Saturday, November 19, 2016

Van Jones: All Hat, No Cattle

I haven't watched the news for years. The only reason I've started watching the Sunday morning political programs is to be entertained watching them froth about Trump. Which is going to continue for years, so I have tons of fun coming.

The MSM still hasn't learned why no one takes them seriously. They never will.

Recently I saw the elitist leftist moron Van Jones interviewed. He's the "Harvard-educated" fool who says Trump's election was a "whitelash."

He doesn't mean a white backlash, not really. He means a backlash from Flyover Land.

I have dealt extensively with these fools, for decades.

Flyover Land is anything that isn't Harvard, Yale, Wall Street, New York or DC. On the West coast it's anything that isn't Silicon Valley or parts of LA.

Everything else is Flyover Land and is populated by inbred Morlocks who are crypto-Nazis, Klan sympathizers, religious fanatics, and wife-beaters. Every thought in their pointy heads comes from Rush Limbaugh, and if they had any brains all they'd be leftists like Van Jones.

I first heard about Flyover Land when I was about 21, in a journalism class. The class was forced to read some articles by the demented Norman Mailer, in which he wrote disdainfully of Midwesterners (of which I am one).

I asked my instructor what the hell Mailer was talking about since I had never met anyone who fit Mailer's description and he explained "Flyover Land" to me.

Since then I have noticed it in novels and even movies.

I have mentioned The Plot Against America by the mentally-ill Phillip Roth (who has been in and out of mental institutions), in which Flyover Land starts one millimeter west of the Hudson River and is populated by Nazis who lynch Jews outside potato fields. In Kentucky, if I remember correctly.

One of my favorite movies is Spaced Invaders, which is set in the non-existent small town of Big Bean, Illinois. The villain speaks in this weird half-Southern, half-Texan accent, wears a cowboy hat (and boots), a string tie, drives a junk pick-up truck, abuses his girlfriend, and is a thief who tries to steal people's land. In other words, people like him don't exist in Illinois (which is where I am from).

The only person I ever saw wear a cowboy hat in Illinois was some clown Jew from Skokie when I was 21.

The nerd who saves the abused woman goes from zero to hero courtesy of a Martian brain zapper clamped on his head. Otherwise he'd have spent his life working at a gas station.

I know a woman who considers herself "Hispanic" and who truly thinks if she visited Tennessee or Kentucky the Klan would lynch her. Yet she has friends in West Virginia, which is Appalachia, which is supposedly the worst of Flyover Land (which means people live in tarpaper shacks and the men rape their dogs) and when I mentioned where she was visiting she didn't know what I was talking about. Because her friends are wonderful people!

I tell people Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people, and if I had my way the national capital would be moved to Branson, Missouri.

Then at least the United States would be governed with some common sense.


Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention that Van Jones is so foolish that he's an actual, self proclaimed, communist.

Anonymous said...

Ha! This was entertaining to read.

We're trapped in a real clash of cultures right now, the elite versus all the wrong people who don't think like them, Morlocks indeed, the alleged "racist, rape enabling, uneducated rural people," said with such sneering and contempt.

Unknown said...

There's nothing worse than an idiot who believe he's smart. Reagan said it best. Its not that they don't know anything, its that what they do know isn't true. You have to wonder why these niggers keep staying around here. They clearly don't belong here. The Left doesn't like them either. They're just a special little monkey mascot they show off at parties. You can see the obvious feelings of inferiority, every time they mouth off about "rednecks" or "uneducated" Whites. These assholes know deep down they're fakes. Every time they see a White who might not play along by patronizing their monkey ass, they get all uppity. Remember, superiority complexes are just psychological defenses to hide feelings of real inferiority.

Farm Boy said...

van jones, all anti-white racism and Marxism, no anything else.

Unknown said...

'I know a woman who considers herself "Hispanic" and who truly thinks if she visited Tennessee or Kentucky the Klan would lynch her.'

Must be a self-hating 'Hispanic'. Or she has no awareness of the group of people the Klan lynched. Perhaps if someone told her she'd change her mind and consider herself that group instead.

Twarog said...

"...Klan sympathizers..."

None of those people realize that the Klan basically doesn't exist anymore. There's no coherent national organization- what's left is a bunch of completely independent splinter groups with no real connection to each other- and the total combined membership for all of these is about 3,000 people, in a country of almost 320 million. That's roughly the same membership The Flat Earth Society had at its peak a few years ago. Probably a quarter of those Klansmen are government informants of one stripe or another. (An old joke, from back when the Klan was still a real thing, was that they could always tell who the FBI infiltrators were, because the FBI men were the only ones who paid their dues on time). The KKK today is nothing more than character in a campfire ghost-story that liberals use to scare each other, just like that legendary hook-handed killer.

For all the MSM like to panic about them, the actual number of honest-to-goodness White Supremacists in America is roughly the same as the number of Americans who believe Earth is controlled by shape-shifting lizard-men from outer space. The typical white American couldn't care less what black people choose to do with their own lives and property, he just objects to people of any color committing crimes in his neighborhood.

Unknown said...

The Klan could probably field a softball team and half of them would be FBI agents.