Monday, October 3, 2016

No One Cares What the MSM Thinks About Anything

I have a degree in Journalism, which I have regretted for a long time. In college I noticed very few of the Journalism students had much brains. Fortunately most of them were apolitical but those that were political weren’t just liberal; they were leftist. They always thought they were right, were instead always wrong, and were as ignorant as hell. All leftists are like that.

I noticed the same thing when I was an editor. The reporters were ignorant and I would never allow any reporter to interview me. The publisher was a second-rater; he hired third-raters, and those third-raters hired fourth-raters. No wonder so many newspapers have gone out of business. The good journalists have moved to the Internet.

Not that has had any effect on the MSM. They’re still as ignorant as hell.

What newspaper currently did an editorial that Trump wasn’t qualified to be President? USA Today? Are they kidding? I’ve never read the paper. Do they really think anyone cares what they think about politics? Or anything?

Does any newspaper think anyone cares what they think about politics? Apparently so. These newspapers are taking themselves way too seriously. But then, they always have.

I haven’t watched the TV news in years. I had starting watching the Sunday political programs for a while but gave it up. There was some coverage of Hillary Clinton’s corruption and lying but nothing about her being sick. Mostly it was about how Trump has finally Done It To Himself. And always reported with glee.

The MSM clearly thinks that somehow they’ll have the desired effect and then the people will see through Donald Trump!

Some of the PBS programs were hosted by people I had never heard of. Not only that I had never heard of any of their panelists. Of course none of them made any sense.

I thought, “Who the hell pays these people and why?” What’s their audience? A few thousand people, if that?

Chris Wallace? George Stephanopoulos? What the hell? Again, who cares what they think about anything?

I figure most of the MSM thinks people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Just let the MSM pick the President. What ignorance and arrogance!

I recently saw a Sunday political program discussing “elite” opinion. As always I thought, “Are they serious?” Michael Moore was interviewed. He’s elite opinion? I’ve never seen any of his movies. I don’t know anyone who has.

Oddly, Moore correctly diagnosed the problem – the anger by working people at their dispossession and the destruction of the middle class – but he thought the cure was to vote for Hillary Clinton. He also was convinced Trump was going to be elected.

At least the moderator got it correct when he talked about the disconnect between the MSM and the people. The MSM represents only itself and not the people.

Apparently not one major newspaper has endorsed Trump. What are they going to do if it becomes President? Fire all their editorial writers they way they should?

Har har! Don’t make me laugh! They’ll still continue to babble nonsense, be wrong as usual – and continue to be ignored by the public.


Take The Red Pill said...

"...The publisher was a second-rater; he hired third-raters, and those third-raters hired fourth-raters."

The same old story of leftists, Marxists, and communists -- envy, jeaousy, and hatred of anyone who is more talented and/or intellectually superior to them, and why they are dedicated to the destruction of excellence.
Which is also why they are always screeching about "Equality": the "Equality" that they pay lip service to is not 'equality of opportunity'. To them, "Equality" is ALWAYS 'equality of results' no matter how mediocre, tepid, or useless.

Robert What? said...

Leftists also know the MSM are usually lying. They're just on board with the lies.

Unknown said...

A Trump win will be good. It will show the media that they have zero influence on voters. Effectively Trump winning the presidency will be the nail in the coffin for the media.

little dynamo said...

The MSM has shown its (gleeful and smug) bias yet again. If Media cannot be trusted to report facts without constantly inserting its own politburo-assurances and intelligence-op spins, then of what use is the Media to the nation? It's just American Pravda, and thanks but the U.S already HAS a CIA. If Media operates counter to the nation's best interests, it (and its corporations and employees) should be treated as what they actually are, threats to the sovereignty and health of the nation. Due process should then follow. Fast.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

I remember from Ben Franklin's autobiography that when his brother James tried to set up a printing press in Boston with the express intent of publishing a newspaper, his friends tried in vain to talk him out of it. The one in New York was plenty, they said, and you'll never break even. I think he did, but barely, and with Ben's almost free labor. Even Ben's own press in Philly didn't profit from his newspaper; he made most of his profit printing money and government papers until Poor Richard's took off, which were pamphlets of common sense, and still were a hard sell. Everything you need to know you can glean from the classics. Colonial America knew that and took it to heart.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I watched Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11. I would recommend it to others. His other films didn't attract me.

Leiff said...

No one who is awake believes anything the mainstream media says. The MSM is a leftist echo chamber that is pointed to when they make their appeals to authority, "Vote for Trump? THE NYT says he's a racist, you idiot!".

Glen Filthie said...

I know the old folks in my family still take the media seriously and think I am a loon for distrusting them.

Several years back I had my in laws living with us and it drove me crazy. I would come home after work and they would have Orca Winfrey on TV and they would hang on her every word as she interpreted the news for them. And lookit!!! She was BLACK!!! Isn't she WONDERFUL??? Why, those two morons were full blown social justice warriors before they even invented the term for it. My folks in their 70's aren't much better.
They will believe every lie about Donald Trump and will not believe a word of truth about Hillary Clinton.

Twarog said...

I know someone who quit working for the Boston Globe a few years back. He said the Onion's parody was depressingly close to the truth:

"At least the moderator got it correct when he talked about the disconnect between the MSM and the people. The MSM represents only itself and not the people."

Typical of a decaying, late-stage Empire, America's elites have started to cluster together in just a handful of locations near the levers of power. Everybody "important" wants to live in Washington, NYC, or maybe Coastal California. They all dine at the same restaurants, live in the same buildings, send their kids to the same schools, read the same books, etc. You almost can't blame them for falling prey to aggressively stupid groupthink, under the circumstances.

In general, a healthy nation distributes its elites more evenly across the country, rather than concentrating them all in one place where they're insulated from the proles. Opposition to the French Revolution was famously centered in the relatively poor Vendée region, where the bishops and noblemen mostly couldn't afford to live at the King's court in Versailles with all the other lazy aristocrats. Forced by proximity to interact regularly with peasants, the nobles of the Vendee were much less cluelessly out-of-touch than bigwigs in other regions of France, and as a result were not nearly as despised.

Phil Christensen said...

At least half the news is reporting what another reporter reported. News outlets - both print and broadcast - are mostly supported by profit-making conglomerates. Don't ask me why. If I owned stock in Marriott, I would be royally pissed by the fact that they underwrite USA Today (essentially a free circular).

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Funny how Moore just said "vote Hillary because..."
Why, Moore, why?
You want me to vote a certain way you'll have to give a good reason.
"Because" is not a reason.