Saturday, October 29, 2016

High-Yellow Half-Breeds

I've only met two women that I know of who were half-breeds. Both of them only slept with white guys.

The first was when I was 18 years old. She was 19, half-Indian (feather, not dot) and half-black and was raised on a reservation. She considered herself an Indian and referred to blacks as "them" and "they" and looked down on them.

Not surprisingly she only slept with white guys. I have no idea what happened to her but figured at the very least she had a child by a white man.

Also not surprisingly she hit on me. I knew the reason why: blond hair and blue eyes.

Everyone wants lighter kids.

The second one was half-black and half-white and really was high-yellow. She also only slept with white guys and had a child by one, whom I once met and who had blue eyes (she also made more than one comment about my blue eyes).

Her little girl was white. In two generations the family went from black to white.

People talk about things such as "yellow fever but I've never heard anyone talk about "white fever" except for those no-class blacks who go crazy around white meat, although they never use the term "white fever." I mean non-white or part-white women who only desire white guys. They do exist.

I once encountered a black woman who basically told me, "If I have a kid by a black man the child will be black. Why should I do that when I can have a kid by a white man?"

In college I first met a black woman who only slept with white guys (she also hit on me).

I figure no one really wants to be black and if they can't they can at least they can lighten their kids.

Some people think sooner or later we'll all be mixed and turn into a mocha mess. That's never going to happen.

White men are the most desired and Asian men and black women the least. I had an Asian woman tell me she couldn't imagine an Asian man and a black woman together. White people are of the same opinion.

In college I worked with a guy who married a beautiful Chinese woman raised in the U.S. (I met her and she clearly found me amusing). The father was opposed to the union, which made me laugh. I thought, you should be grateful the kids will be half-white, which means in the long-run putting an end to short, weak, scrawny no-dick Asian NOWAG nerds.

As for male half-breeds they look to be just a huge mess. Even Hillary Clinton said Barak Obama was lazy and shiftless.

Colin Kaepernick? What a joke (I know a woman with a white father and a Filipina mother who mocked Kaepernick as a "half-breed").

Miscegenation used to be illegal. I know why. The children belong nowhere, at least the men.

There doesn't appear to be much of a problem with mixed-breed women. But with mixed-breed men - a huge problem. The women can be absorbed into white culture and the white race but the men belong nowhere and will never be accepted.

The problem is worst when it comes to half-white and half-Asian men. They're still NOWAG (No One Wants Asian Guys). The women will be absorbed but the men won't.

I actually met the half-Indian and half-black woman when I was living in Santa Barbara and working in Isla Vista, just like Elliot Rodger, the NOWAG half-breed who went insane from lack of meaning, importance and community in his life and so slaughtered several people, starting with a couple of NOWAG Asian nerds, whom he dispatched hands-on with a knife. That's a lot of half-breed self-hate.


Anonymous said...

See Eurasian Writer's youtube channel:

Anonymous said...

Hybrid vigour is a dangerous myth:

WL Emery said...

I used the term 'high yellow' in a story, and the writer's group I showed it to accused me of being racist. I didn't think it was a racist term - am I wrong?

Unknown said...

Not to me? How else are you supposed to describe that skin color? By the way, I know a Filipina who describes herself as "yellowish brown."

Anonymous said...

I've known a few White-Asian families and in every case the children, men and women, and in every case the men were attractive, highly intelligent, and talented. The women were all attractive, and while not as brainy as the men, were no dummies.

Unknown said...

"attractive, highly intelligent, and talented"

You do know NOWAG means "No One Wants Asian Guys," which is why they couldn't sell their souls to get a white woman? Even Asian women will take a white guy over an Asian guy every time.

All the Asian men I've met have been nerds without exception.

The most hopeless are half-Asian, half-white men, unless they end up six foot tall and look like white men.

You need to get out more and stop posting things you know nothing about.

I don't like liars at all.

A.B. Prosper said...

This seems very true in my experience

Even when I look scruffy I've been hit on my all sorts of weird Middle/Near Eastern chicks with brownish skin. I'm not interested myself even in fair skinned Persians or high caste Indians but its flattering I suppose

I have to look better for Western women.

I know a half Thai girl, very American. Quite pretty and clever.

She married a fellow LDS church member , a very White guy.

One day feeling rather bold I asked if her parents were going to freak if she married a White guy

She laughed and responded "No, they'd kill me if I married an Asian"

I don't think highly of it though she was a fine girl and I suspect in a generation or three, the family will be indistinguishably American mongrel White

This seems to be fairly common in my neck of the woods California , you get fair skinned Mexican/White hybrids (making already part White Mestizos , Peninsular or Criolo Whiter) Asian/Whites and some trashy Half White/Half Black and rarely Half White/ Half Indio

For whatever reason even a few decades ago, at least in Colorado and as far as I can tell here American Indians mixes were fairly common considering the paucity of Amerinds and for whatever reason if you passed for White, no one seemed to care.

I'm not sure if this was because it was so rare or the Indians were considered honorary White , not a clue.

Asian mixes were tolerated not approved much as they are now (including Filipinos) , no one notices fair skinned mixes much (especially actual White Hispanics Criollo and Peninsular Portugese ) either

Its a bigger deal out east but out West Asian/White is meh, Dark Skinned Amerinds with get you some approbation as will Indios (I know someone run out of Northern Californian partially because of it) and fair skinned Americanized mixes are ignored .

The official shibboleth is pro Black/White and I see a modest amount of White trash doing it but its really only OK among pozzed people and trash

A.B. Prosper said...

Asian mixes with a male Asian or even half Asian are super rare . I've never seen any in person

They happen occasionally for example Bruce and Brandon Lee who were famous, well off and well known for martial arts prowess but your average Asian grinder kid hasn't got a snowballs chance in hell

Unknown said...

From the looks of it the mixed breed women seem to be more on the slutty side. Although it also could be that the majority of women overall now are trending slutty with their lack of morals.

Unknown said...

"Even when I look scruffy I've been hit on my all sorts of weird Middle/Near Eastern chicks with brownish skin."

For a while I was getting Moroccan women hitting on me. Even in elevators.

Anonymous said...

"Even in elevators."

What about on escalators? LOL.

The Eurasian Pimp said...

My nigga Chris (half Asian half white) aka Good Looking Loser ( && will put all of you insecure beta white cucks to shame. Since following in his footsteps 3 years ago, I've also been killing it with getting dem young & tight white poosey. Yeeee!

Unknown said...

You really can't see how easily people see through your lies?