Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yes, the Media is Rigged

The MSM's idea of diversity is that their members look different but think the same. They’re infected with liberalism. To them anything else is not just illegitimate but twisted and evil.

I have mentioned I have a degree in Journalism. In college I found almost all of journalism students were apolitical but those that weren't were leftist, which meant they thought they were always right and that those who disagreed weren't merely mistaken but bad people. Nazis, you know.

They could never answer an argument, ran away, then stewed about their defeat. They were also big into revenge.

There was a lot of childishness about all of them.

Now as to why they were leftist I’m not sure, except they think their feels make their opinions fact. And leftists operate on their feels although they think it’s reason.

Because they think their opponents are evil, they think this gives them the right to physically attack them, commit voter fraud and try to steal elections. Fascist and Nazi scum, so attack them and keep them out office! And hope they die off!

Now imagine these people taking over the media. Don’t imagine, but instead just look around.

Since they think everyone should think as they do they don't believe in competition.

Merely listening to competing arguments really upsets them. Their brains ain’t right in the first place, otherwise they wouldn’t be leftists.

They also think their words change reality, hence the chanting that Hillary has already won so Trump should withdraw from the race.

For quite a while I was hearing that bloggers on the Internet weren't "real" journalists. I don't see that anymore because the Internet has become so influential and the influence of the MSM is dwindling.

The MSM has become a liberal special-interest group, nothing more.

The Internet has decentralized the media and decentralism of anything is always a good thing.

And the more advertising pulls out of the MSM - which is what supports them - the better it is for the people of the United States.

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