Thursday, November 3, 2016

There Is No Widespread Voter Fraud

The United States has over 6000 independent voting districts, none connected to any other. Yet some people, their minds poisoned by conspiracy theory, think there is a conspiracy to rig the Presidential election. You know, the Jews did it or the “Diebold machines” were tampered with (my district uses punch ballots).

Certainly there is some very minor fraud in some districts. But major, widespread fraud, enough to rig an election? Don't be absurd. It's not only an impossibility, it's an obvious impossibility.

This is the beauty of decentralization.

The Mainstream Media can howl and distort and lie all that want - and nobody listens or is influenced. They're terrified Trump is going to win - and it looks like he is.

Why some Americans are so prone to preposterous conspiracy theories is beyond me. But it's been noticed for a long time.

It's a bit embarrassing such Americans have Third World/minority mentalities (I once had a black guy tell me with a straight face that the "Klan" - which doesn't exist anymore- owned Krispy Kreme Donuts - two "K"s is pretty close to 3, I guess. Another told me HIV was created to target melanin.).

The same with three shooters on Kennedy or the moon landings were shot on a stage or there were remote-controlled airplanes on 911 or Trump is "controlled opposition" or the Titanic was sunk on purpose for insurance money or the half-breed homosexual is going to declare martial law and not leave office or the Clintons are serial killers (Bill Clinton couldn't get a blow job in the Oval Office without getting impeached).

This crap never ends.

Not surprisingly, the Bible forbids the belief that everything is a conspiracy: Isaiah 8:12-13 "Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it."

Fear and dread really is a poison, and so is the belief in impossible conspiracies.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

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Twarog said...

Steve Sailer has suggested that the Democrats deliberately engage in just barely enough voter fraud to make it an issue, but not so much that they get caught too red-handed. That way, Republicans get sufficiently angry to demand voter ID laws, which Democrats in turn then use to scare minorities into thinking that their voting rights are being taken away, thus driving up minority turnout.

It's the same as in sports, really- players cheat or bend the rules as much as they can to get a slight edge, but are careful not to do it so much or so obviously that they get caught. Voting fraud is like pine tar hidden on a pitcher's glove- it may help improve the odds slightly in a close game, but it ain't gonna give you the World Series.

Unknown said...

I suppose those videos O'Keefe and the Project Veritas released were just a ruse then.

Anonymous said...

But Michelle Obama IS a transsexual.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the beauty of decentralization, thank you for that. I think anyone who has ever waited in line at the DMV should realize that our government is simply incapable of ever getting themselves organized enough to pull off an elaborate conspiracy. My recent favorite was the top secret, covert, cyber-warfare planned against Russia...that I read about in all the newspapers.

coyote said...

so- you disagree with Trump on this, eh? the government is not in charge of the vote. local party machines are in charge of the vote. local party machines are tools of the national party machine. it is a known historical fact that vote fraud won JFK. the "government" is a tool for all those people behind the curtains- or have you missed all the recent "reveals" in the last months? just because you refuse to believe it cant be real is not relevant to reality. we now have video and email evidence of how it is done, how very small changes in very small districts can sway the vote to guarantee the electoral votes which guarantee the presidency/ senatorial races. voter fraud is in the same hands of those who lie to public every day on television, chair the progressive social justice "higher education" indoctrination centers, etc. this is why they scream so loudly about the traitor, Trump, who knows everything about them.

Unknown said...

A mind poisoned by the belief in conspiracies.

There might have been some voter fraud in Cook County that put JFK in in...1960.

Maybe you have been brainwashed by the media and "higher education, but speak for yourself, no one else.

Robert What? said...

Bob, what about the voting machine company owned by Soros (SmartMatic) that is in use in many states? You don't think they could have been preprogrammed to change every Nth vote for Trump into a vote for Hillary? In many cases there is no paper trail.

Unknown said...

There are hundreds of computer experts monitoring these machines. It there was software programming to change votes it would have been caught a long time ago.

Black Poison Soul said...

This one has got me wondering.

Supposedly NBC posted the results of the election up a week early.

Now, it could simply be a test of what things are gonna look like - chuck in the proper results when it happens. The whole Peter Principle could be to blame, promoting people to the point of incompetence - which the conspiro's would latch on to and go hell-for-leather at.

Me, I dunno what the hell to think.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Firstly, I'm Australian and we not only have to show ID to vote, we have compulsory voting (fines if you don't).
I don't see the big issue with it.
Secondly, there definitely are some conspiracies that are true, but a lot of the time people have stopped caring when the truth comes out.
Eg in the 80s CFCs were going to take out the ozone layer and Fry us all to a crisp, the reality was that the parent on CFCs was running out and industry needed to make sure everyone had to use their new and improved substance at greater cost.

AAB said...

That NBC 'election result', assuming it's genuine, was probably just a mispost by someone in charge.

Bob will probably be able to tell me if I'm wrong or not, but I imagine that NBC and most other media outlets already have stories for different election results written out in advance (e.g. Trump wins 60&, marginal win for Trump, marginal for Hilary, Trump wins 60%). That way they can post the appropriate story and not have to write it on the fly.

Robert What? said...

There are hundreds of computer experts monitoring these machines

What makes you think they are being monitored? Who are these computer experts? Are they hired by the municipalities? If so, why would you think they would have the needed skills?