said...

I'd go further, and say that postmodern philosphy, postmodern reasoning and argumentation, where the whole point is that you need to consider "context" in which statements are made, is precisely about making ad-hominem arguments.

That is, post-modern thought holds that what used to be called the "genetic fallacy" - arguing against a proposition on the basis of where it comes from - is not a fallacy at all, that it's a legitimate grounds on which to dispute something.

Robert What? said...

Leftists also always project - meaning they assume other people think the same way they do and take it almost like a personal affront when they find out they don't.