Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton Should Withdraw From the Race

It’s amusing that the MSM is saying Trump should withdraw from the race because Hillary Clinton has already won. It was because of what Trump said on tape about women.

Actually Clinton should withdraw because she is a corrupt, alcoholic, epileptic, pathological lying old dyke who’d be a catastrophe as President. Fat chance of that happening.

The MSM is always for the Democrat. If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Jeb! had won the nomination they’d be savaged too. Trump is especially being savaged because he is an outsider.

Clinton was caught on a hacked email saying she supports open borders and that Wall Street should regulate itself because it knows best how to do it.

I heard a Clinton supporter say there is no proof those emails were legitimate because they came from the Russians.

The MSM is hysterical because no one is taking them seriously anymore. They did it to their selves. They always lie.

Thank God Trump has destroyed the Republican party and the Bush crime family. He deserves our praise for that.

Many Republicans think they’re going to lose their offices because of Trump’s candidacy. Apparently they don’t realize Americans often put one party as President and the other they give Congress. Even if the Hildebeast wins new Republicans and the others won’t support her policies.

And I also thank God for that.

Whenever politicians lose they do so because they brought it on their selves by putting their desire for wealth and power above the good of the country.


Unknown said...

Bob when you get a chance read the recent leaks about Hillary and her foundation. When you plumb the depths, the whole family is just disgusting. I truly hope that if Trump wins, he does assign a special prosecutor to go after her and her family. And I hope the media, which is doubtful, will broadcast her crimes.

In addition to Trump destroying the Republican party and the Bushes, if he wins, it shows that the MSM no longer has control over who gets elected president. Which the MSM has been in decline for a while and a Trump win should be the final nail in the coffin for them. If he wins, I'm certain that they will double down on him, but eventually give up because they will realize they don't have the influence anymore.

little dynamo said...

This incident exposed the loathing that BOTH 'parties' have for masculinity and fatherhood. Neither the Demoncraps nor the Republicants will tolerate a shred of manhood in their bloated, vile, porcine gynocracy. Only complete and total supplication to Almighty Woman is acceptable for leaders of American government, law, education, media, or religion.

How very, very quickly the emasculates of the Establishment Right rushed to condemn a man who -- ten years ago in a private conversation -- didn't speak and behave according to their hypocritical gender-standards. Because those bitchlings on the Establishment Right owe their offices, positions, salaries, powers, and pension to the Will of the American Female. And they damn well know it, too. And neither the health nor the survival of the nation matters a whit to our 'conservative' leaders -- they are too busy backing up Team Skank and covering their fat, traitorous asses.

Glen Filthie said...

I hope you're right and I'm wrong, Bob - I really do. You are spot on about Hillary, but I think you may be letting your hopes and expectations run away with you. I no longer think there will be a 'Trumpslide'

When it comes to the Clinton Machine I think you are looking at the Iceberg Principle: you're only seeing about 10% of it. Or less. That cnut and her filthy husband have amassed real power. When you can give the FBI and the nation the finger - and still run for president? Wow!

What pressures can that machine bring to bear on Trump? They've almost certainly murdered before, I would not be surprised in the least if some 'lone nutbar' takes a shot at Trump the same way Oswald did with JFK. No way will that bitch ever see prison.


America cannot vote its way out of the economic shitshow it has spent itself into. There are some consequences for tax and spend leadership and any real improvement in the economy is at least 10 years away - assuming you started now.

Anonymous said...

How do you see this election going?