Saturday, July 23, 2016

Watching Sleazy Politicians Commit Political Suicide and Enjoying it Immensely

"Cruz must now accept that his political career is over." - Nicholas James Pell

I watched the creepy-looking Ted Cruz (who looks like the offspring of Lyndon Johnson mating with Richard Nixon) commit political suicide at the Republican National Convention. What was he thinking?

If Trump wins Cruz will never have a post in his administration. If Trump loses he still has changed the Republican party beyond it ever going back to what it is. Cruz is going nowhere for the rest of his life.

How can it be that someone like me, descended from Scots-Irish Appalachian/Tennessee/Kentucky hillbillies, sees this - and Cruz cannot? Maybe because I’m smarter and more knowledgeable than he is – and the Bushes and Clintons?

The same applies to the Bush crime family. There will never be another Bush as President – and I thank God for that. There will never be another Bush in any administration.

My God! I’ve always known politicians were stupid and narcissistic – but this is nearly beyond belief! What kind of morons commit political suicide when politics is their life?

Do they really think people care if the Bushes or Cruz endorse Trump or not? It reminds me of the senile George Will whining he’s left the Republican Party because it's no longer to his liking.

Honest to God – who cares?

I suspect all of them are eaten up with envy, especially after seeing Trump introduce his impressive family. I can imagine George and Barbara watching them and thinking, “Jesus, compare my alcoholic, crackhead offspring with his! ARRRRGGHHHH!!!”

Trump is certainly a flawed man. But he’s less flawed than the Clintons and Bushes combined.

I’m laughing at the whole circus.

By the way, does anyone really believe a short, dumpy, post-menopausal woman, who was never attractive, and who covers up what she is with $10,000 sack-like dresses, can beat beat a 6'2" multibillionaire with a successful, attractive family?

If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.


WL Emery said...

King George I wasn't too bad. King George II - big mistake.

To contemplate the difference in heritage, ancestry, and intelligence and education between you and Ted Cruz is a waste of bandwidth. Cruz isn't all that bright, and his handlers have really screwed the pooch this time - and Ted didn't see it.

You make a nice point about the Royal Families, though. Comparing wives, for instance, between Bill and Donald, illustrates the obvious conveniences of marriage on Bill's part along with possession of concrete evidence for criminal wrongdoing by would-be ex-wife Hillary (why else would he remain wedded to her?), versus... well, there's no contest.

While it's true Donald Trump is a flawed man, so are we all. We men, real men that is, know what we are. Yeah, we're flawed. You mean to tell me you've never done anything wrong?

Evaluate Donald Trump's character against Hillary's and think about the murderous incident at Benghazi. She hung those people out to dry, and I can't help but think that an incident like that will be unlikely on Trump's watch, and if it did happen, the United States would respond in a disproportionately destructive manner while the rest of the world watched. After that, enemies of the US would think twice before trying anything like that again.

I'm not in the market for a bridge today. Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

Anonymous said...

Cruz went the Boris Yeltsin route. He traded in his chances of President of the USA for a slim shot at President of Texas. It worked for Yeltsin when the USSR collapsed. I doubt it will work for Cruz.