Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Catastrophe of Democracy

The Founding Fathers knew their history: democracies always collapse. That's why the U.S. was founded as a republic ("if you can keep it," as Benjamin Franklin said).

Today special-interest groups are always trying to register the members of their special-interest mob to vote. They have no idea what they are doing.

We don't need more people voting. We need fewer, high-quality people voting. The Founding Fathers only wanted property owners to vote.

We don't need people with IQs of less than 100 voting.

I suppose these people consider democracy to be self-rule. It's not. Ultimately it's mob rule - the mob ruling other people.

Self-rule is when you rule yourself - what the older political philosophers called "natural rights." The rights to life, liberty and property.

These days anyone can vote, no matter how ignorant and stupid. Illegal aliens voting? They should be run out of the country.

I've mentioned before that throughout history anyone with any money always lived in the hills and the mob has always lived in slums in the valleys. In other words, the mob always lives in the valley.

And history tells us the one warfare that has always existed has been class warfare - the mob versus the people on the hills.

I've also mentioned before the movie, Elysium, in which the whole earth had turned to a Third World valley and anyone with any money had moved off-world to a luxurious space-station - a hill in space.

The country of the writer/director (Neill Blomkamp) of Elysium - South Africa - was destroyed by the mobs in the valley.

Or think about The Time Machine, the movie or the novel. The Morlocks lived in the absolute bottom of the valley - underground.

Ezra Pound once said artists are "the antennae of the human race." He was right.

There is another old saying: art imitates life. That, too, is true.

What is going to happen someday is the valley mob is going to come up to the hills with pitchforks. Maybe not literally (although that, too, happens), but through political power.

That, ultimately, is what happens with democracy. And it's because of the envy of the mob, because democracy is always based on envy.


Anonymous said...

Race is also a big factor. The less white the U.S. becomes, the more uncivilized society will become. Non-whites as a majority will not be as compromising and benevolent to minority whites as compared to how whites treat non-whites when whites are the majority and effectively in control. There are very dark times ahead for currently white majority countries considering the demographic trends (massive non-white foreign immigration and declining birth rates).

Look at history in this book: March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp.

Anonymous said...

The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard:


In this book Stoddard argued that race was a primary component of history and civilization, and prophetically warned that Whites would soon lose dominance throughout the world, and the result would not be pretty.

Anonymous said...

In Rio De Janeiro it's the opposite: the wealthy live down in the flats closer to the water and the favelas are located in the surrounding hills. This may be true in other Brazilian and other Third World cities.

Unknown said...

Rio 2016 was the coming out party for Their Global Village. Obama wanted Chicago, but they were afraid the crime would look bad. Rio de Janeiro is famous for their Carnivale. Its an old fashioned Roman Bacchanalia adopted by the dark skinned Catholics. They probably figured since Carnivale looks so good, that this would be the Perfect Potemkin Village for Globalism. If any of you wasted your time watching this crap, you probably already know it blew up in their face. Carnivale is a huge party, but they can put it downtown and have enough police keeping out the scum to make a Good Time for the Tourists that go there. The Olympics is a different story. They have thousands of events and they want it over in a week. Even after dumping Billions into that Hellhole it still wasn't ready. Reporters ducking gunshots on Live TV. Sweet. If you wanna know why Trump has so many diehard supporters, Rio 2016 has something to do with it. It was the coming out party for Hillary's Global Village, and it fell flat on its face.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

Liberals think that history starts roughly at WWII. Nothing we know now was known before then. Consider this dialogue from none other than Darius I, 450 BC:

But in an oligarchy, the desire of many to do the state good service often produces bitter hate among them; for because each one wishes to be first and to make his opinions prevail, violent hate is the outcome, from which comes faction and from faction killing, and from killing it reverts to monarchy, and by this is shown how much better monarchy is. Then again, when the people rule it is impossible that wickedness will not occur; and when wickedness towards the state occurs, hatred does not result among the wicked, but strong alliances; for those that want to do the state harm conspire to do it together. This goes on until one of the people rises to stop such men. He therefore becomes the people's idol, and being their idol is made their monarch; and thus he also proves that monarchy is best. But (to conclude the whole matter in one word) tell me, where did freedom come from for us and who gave it, from the people or an oligarchy or a single ruler? I believe, therefore, that we who were liberated through one man should maintain such a government, and, besides this, that we should not alter our ancestral ways that are good; that would not be better.
Herodotus III.82

Unknown said...

Democracy doesn't bestow freedom it eliminates it. The Founding Fathers wisely restricted voting as a privilege of the landed class who paid into the treasury and had a vested interest in stability and property rights. Then an unwise lunacy brought women to the voting booths and we've been afflicted with a Nanny State ever since. Women don't understand the concept of government. They see it like a big stick to beat people they don't like, and succor the poor wittle victims of claimed injustices. Women are suckers for sob stories, and that's when it went bad. The mass media is the lynchpin for why we never get our way. These frauds with their fake polls, careful editing and repetitious lies on every channel create an illusion. It makes us believe our neighbors think differently and that we are the minority. Far from it. The whole BS scam is really supported only by the Lunatic Fringe. Its maybe 18-19% of the total population. Only through fraud and lame GOP milquetoast garbage like Mitt Romney who has no appeal, can they maintain the illusion of a even split between the Lunatics they have and the rest. We're the silent Majority because these lying assholes rig their fake shows to make it look like we don't have an overwhelming majority. This shit might work for ballots, but when its time for bullets, you will see just how few the Loons really have in crazytown.