Monday, November 21, 2016

There is No One the Democrats Could Have Run to Beat Trump

Who? An ancient Bernie Sanders? Are you kidding me? He's an economic illiterate and a bobble-head Jewish Bolshevist. Just as bad, he's from Yankeeland - the Northeast. (Together all those characteristics mean "dangerous clown.") He would have lost in a landslide worse than Hillary Clinton did.

Flyover Land (where I'm from and still live) saw straight through him. We are the only people who count in an election.

The MSM ignored us and made fools of themselves. But then, I have a degree in Journalism and was a reporter and editor. I know how these buffoons think.

The MSM is starting to realize how they blew it and have now finally interviewed some people from the Upper Midwest. Michigan, actually.(One man interviewed called Hillary "a criminal." Let's see if they listen next time.)

Even if Barak Obama had been able to run again he would have lost. People were tired of him and his non-existent "legacy" - which is is soon going away.

If a young John Kennedy had run he probably would have wiped the floor with Trump. But the Democratic party has no John Kennedys in the pipeline. They don't want any, either. They'd rather run criminals and incompetents.

I've explained to people why the Hildabeast lost. She's a criminal, corrupt and a pathological liar. Not to mention an alcoholic and a lesbian. Yet I get people telling me, "If someone without her baggage had run Trump would have lost!

Who could the Democrats have run? Answer: no one. Trump destroyed every RINO that opposed him and then destroyed the Hildabeast (I'm sure when she realized she had lost she went crazy - cursing, ranting and raving, throwing things around).

Now some people are talking about Obama being appointed head of the Democratic party. Go ahead, morons. Finish off the Democratic party.

Whining about "if, if" is pointless.

These fools should get on board or get out of the way.


Chris Mallory said...

They are/were talking about having Ellison lead the Democrats. He is basically Obama without Obama's warmth and charm. Yes, I was being sarcastic about Obama's warmth and charm, but he is usually relatively inoffensive ("I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,"), Ellison is a bomb thrower and a member of NOI.

Unknown said...

Ellison is also a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you say about Bernie Sanders, but I strongly suspect he would have won the election if he were the Dem's candidate. Bernie Sanders had a massive following among leftists of all stripes. In 2016, the US is quite far to the left, demographically. The Democrats are so corrupt, that they insisted on shoving Hillary down everyone's throats.

Trump won this election largely because he ran against a disastrously bad opponent.

Anonymous said...

People were looking for the biggest, baddest, change they could find. Bernie Sanders, seriously? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...


I think you underestimate just how many lefties there are in this country. Remember Obama? They'll never let us forget him.

Unknown said...

There are very few lefties.

When Johnson demolished Goldwater did the population turn left? And when Nixon demolished McGovern did the country suddenly turn right? No.

Lots of people who voted for Obama this time voted for Trump.

The bobble-head would have never stood a chance. A Jew commie Yankee? Har!

Undocumented Pharmacist said...

You don't think Biden would have beaten Trump? A lot more working class white men and women would have been much more comfortable voting for him than for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your optimism, but I have to disagree with you, Bob.

Most women, people under 30, all blacks, most Hispanics, and virtually ALL non-whites vote left. Together, they make up a massive majority.

This is the last election in American history where the white vote will swing an election. I guarantee it. Over the last 50 years, America has undergone a forced demographic change which has altered the culture and nation permanently. Old America is dead. It will never return. The demographic trends of this nation are now set; unchecked immigration from Latin America and the 3rd world is now the norm.

Based upon the MASSIVE demographic changes that have occurred over the last 50 years, comparing America as it is now to what is was during Goldwater's run is simply not a realistic comparison. Demographics matter.

This nation has leaned irretrievably left. It's very difficult to accept, but it is what it is.

Unknown said...

"Together, they make up a massive majority."

All of them together cannot out vote whites.

How you do think I predicted a Trump landslide?

Robert What? said...

Today John Kennedy would be considered right wing extremist.

Farm Boy said...

Maybe they think Keith Ellison is going to be their new obama. Do it. Ellison is a repellent nation of islam swine and may hate America even more than obama, if such a thing is possible. The dem party has really turned into a violent and unhinged collection of communists and kooks from every fringe and offended group out there. In other words, a JOKE