Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned Even If They Have to Make it Up

I do not know what Donald Trump did or did not do.

But…I don’t remember how old I was – 21 to 23 I think.

My mother worked as the night admitting clerk at the local ER. I asked her how many of the women who came in crying rape were lying.

You know what she told me?

Ninety percent. She said almost all of them were hookers who weren’t paid. Apparently they were so stupid and drug-addled they thought the cops would believe them and arrest the men.

Now I hear a woman claim when she was on an airplane Trump tried to shove his hand under her dress and fiddle with her mommy parts. Then I heard a man on the same airplane say the Trump did nothing wrong and the woman was trying to flirt with him and got nowhere. So she waited 30 years to get revenge on a rich celebrity who wasn’t interested in her.

Women lie about these things all the time, contrary to “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

I’ve recounted more than once I had a woman claim many years ago I was sexually harassing her. The only explanation I had is that she was interested and I wasn’t interested in her and she was so outraged she made things up.

A few years later my boss had a woman claim she was sexually harassing her. I told him she had a crush on him and he exclaimed, “That’s what my father told me!”

Remember the woman dragging her mattress around, the one she claimed she was raped on?

Turns out she was making up the whole thing up, just the way a woman who claimed she was gang-raped by a fraternity was making it up (I’ll bet Rolling Stone is still embarrassed).

Years ago I read the autobiography of the late Ray Milland, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of an alcoholic in Lost Weekend. He practiced for the role by stumbling around the city pretending to be drunk. A woman he had rejected saw him and got a look of triumph on her face. Revenge!

Why do women do this? They’re envious little creatures, that’s for sure, and that fact is in the story of the Garden of Eden, where Eve listens to the “serpent,” a symbol of envy (men’s biggest flaw is listening to envious women and being unable to discern the envy).

And what does envy do? Want to bring people down.

Women as a group want to bring men down out of envy (what that moron Sigmund Freud called “penis envy”) so as a group they cannot be trusted.

I and many others have noticed feminism is leftist and leftism is based on envy. That’s why they want to bring down men, especially the nonexistent “patriarchy” and the “Old White Slave-owners” who founded this country.

I’ve written before you can base a fair amount of your life on clichés, because clichés wouldn’t exist unless there was a lot of practical truth in them.

And why was Bill Clinton, who is a rapist and proven sexual predator, given a pass on these things?

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is one of those clichés that all men should remember and pay attention to it.

Because if you don’t you might learn the truth of it the hard way.

”Nature hath given women so much power the law wisely gives them little” - Samuel Johnson


Roman Lance said...

When I consider what you said in this post I think I must have been one of the most sought after boys in my home town, cause the amount of crap I suffered at the hands of just about every girl I met was staggering.

Maybe I should take all the street cred I earned to Vox Day's blog and have him officially declare me an Alpha-bishop to his Alpha-pope. I think we could be really good pals.

Wish me luck. :-}

Unknown said...

The crap I've gotten from women is also just staggering! So you ain't alone brother.

cecilhenry said...

Socialism as Envy, in 4 lines:

..'If a man knows that what he's done is good?'
'Then he ought to apologize for it'
'To whom?'
'To those who haven't done it'

Remember: 'You didn't build that!!'

Robert What? said...

How incredibly prescient the Book of Genesis was.

Unknown said...

The more I think about it the more I think basing all sexual morality/legality on 'women's consent' is the dumbest thing ever.

If it is legit rape I understand...the guy should be put in prison, but I would bet the 9/10 scenerio was fornication (not rape) happened (i.e. one way or the either she consented)...then the guy left/didn't call back after he got what he wanted. The thing I notice about women is it's not necessarily the sex that drives them's being rejected or not getting what they want after they have sex with the guy. Then they go into revenge mode. Suddenly she never consented and turns fornication into rape (or just makes something up even if the guy didn't have sex with her). Sex ed is a sham these days by turning it into basically a physical exchange...women experience it more emotionally.

The wisdom of keeping sex only in marriage to your spouse is worth its weight in gold. The sexual liberation has led to this mess.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

Millennial writers now go back and recast inoffensive pop songs as sexist. One example is the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)." The ending -- which was deliberately written to be left open to interpretation -- is now said to incite violence against women since "OMG! They burned the house down!!"

Similar things have happened with other songs. The main one that comes to mind is the old standard "Baby It's Cold Outside," which is said to be "rapey," even though it's clearly tongue-in-cheek, as was the ending to "Norwegian Wood."

"Why is he talking about old pop songs when we're talking about Trump?!"

Because if everyday song lyrics of classic pop tunes are now being reinterpreted as offensive, old actions of men can similarly be now seen as "problematic." In the social context of the 1980s, going in for a kiss before you had verbal consent was pretty standard. So were those song lyrics.

But we now live in a quasi-Victorian Era where all of that is offensive. I blame the confluence of college feminism and social media.

In conclusion, what I'm saying is almost any action related to romance or sexuality taken by a man in the old days can now be considered offensive if not illegal. This should scare the hell out of all American men.

Paul McCartney wrote that final line to "Norwegian Wood" even though the song was John Lennon's. When the words of the most inoffensive Beatle start causing women to get the vapors, that's a good sign your society has entered panic mode. Sort of like when they burned Beatle records in bonfires because of an offhand comment by another one of the band members.

Unknown said...

'In conclusion, what I'm saying is almost any action related to romance or sexuality taken by a man in the old days can now be considered offensive if not illegal. This should scare the hell out of all American men.'

Welcome to the time in history where society screams 'women's consent' as the be all and end all especially with legality and perhaps morally too. Sure feminists want all the sexual liberation they want...but men better not have any free will in this matter. Because feminists know the one method they have to trap men and make their life hell.

little dynamo said...

I've lost count of the number of times that women have defrauded, cheated, harassed, incited, and/or lied to me. Men, not so much, because they know that -- courts or no courts -- they might just end up in the E.R. or morgue for pulling their thug-bullshit. So they tend not to.

Females, OTOH, are essentially immune to consequences ('legal' or otherwise) for having done evil to a male, no matter if she's taking your son away in one of their feminist court-rooms, or defrauding you on an apartment rental. It doesn't matter -- one call to 9-1-1 makes you the Perpetrator, and she will be sure to get some great pics of you getting angry on her fancy new picture phone! The only effective tactic for dealing with females is 100 percent avoidance, although even that is dangerous in Amerika.

This is what the American female has chosen, a culture of endless abuse and revenge against maleness, and the American male, long ago castrated, backs up her evil while telling himself he's Protecting the Weak. You know, Defending the Darlings from vicious male predators, like Donald Trump lol. What a lie it all is, scum scumming their way to riches and power.

Nations based on lies last about as long as nations based on Empowered Women and Disempowered Men. Right now there aren't enough actual men left here to run one state, much less the entire nation.

Well, good luck!

Anonymous said...

That alleged rape case in Virginia that got Rolling Stones in so much trouble may have come from this. In that case, it may be that a freshman made up the story to win the sympathy of a boy who had rejected her the year before.

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