Saturday, October 8, 2016

There are Quite a Few People Who Can’t Stand Me

The first thing I want to point out is that the next person who makes an Anonymous post at this site is going to have it immediately deleted. I’ve already deleted the last one.

Having said that, I will now point out there are quite a few people who just can’t stand me.

Among women, it’s the unattractive ones (sometimes downright hideous), sometimes fat, sometimes scrawny, sometimes never married, sometimes divorced, who despise me. Attractive ones have always been friendly towards me. Not one attractive woman has ever “shit-tested” me, including the ones I’ve been involved with.

It’s why “shit tests” don’t exist. It’s an evo-psych concept created by the ignorant. If it does exist, it’s the bottom of the barrel that has always done to me. It’s always the unattractive ones – overweight/scrawny, dumb. But they almost always overestimate their attractiveness to men and think they deserve someone way out of their league. And are very often unable to hide their lying and hostility.

Among men, it’s the stupid ones – again bottom of the barrel – who can’t stand me. Especially the really short ones with a bad attitude and the “little man complex.” The smart ones always like me.

It’s an example of “birds of a feather flock together.” Among men and women it’s called Associative Mating.

I’ve never really had an explanation for this hatred of me. Perhaps the brain waves radiating from my head are disrupting their dim-watt IQs. Maybe it’s the way I look (I once had a woman tell me, “You just have one of the faces you just can’t forget”). And it’s not like I look like Brad Pitt.

Humphrey Bogart (not that I’m comparing myself to him) had the same problem. He said that most people didn’t like him, and he had no idea why.

I also noticed, starting in college, that there were some women who were interested in me when I wasn’t interested in them, so they began to hate me. That’s when I realized the truth of that old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” They see nothing wrong with not being interested in a man and if he’s interested in her, then that, these days, that’s sexual harassment.

And if she’s interested in him but he’s not interested in her, then that too, these days, is sexual harassment. When women feel scorned, their revenge a lot of the time involves lying about sex and relationships. Although to them, it’s not lying. They delude themselves they’re telling the truth.

I’ve had more than one woman tell lies about me in an attempt to hurt me. That last one was a scrawny unattractive spinster whose life consisted of looking out her drapes and before that a pudgy, unattractive divorced middle-aged woman.

If you’re nice to a dog it’s going to love you. If you’re nice to a human, who knows what the fuck is going to happen. Perhaps that’s why dogs are referred to as “Man’s best friend.”

Maybe that’s why, generally speaking, I prefer dogs to people.


Robert What? said...

Unc, you're deplorable :)

Unknown said...

My real name is Bob Basket O'Deplorables. It's Irish.

Anonymous said...

Bob - You are right 99% of the time and you are right again.


WL Emery said...

I think I just walked into the middle of a discussion, and now I'm patiently waiting for the clue bus. Please don't push me under the bus; I just wouldn't understand.

If this has anything to do with Glen referring to you as a member of the ignoratti, he didn't mean it. What he meant to say was 'ignoramii'. Hope that helps.

Glen Filthie said...

No, WL, Bob is ignorant too! HAR HAR HAR! :)

Shit tests certainly DO exist. All a shit test is, is a head game - and certain women thrive on them because they create drama, which stupid women often associate with romance. I've seen it! Typically these women pride themselves on their ability to manipulate men and many will even openly boast about it.

The biggest sin a man can commit with such a woman is to refuse to be manipulated. Men with triple digit IQ's like us often laugh and walk away without a second thought - and THAT is when the claws and teeth typically come out. Such men HAVE to be destroyed and women will sometimes go to extreme lengths to do it.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

It would be worth considering who your real enemies are versus who are merely your antagonists ...

That one would have many would-be antagonists, usurpers-in-waiting, and such forth would only come as a natural consequence to anyone who has chosen to stand fast rather than to accept defeat, but enemies, true enemies, are something to be respected and perhaps even savoured.

True enemies test your mettle, test your resolve, and may be savoured like a fine whisky ... and on some very, very good days, they may be marinated in herbs and spices seasoned with that fine whisky, grilled to perfection, and served as a gift of battle to your honoured guests.

Fava beans and a "nice chianti"?

Some of us have considerably better standards.

But claws and teeth? CLAWS AND TEETH? Oh my ... we shall have to give that beast a resoundingly good whack before the marination process shall commence! :-)

Lab Guy said...

I'm certainly despised by leftist. My favorite reply from them is always 'I'm so boring' when they can't come up with a rational contention. I just enjoy pissing them off.

Ben Fangio said...

"The smart ones always like me."

Nope. You're right about a fair number of things, but you're a vain little jerk, and sometimes you say stuff that's hilariously stupid -- usually out of childish vanity. And I'll keep calling you on it, now and then, until you ban me. Sorry if I'm microaggressing your safe space, Aunt Sally. I don't much care what you delete, either; I'm not talking to your readers. I'm talking to you.

I've got at least one standard deviation on you in IQ. You're not dumb, but I'm smarter than you.

Bragging about how you're the smart guy is like bragging about how rich you are. There's always somebody on the next level. I've met people smarter than me. Don't pin your self-respect to it, because then you go into denial when you're outclassed, and you double down on dumb shit you said that you ought to just wash your hands of, instead of learning something.

The guy who already knows it all is always a functional idiot, and the real smart people always know that.

Unknown said...

Bob I don't let personal feelings influence me too much. Its not that I don't like you, I appreciate all you've done for the cause by putting White Genocide out to warn the people. That said, you're old. I don't blame you for that, but times change. If Goldwater had won or Reagan hadn't been undermined by Bush sr., it might have been different. Might have been doesn't mean shit now. I have to fight, cause no one fought when it could have been done politically. Perot was right too, about NAFTA and being sold out.
But now its a different fight, old man. The battlefield is no place for gentlemen. The only rule in War is Victory. If you win, you're the Good Guy, cause you write the History. The Good Guys don't always win, the winners just say they're the Good Guys. The Good Guys lost WWI & WWII. This time its gonna be different.

Ben Fangio said...

Josh, start the fight or shut the hell up.

Unknown said...

I'm ready when you are Ben. When are you guys gonna stop this bullshit of trying to work with a rigged system. You can't win when they cheat.

Ben Fangio said...

"I'm ready when you are Ben."

Exactly what I thought, a blowhard who claims to lead, but when push comes to shove, backs away.

Unknown said...

'The biggest sin a man can commit with such a woman is to refuse to be manipulated.'

Nah the biggest sin a man can commit with such a woman is to be manipulated by her. Basically you are screwed either way with that type of woman and they should be avoided.

Twarog said...

"I also noticed, starting in college, that there were some women who were interested in me when I wasn’t interested in them, so they began to hate me."

Steve Sailer recently suggested that may be the reason why many women hate Donald Trump's womanizing ways, while simultaneously giving his golf buddy Bill Clinton a pass- because Mr. Trump has much higher standards. If you don't look like a supermodel, The Donald isn't interested, while President Clinton's tastes were clearly more... democratic.

Unknown said...

"I've got at least one standard deviation on you in IQ. You're not dumb, but I'm smarter than you."

IQ doesn't matter all that much since experience trumps it. And I have lots of experience.

Anonymous said...

I like you. Some of your claims are absurd and over the top, but others are right on the money. You also seem like someone who's a lot of fun to hang out with.