Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I Am in That Basket of Deplorables

Recently I’ve told people I found my birth certificate and my real name is Basket O’ Deplorables – an Irish name, of course.

Is Hillary Clinton that deluded to think she’s got the Presidency wrapped up and so can insult half the nation? I guess so.

I guess she thinks everyone who isn’t a white man is going to vote for her. Unfortunately for her there are so many white men in this country that they can crush any candidate even if every non-white votes for her.

A lot of people are still deluded about that.

Enough of these men are registered but have never voted. They’ll be coming out in droves come the election. And the more are registered the more crushing the victory.

You can say Trump has destroyed the Republican party. Actually the voters did. They’ve finally seen through the Bush crime family, which was the reason for the voters’ utter repudiation of Jeb!

There will never be another Bush in office. And thank God for that. They’ve caused far too much damage to the United States.

What is the Hildebeast going to do if she loses? She will be far too old (and is far too sick) to run again in four years (and a lot of women, including young ones, absolutely despise her).

Brak Yomama has screwed up so badly there will never again be a black man (half-breed or otherwise) in the White House ever again. And Hillary Clinton will be the last woman who ever runs.

I have never voted before. I was never registered because I didn’t want to be called for jury duty (unless they wanted to pay me something decent).

But now I’m registered and for the first time I will be voting.


Andy said...

Trump, Trump, Trump.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...


Glen Filthie said...

I think anyone with an IQ above freezing will find themselves in that basket with you.

And as for Hillary - I think that rancid cunt will find herself in another hand basket headed for some very hot climes...

Robert What? said...

Deplorable and proud of it. Yeah baby!

Unknown said...

Being called deplorable by someone without morals, ethics or standards, is like getting relationship advice from a priest or a nun. Experience is a harsh teacher, but ignorance is the basis for every failed theory ever.

Twarog said...

"...getting relationship advice from a priest..."

You'd be surprised at the quality of advice you can get from a good priest. Remember: they hear people's most intimate personal confessions on a weekly basis. Listening to the sins of everyone from housewives to hitmen will give someone a pretty good grasp on human nature. I'd take advice from an experienced confessor over advice from a university-credentialed psychologist any day.

Unknown said...

Priests have thousands of years of wisdom at their fingertips.

Weasel said...

Twarog & Bob beat me to it! Yes, an experienced priest often gives the best advice. After you hear a few thousand confessions, patterns begin to emerge. Here's a great (allegedly authentic) quote from archbishop Fulton Sheen: "Hearing nuns' confessions is like being stoned to death with popcorn."