Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Right" and "Left" Doesn't Exist for Entire Countries

I've had people tell me "You don't realize how left this country is." I tell them, nope. The country is not Left.

Right and Left doesn't exist for entire countries.

When Johnson demolished Goldwater did the country turn left? No. And in the next election when Nixon destroyed McGovern did the country in four years suddenly turn right? No.

When Obama was elected did the country suddenly turn left? No. And when Trump wiped out Clinton did the country suddenly turn right again? If it was turning Left then why did the Republicans take Congress and the state governorships? And why does the Democratic party no longer exist as a national party?

People don't vote Right or Left. They vote their economic interest and for their families and neighborhoods. "All politics is local" is a true saying.

I predicted the Trump landslide and have written about it. It's because I know that for entire countries and cultures "Right or "Left" doesn't exist.

The real divide is between the pussies on the coasts and Flyover Land.


Anonymous said...

You know, we regularly point out the hypocrisy of women who talk about how evil and useless masculinity is while using a computer to talk about it.

The same might be said of flyover types who call people on the coast "pussies".

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

"The same might be said of flyover types who call people on the coast "pussies"."

You have no idea what these people think of Flyover Land. They start the wars and we're supposed to die.