Wednesday, October 12, 2016

You Can Just About Live Your Life by Clichés

“All truth is old and only error is original” - Will Durant

Clichés wouldn’t exist unless was truth in them. A lot of truth.

One of the reasons I dismiss all this Manosphere nonsense about “alpha” and “beta” and “gamma” and “omega” is because it’s not old wisdom and is instead ridiculous new error (which never ends).

There is also the old, truthful cliché, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That’s Associative Mating - not “Alpha fux and Beta bux” (which itself is a new, clear and false cliché).

“Birds of a feather flock together” is also an Aesop’s fable, one thousands of years old. So is “Equals make the best friends.”

Why is Hillary Clinton ten times worse than Donald Trump? Because “Actions speak louder than words.” How about “Look before you leap”? Also: “Kindness is wasted on the evil.” And of course, “The tyrant will always find an excuse for his tyranny.”

I’ll tell you something else that is old wisdom. When women let their freedom turn into license they invariably abort their children, become promiscuous and commit adultery, so then they don’t have children. Not only is that old wisdom, it’s ancient. The Manosphere thinks it’s just modern women who do this (I’ve been told several times, “Things have changed since you were growing up.” No, they haven’t.). Those in the Manosphere, as I’ve said before, are historical ignoramuses.

You can live a lot of your life using clichés, fables and myths – and those short stories known as parables. They are ancient wisdom made easy to memorize and understand.

In the not so recent past these stories were passed from adult to child. That’s their purpose, to educate ignorant children with adult knowledge in the form of entertaining short stories. Textbooks? You’ve got to be kidding. They’re about money and fame.

Instead today many people have heads full of gobbledygook and think they’re so smart because of it. They’re not and are only deluding their selves.

“Why, forsooth, because I gave credence to the words of a woman!” - “The Mother and the Wolf” – Aesop

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