Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Called It

Ronald Reagan once said elections were not about left and right but up and down. He was right.

People have tried to tell me the country has turned left. Nope. When Johnson crushed Goldwater did the country suddenly turn left? No. And when Nixon crushed McGovern in the next election did the country turn right? No. People were voting up or down, not for themselves but for the country.

People voted for Clinton because they thought she was "up." And others voted for Trump because they thought he was "up."

People also told me the election as fixed. You know, "the fix is in." Nope. It's impossible to rig a national election.

The Diebold machines? There were computer experts monitoring these things. In my district you used a ballot in which you inked in an oval.

Even with all the Third Worlders infesting this country (who usually vote Democrat) Clinton was crushed.

Women and minorities were going to put Clinton in office? Didn't happen, did it?

I called for Trump right from the beginning. And I was right.

I've said before Trump is not the problem. He was just the vessel for the patriotic.

He didn't destroy the Bush and now Clinton Crime Families.

We did, using Trump.

And a few predictions about the conspironuts: they're still going to say Trump is "controlled opposition" or a Zionist puppet.

Guess what? They can go to hell.


Unknown said...

'People also told me the election as fixed. You know, "the fix is in." Nope. It's impossible to rig a national election.'

Trump himself said the election was don't think that might have motivated some people (especially in the rural areas) to go vote? Election fraud can only go so far and works better if voters are more on the apathetic side.

In my podunk town in the middle of nowhere the lines to vote were up to an hour long on election day.

Unknown said...

Trump said the media was rigged, which it is. 80% against Trump is rigged.

I voted at 7 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Trump's "rigged" comment was really brilliant. There are some lunkheads on the internet who still seem to believe that was about election fraud. Not at all, it was a dog whistle to those who feel disenfranchised, as if the whole system were rigged against them. Add in Clinton appearing as if she were above the law, and you have a winning strategy.

Anonymous said...

Ahh. I remember reading about how Trump was a Clinton puppet that was gonna drop out of the race and hand her the key to the white house.

Unknown said...

Yeah, "controlled opposition," Zionist puppet, all that lunacy.

Anonymous said...

I still find it disturbing that many races were very close. Even with all of the bad information about Clinton, she still has hordes of supporters.

Unknown said...

Uh no...he said he was afraid the elections were going to be rigged. I heard the media statements too, but that was blatently obvious unless you were an employee at CNN or NYT.

Whether they actually are or it's a consperiacy can't deny that's a motivating statement to get to people to vote...especially those who were fed up with the lunatic liberals/globalists forcing their ideology on everyone.

Robert What? said...

I voted for Trump but if you had asked me beforehand I would have told you that Clinton would most likely win.

Glen Filthie said...

Up here the media fags are all on about the 'stunning reversal of the US elections'.

Farm Boy said...

Well done, Bob, a polite spiking of the football would not be inappropriate. The American people won a big one. I wish the sore losers who said they would move if Trump elected actually would move, but they won't. Donald Trump is a national hero, he took on the establishment and the media. No one else could have done it.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the sore losers say they will move to Canada, and not Mexico or Nigeria, or Burma.