Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If Nothing Else Trump Has Destroyed Both Parties

Although we did it using Trump as our instrument.

To be totally accurate it was we stupid inbred hillbillies/crypto-Nazis/Klan sympathizers/wife-beaters in Flyover Land who put him in office. However, it had to be someone of Trump's temperament and beliefs to be there in the first place for us to do this.

Since it is impossible to predict the future I have no idea what kind of President Trump is going to be. But so far he is keeping his word. I think he is going to be a good start at getting this country back on track. He is at least putting America first, which neither party has ever done.

Trump has destroyed the traitorous Republican party - and thank God for that. It will never be the same, and it is finally realizing it brought its problems on itself.

Trump has also put a permanent end to the political aspirations of the Bush Crime Family.

Daddy Bush was pretty bad and his son Dubya was an absolute catastrophe, one of the worst Presidents the U.S. has ever had. Is this retarded family a group of genetic warmongers? It appears so.

Trump has put an end to the Clinton Crime Family, too. I'm sure that when the Hildabeast (whose character reminds me of Gollum) realized she had lost she threw a fit, shrieking and crying and ranting and raving and throwing things around and cursing every member of the Basket of Deplorables who couldn't see how wonderful and competent she was. I'm surprised she didn't have a stroke.

The Republican party is in disarray and the Democratic party is now a coastal party. And I'm smiling about the whole thing (California should be chopped up into six different states).

The remnants of the Democrats (and the remnants of the media) are going to attack Trump unmercifully for the next four years. And is the Hildabeast dumb enough to try to run again in four years? She might be deluded enough to try.

I don't know what the Republicans are going to do. The way Trump has just humiliated Romney by pretending to consider him for anything in his administration is really quite funny. Perhaps Trump is telling the other Republicans, "Don't screw with me because I'll get you."

After all, we the public got both parties for screwing with us. Perhaps both parties will listen now.

Revenge - or perhaps justice - is sweet, isn't it?


The Night Wind said...

I think that both parties will survive; but they'll look a lot different in 2020. The Republicans have jettisoned the Neocons and they're moving to kick out the Manosphere/Neo-Nazi Alt-Right. They're going to emerge as a Traditional Conservative Party.

The Democrats are a harder to predict at this point. The Clinton/DNC Establishment is finished; but they and the Media are still in denial about it and likely will be until January. It's hard to say right now whether the Democrats will shift Far-Left or Center-Left. That will likely their focus for 2017-2018.

Anonymous said...

Works for me! I think Trump said something about draining the swamp. Regardless of what happens, it's usually a good thing when the two parties loose their stranglehold over the people. Idealistic I know, but they really do serve at the pleasure of the people and they often forget that and become an entity unto themselves.

Unknown said...

The GOPe dopes have already dumped the paleocons, the libertarians, the Christian Conservatives and the TEA Party. Once they get rid of the White Nationalists, they'll finally have what they always wanted. Mitt and Jeb's Bogus Party. Please clap.