Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I'll Admit I Don't Understand Trump

I understand Hillary. She shows sociopathic traits: greed, the desire for power - and most especially the pathological lying.

But Trump? It's clear he's trying to portray himself as working-class, what with the baseball-type hat. So why does he want to be President? Certainly not the money, being he's a multibillionaire. And he needs no attention. He's got plenty of that - he had his own TV show.

He's loud and obnoxious. But he does appear to be a patriot, at least in his own mind and certainly in the minds of tens of millions of people. And he does appear to appreciate and feel gratitude for his luck, for being an American.

I always keep in mind something the late Gore Vidal about the ruling class, which he knew intimately. He said their contempt for the American people was immense. He also said his father held politicians in utter contempt.

Hillary clearly holds the average person in contempt. Trump, on the other hand, said cab drivers yelled hello from their cabs.

I guess when it comes down to it Trump wants everyone to love him. He wants to be the Daddy King - to protect and provide.

But Hillary? Not so much. Or maybe not at all.


Glen Filthie said...

His biographical memoirs are mandatory reading, Bob. Also highly recommended would be the memoirs of Lee Iococca and Stormin' Norman Schartzkopff.

Trump confuses everyone. He's been flat-on-his-ass broke. When he went bankrupt and the boys were clearing out their offices - down in the parking lot he noticed a homeless bum and quipped "See that guy there? He's worth more than all of us put together...". He would rather eat at Pizza Slut than at the fanciest Noo Yawk restaurants where some fag of a chef charges $300.00 a plate that is all about artistic expression. He is smart enough to know that if bums like you are making good money - he will be making GREAT money. This is why I disagree with your thoughts on the evil One Percenters.

Hillary and Bill have nearly destroyed themselves a dozen times over. They are on borrowed time too - this last bit of crap from the FBI is a raised middle finger at every single law abiding citizen in the USA. If she gets away with this - countless others are going to try too. If THEY succeed as Hillary won't be long before the guns come out.

endwatcher said...

Trump suggests he will defend the middle class and Christianity. I hope so, but the deed is the thing. Hillary is business as usual and the human incarnation of feminism.

I will take my chance with Trump. Being a white male Christian I have nothing left in the world to lose.

A.B. Prosper said...

Trump is the most transparent man I've ever seen run for President.

He wants mostly to leave his many children an America in which his kind of businesses he makes (hotels and golf courses and such) can thrive and be enjoyed by a large part of the population

Besides he's done everything else why not be President and give his wife one heck of a gift and maybe prime the pump for the rest for the family to be a new dynasty

The reason he comes on "working class" is because he has more in common with them than the elite, Dad had a rep as slum lord, he is an aggressive quarrelsome man. Heck Trump body slammed Vince McMahon. Can you see any of the effete people running this year even watching a pro wrestling match much less be part of one?

Unknown said...

Trump never intended to run. He makes a Big Show of throwing his hat into the ring every election for free publicity. But this time he said the magic word, "immigration" which all the traitors and whores stay away from. All the Amnesty shills have tried to stop him, and his ego won't let him bow out. I have faith The Stupid Party of Lincoln will cheat him at the convention. They and this dumb fake government will die for that mistake. Democracy is about as stable as a drunken bum with a monkey guiding him. Its lifespan is incredibly short, especially when losers and niggers vote more and more tax dollars for themselves to loot America. Civil War II will change everything. Those brown and black scum never had a future anyway. The bankers have already slit their own throats and doomed their children to the fires. There will be no more elections. Power is something you take, not something you get from lowly brown retards. A Dictator will rule, and the enemies will rue the day they were born.

kurt9 said...

I can guess at what Trump's motivation is.

Many years ago, i saw his high school graduation photo. He attended some kind of military academy. He was dressed in the academy uniform and looked truly and radiantly happy in that photo. This was in 1964.

1964 is considered one of the peaks of American optimism. The Apollo program was in full-swing and Vietnam had yet to escalate. I believe Trump wants to re-create the America of his youth (e.g. 1964). I believe this is partly a subconscious desire mixed in with the nostalgia of his youth.

Do consider that as child, the priest of the church his family attended was none other than Norman Vincent Peale.