Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump is Adolescent But Hillary Clinton is an Evil Child

"The evil man is the child grown strong" - Thomas Hobbes

I heard Melania Trump say she had two children in her family - her son and her husband. I started laughing.

Trump does come across as adolescent - the rating of women by looks, the hairspray keeping his ridiculous haircut in place. That's high school, even middle school.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, comes across sociopathic - an evil child. She shows no guilt or remorse, is entitled, sees people as things to serve her, devalues them as "deplorables," curses and insults them, flies into rages.

I figure all politicians are immature, otherwise they wouldn't be politicians.

In other ways Trump comes across as fatherly, although it's closer to Fred Flintstone than Ward Cleaver. Clinton just comes across as an Evil Queen Wannabe and not motherly at all.

But it's looking like our coming election is between a billionaire adolescent and a destructive child.

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Glen Filthie said...

But that's the problem, Bob - they're not.

My uncle was an MLA up here in Canada. An MLA is kinda sorta halfway between a senator and a congressman in Yankee parlance. He had a staff, a budget and all the perks that go along with a job like that. He wasn't a sex perv, or a druggie or a turdie. He was a father, husband, son and a pillar of his community. He was respected by liberals and conservatives alike - you may not have liked his politics, but the man was honest and likeable himself.

His arch enemy was Ralph Klein - Premiere of Alberta. Ralph was bombastic, sarcastic, extroverted and loud - and whenever Unca Don went against him in debate, ol' Ralph shot him down in flames.

The Bushes are much the same - and when they go up against psychotics, they get torn to shreds and guys like you howl in delight and scream for their blood. If anybody decent tried to run for that position - guys like you would tear him to shreds!