Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Wonder How Many People Are Driven to Vote for Trump by Terror Attacks?

So now we get dozens and dozens and dozens more people in France murdered by another Muslim, including an American father and his son on vacation. Do such attacks drive people to vote for Trump? I can't imagine it driving people to vote for the Hildebeast, who wants to flood the U.S. with more terrorists (is she a sociopath or what?).

Of course the Mainstream Media won't touch this problem with the proverbial ten-foot pole. To them it's about online hate since they can't attacks firearms this time ("online hate" being pictures of swastikas and skinhead "white supremacists," not some half-human/half-camel sand kaffir waving a bloody severed head in the air).

The last time there was a terror attack in the U.S. a pederast Muslim murdered a bunch of "Hispanic" faggots. Of course the MSM howled about firearms instead of an inbred Afghan sodomite being raised in the U.S..

I saw the traitor and "White Hispanic" Jeb! on TV claiming Muslim immigration to the U.S. won't be cut off. On the contrary, it will. The American people are demanding it. Aren't two generations of Bush imbeciles enough?

Why is the MSM interviewing a clown who was utterly repudiated by the public? It's all over politically for the Bush crime family, and thank God for that.

The more Muslims in the U.S. the more Americans are going to be murdered. This is simple common sense, which lots of politicians don't have in the slightest.

We've terrorism in the past in the U.S. We completely put an end to it by executions, prison sentences and mass deportations. If we did the same today - problem solved!

I still think Trump is going to take 40 to 50 states, contrary to MSM "polls," which I don't trust at all.

I also wonder when the next Muslim terror attack will be in the U.S.? I'll wager just a few more months.


kurt9 said...

You know as well as I do that the MSM (and its polls) is a shill for Hillary. Thus, if they say the race is close, you can guess that it is not.

DeNihilist said...

Maybe InstaPundit linked, but I read somewhere that Trump more then triples TheCow, in trust, to do something about protecting you yanks.

More terror, less TheCow.

Unknown said...

The one thing I'm willing to bet on is that after the elections, BLM will be a thing of the past.

sth_txs said...

I guess Pence was a safe pick to make friends with establishment filth who has also screwed up the country.

Not like we were are missing anything hearing from losers like Romney, Bush, or McCain.