Monday, October 24, 2016

Women Lie All the Time

"You've got to change your evil ways, baby" - Santana

I have mentioned before that when I was 16 years old I was standing on a street corner walking back to high school after lunch. I had some school books in my hand.

A pudgy, plain, middle-aged woman driving a car gave me a dirty look, reached over and locked her door while at a stoplight by me. That’s the only time that’s ever happened to me. That’s why I remember it.

I ignored the whole thing, but I remember thinking something along the lines of "What a nut. She's deluding herself if she thinks I'm going to do anything to her." I had hair down past my shoulders and apparently she thought I was some sort of drooling, drug-addicted rapist who’d force myself into her car, hold my Swiss army knife to her throat and then have my evil ways with her.

Years later, after much more experience with disturbed women, I realized that in order to successfully lie to others you first of all have to lie to yourself.

Ask any police officer how many women lie to them, with a straight face, about rape.

I've caught more than one woman lying about sexual harassment. As I've said, "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, even if they have to make up the whole thing."

Think about that nutty lying woman dragging her mattress around campus, the mattress she claimed she was raped upon. She was a scorned woman and was lying about the whole thing, just as was the woman who claimed she was gang-raped at a fraternity party (and "Rolling Stone" magazine would have never run that story if the female reporter hadn’t first conned herself into believing such blatant lies).

Men lie too, of course, but why is it women are always the ones who lie about men and sex? And their lies are so easy to see through?

Can you imagine a man dragging a mattress around in public? I can't. He’d be ridiculed and mocked up one side and down the other.

Because women lie all the time I have to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. Why did these women wait ten to 35 years to go public with these accusations? He shoved his hand under my dress and fiddled with my mommy parts before he even knew my name? And in public on an airplane?

I'm sure Trump gets hit on all the time by women (I doubt this happens to Bill Gates). Trump’s not only a multi-billionaire but a celebrity. And nutty women desire celebrity, otherwise why did Mattress Girl and Fraternity Girl lie about what happened to them?

It's women who are the ones always watching the celebrity gossip shows and reading the magazines. Brad and Angelina! Only women are concerned about such things, not men.

Can you imagine a fat unattractive woman like Oprah Winfrey being popular among men? Or the masculine, unattractive Wendy Williams?

Women are nosy, envious, ungrateful self-deceptive little beasts. Not every individual woman of course but as a group they are.

This has been noticed for thousands of years. Look how nosy Pandora stuck in nose into something that was none of her business and unleashed every evil into the world.

Or look at the envy and self-deception and ingratitude of Eve.

Such stories would not have survived for thousands of years if there was not a great deal of truth in them.

There is a good reason women were not allowed to vote for a long time. Men in those days knew things about them that we have mostly forgotten.

It reminds me of something my 20-something niece told me many years ago: men are stupid and women are evil.

And men are stupid because they listen to ungrateful, envious, childish women.


WL Emery said...

Oprah? Looks like 300 pounds of bear liver in a garbage bag? (unabashedly stolen from Fred Reed).

The difference in lies is the amount of whole cloth involved and the motivation. Show scorn for a man, and if he's paying attention you'll likely get an appropriate gesture and a few words he wouldn't say in front of his mother. But just do the same thing for an average woman, and she'll never forgive, and never forget. The first thought that pops into her nasty little mind is a rape accusation, which she'll make up out of whole cloth. Then when her story shows a few gaps large enough to drive a semi through, she attacks on some other front and will come back to the rape accusation later.

My response to the women who are accusing Trump of sexual harassment is this: Why didn't you do something at the time? Why was nothing said, nothing done? Because it's entirely fabrication, and anyone who doesn't see a coordinated attack by the SJW moonbats is in denial.

Roman Lance said...

The most interesting aspect of your assessment is that this is actually news to some people. But for those of us who grew up with a steady supply of "men are pigs interested only in one thing" know the truth.

Woman are masters in the art of self deception. They are always the victim, and always right.

I see this even in my Traditional Catholic parish. I have yet to meet one woman there whose marriage ended that didn't find a way to blame her husband.

He was violent, he's mentally ill, etc. Always blame shifting and never accepting that maybe their marriages ended because they were assholes and consummate pains in the ass.

Heck, I was even told by a (right thinking) woman just yesterday that a vote for anyone but Trump meant I didn't have any common sense.

'Cause I was just throwing my vote away, sheesh anybody with common sense knows that either Trump or Hillary is gonna win.

So I said, "Well just pretend I really want to vote for Hillary and because of the fact that I don't think she'll win I'm just not going to not vote at all. And simply count that as a vote for Trump and you can see me as a good guy."

After which I was informed that this wasn't a vote for Trump but rather a vote for the supreme court prospects, gosh anyone with common sense knows that. Of course since you don't have any you wouldn't understand.

I feel sorry for her husband, the poor guy has been nagged and henpecked nearly to death.

Anonymous said...

If these sexual "harassment" allegations, which are most likely false or at most highly embellished and exaggerated, are the best dirt that the media can do in trying to make Trump look bad, then I'll gladly take Trump over Clinton for President.

Trump is not perfect, but he isn't like Hillary Clinton or her husband by far. Hillary is a monster with blood on her hands.

God help us and the entire world if Clinton manages to become President.

Anonymous said...

Here is what Fred has to say:

Unknown said...

'Or look at the envy and self-deception and ingratitude of Eve.'

Wasn't that actually the serpent who had those traits? Eve's biggest problem was she listened to it...then Adam listened to Eve.

I can understand a guy having angst against women for those traits...but this stuff is more of a spiritual battle. And we live in a society where the majority seems to be fine with listening to the father of lies.