Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Lot of Women Really Are Just Big Children

I’ve known for decades many women are big children – privileged but don’t know it, and complaining about nearly everything.

Years ago I was half-owner of a floral shop (and no, I’m not a fag). My girlfriend at the time got her inheritance and wanted to open up a shop since she loved flowers (I have a picture of her at five with a bunch of flowers in her hands). So she made the arraignments and I ran the computer and made the deliveries.

I found that when I delivered flowers the men never complained. All the complaints were from women – and almost none of them were legitimate. They wanted different flowers or more arraignments or didn’t want to pay for them or for me to come get them and take them back (which I never did). It quickly got to the point I started taking pictures of the arraignments and when women complained sent them to the floral companies. Then they started denying the complaints.

We got exactly one compliment and that from an elderly woman. That’s why I remember it.

I had noticed this childishness among many women starting when I was about 12.

Children are privileged but don’t know it – their parents take care of them and give them everything they need. But they’re never grateful, being children. What they do is complain a lot of the time. What parent has not noticed this?

I and many others have noticed men created/discovered/invented 99.999% of everything in the world. What women do is have the babies. And women are not grateful for all that men have done. Men, on the other hand, are grateful for having children.

I was once in a hospital room with a new mother (still in bed from giving birth) and the father sitting in a chair with the infant in his arms. He had a huge smile on his face. “Can’t stop smiling, can you?” I asked. “No,” he answered.

Feminism is an envious attempt to deny all the privileges of women and instead whine and complain they’re really oppressed ¬ by the “patriarchy” and “capitalism” and “old white men.” This is the attitude of children – “I’ll ignore all the things my parents have done and bitch that I’m oppressed! So I want more!”

Children also blame all their problems on other people. That’s what children do. Even some supposed adults still do it.

I’ve met several middle-aged women – not married, no children – who’ve complained “men are the cause of all the problems in the world” and “have baggage” and “won’t accept my career.”

What the hell? Women wouldn’t have “careers” if men hadn’t created this modern economy. Women with “careers” are acting like third-rate men.

In college I delivered pizzas for a year and a half. What complaints we got were from women (drunken male students caused a lot of trouble too, but that was from being drunk and obnoxious and throwing up in the pizza store).

Women were more mature when life was harder. I’ve mentioned before I’ve read several of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie” books and found they’re not for children and certainly not for little girls.

Laura was teaching school at 15 with just a certificate and certainly not with a college degree. And in one book she was living with the school superintendent and his wife (in a tiny, unheated room) and found his wife was sullen and crazy to the point she pulled a knife on her husband. She hated her life and wanted to go back East where things were easier.

Laura dreaded to complain about this and never even told her parents what was happening. They still figured it out, though.

By the way, all of Laura’s babies died except Rose Wilder Lane, who became a famous author. These days, with advanced medicine and vaccines (courtesy of men) the children probably would have lived.

Close to 30 years ago I told a retired man, “Women want all the advantages of being a man and a woman and none of the responsibilities.” He thought for a second and said, “You know, you’re right.”

It’s even worse today.

I’ve pointed out before that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Children aren’t allowed to vote, so why should women? And since men invented/discovered/created everything in the world, why should women have any say about something they can’t do?


little dynamo said...

During the Fifties and Sixties, my grandmothers -- very different people with differing lives -- were helpful, diligent, largely obedient women and wives. One worked outside the home, but not in an occupation that took jobs away from fathers, making fatherhood difficult or impossible, like today. They didn't constantly screech, whine, accuse, manipulate, and seek for power, mostly because their lives had been so difficult that there wasn't time or opportunity to become modern monsters. Survival consumed their lives, until middle age anyway.

GIVEN the opportunity, as we've seen the past forty years, females WILL become Empowered Monsters, if men become weak and scummy enough to let them. And men have -- indeed, modern cultures ALL are built around female power, individual and collective, economic and political. There is no higher authority or ideal in modern Western societies than What Women Want. We slaughter and sell our own children, our next generation, because . . . well that's What Women Want. It's Convenient for females, and so to do otherwise is Abuse and Oppression. And who will stand up against Almighty Woman? Governments? No. Presidents and kings? No. Legislatures, courts, journalists, universities, churches? Nupe. All converged.

Meanwhile, we're assured daily that we live in brutal, oppressive patriarchies, that keep females from their 'rights' and denies them their destinies. In reality, we live in brutal, oppressive matriarchies, with largely male enablers fronting the whole scam, Barry and VAWA Joe and Chris Christies. The scam requires constant propaganda by government and Medea, to ensure that males remain guilted and disempowered, and females remain enraged and increasingly empowered.

If it all were merely sick, another periodic psychosis of the species, well, after sufficient trauma you could eventually correct some of it, and bring some health and sanity to the world. But it's beyond sickness, and deep into the land of Joyful Evil. And overcoming evil at this scale is beyond the capacities of men alone, even good and strong men.

Glen Filthie said...

No, it's not Ray. You need to stake out your own little corner of the world, define it according to your values and define and enforce it. It will be good, and good women will want to share it and be part of it. Rest of 'em? To hell with them. The best thing I ever did in my family was tell the women to go fuck themselves - and make them do it when they got stupid about it. The bitching, the virtue signalling, the thought and speech policing...poof!

Women do this shit because we let them. Men go along with them out of misapplied chivalry and lack of character. (I know because I did it for 30 years). There's a lot of women that are seeing through this shit now too. Those are the women we need.

Grey Mule said...



Unknown said...

Bob, I recently blogged where I made the point that we live in a society where females from birth to death receive little to no discipline. Additionally, females are then given a ton of social and legal advantages. These two aspects combined leads society to the type of women we have today.

Anonymous said...

"Bob, I recently blogged where I made the point that we live in a society where females from birth to death receive little to no discipline."

Your mom would wash your mouth out with soap with that comment. Have you no shame?

Farm Boy said...

Most -- not all -- of the profressional/managerial women I've been forced to work with over the years suck. They cannot accept criticism. They cannot engage in productive give-and-take. They are very very very thin skinned. they are insecure and absolutely cannot admit to having made the smallest mistake -- ie., they *never* are wrong. Women in more administrative and clerical positions buck this trend; my experience with them is that generally they know their stuff and are godd at keeping the books, running the office efficiently, keeping up with new software and all that, scheduling meetings and travel. In fact, most of them I've worked with are beyond good (so I'm not a complete chauvanist bast*rd). But the more 'professional', managerial-type positions, aye yai yai, keep women out of them. I think those women terrify the women in the admin/clerical posts.

Unknown said...

"Your mom would wash your mouth out with soap with that comment. Have you no shame? "


Unknown said...

@Farm Boy

I've had a fairly even number of male and female managers in my life. Of all the female managers I worked with or for, I can only think of one that could keep the ship right side up. The one I'm thinking of knew her limitations and could delegate tasks out to the one most suited for the task. The rest of them were like what you described.

Farm Boy said...

I also have observed that women managers are not good at delegation. They are insecure and they just have to show everyone how awesome they are so they try to do everything and often get in over their heads. they also are scared that someone below their rank might show them up. They get overloaded b/c they don't know how to set priorities and delegate, things get f***d up, and they then start pointing fingers and *whining* (I am plugging my ears here) b/c everyone -- but themselves of course -- has made such a hash of things.

Unknown said...

"They are very very very thin skinned. they are insecure and absolutely cannot admit to having made the smallest mistake -- ie., they *never* are wrong."

Carl Jung said women's biggest problem was thinking they were always right and they'd never be happy until they gave it up.

OKRickety said...

If you wish to correct it, you should replace "arraignments" rather than "arrangements".

OKRickety said...

My comment was poorly stated. :D You should replace "arraignments" with "arrangements".

MarkyMark said...

What was that quote from The Godfather that is appropos here? Women and children can afford to be careless, but men can't? I think that that about sums it up...