Monday, November 28, 2016

Chop It Up!

I figure California should be chopped up into at least six different states, considering the interior voted Republican and the coast voted Democrat. These people have nothing in common anyway.

Since I'm originally from Illinois I'd like to see Cook County (Chicago) split off from the rest of the state. It does nothing but suck money from the rest of Illinois.


Baloo said...

And here in Colorado it would be nice if the Denver/Boulder area formed its own state, say 'Bouldenver," and maybe left the rest of the state alone so it could _sometimes_ not vote Democratic.

Lab Guy said...

Saw this site from Al Fin the next level:

The electoral college still works to a point. I would not change it, other than if it were possible divide some of those electoral votes among the larger and more populous states. It would have been even more of a landslide for Trump.

Glen Filthie said...


Save the productive parts, and say a prayer to St. Andreas urging him to push the faggotry and the socialists into the sea.