Monday, July 18, 2016

Trump is Going to Beat Clinton Like a Rug

The peasants are revolting! Revolution!

I don't believe a word the Mainstream Media says about Trump. They are clearly on Hillary's side, to the extent they consistently lie about Trump. And they obviously think the public is so stupid they'll take everything they say at face value because we're so gullible and ignorant and stupid and childish we need guidance about the simplest things.

There are tens of millions of uncounted Trump supporters. The media pretends they don't exist, being that they are considered troglodytes and Morlocks who deserve nothing but utter contempt and shouldn't even be allowed to vote - or even live. The MSM pretends they don't even exist - or if they do exist they are a horrifying undifferentiated damnation of inbred hillbillies scratching their balls in public and farting in church. Candidates for euthanasia! For Soylent Green!

I have a degree in journalism and was a newspaper reporter and editor. Even as an undergraduate I was surprised at the ignorance and stupidity of the journalism students. And after I graduated and got a job - whoa! Morons!

Most of them were doctrinaire liberals, which means anyone to the right of them is considered evil. Not merely mistaken, but twisted and evil. That's why they keep comparing Trump to Hitler. They really believe this.

Want to read a novel that illustrates this mentality perfectly? Don't buy it; find it at the library: Phillip Roth's The Plot Against America, which is about the U.S. turning Nazi - which Roth is convinced Americans are waiting for do in an eye blink!

Fortunately most Americans are not doctrinaire. They tend to pick and choose from political ideologies.

And Trump has his hand on the pulse of many Americans. If he didn't he wouldn't be so popular and wouldn't have had so many people support him. That's why he destroyed every idiot Republican candidate who opposed him.

Speaking of his hand on the pulse of people, let's talk about my hometown, which is a blue-collar, Democrat-voting steel mill town. When I was in high school it had 50,000 people and when you graduated high school you could go straight to the steel mill and start out with big money.

Today it has 30,000 people, a a hundred or so empy middle-class homes, the steel mill is in trouble and not hiring, kids are graduating high school and can't find anything but minimum-wage jobs or dealing drugs - and why the hell is there any Chinese steel in the U.S. at all when we can supply all our needs? And why has the U.S. been sending its knowledge and technologies - our immense wealth - to our enemies so they can stab us in the back and arm against us? The Soviet Union? The Middle East? China?

My formerly-Democrat town has turned toward Trump. And when I grew up there being a Democratic was your religion!

Trump has in fact changed the Republican Party. Actually he's blown it up. And this is a good thing. It needed to be destroyed - my God, it tried to run that imbecile Jeb! And the media still interviews him, as if his opinion isn't anything but a big steaming pile of horseshit!

Liberals don't have a clue about the U.S. Every time there is mass shooting liberals think the answer is gun control - but everyone else goes out and buys more firearms.

Business conservatives are all for open borders and flooding the U.S. with low-IQ, low-wage workers. But everyone else wants to shut the borders and have rapist Mexicans and terrorist Muslims deported. And so does Trump.

Trump doesn't come across as a liberal or conservative. He picks up the most popular parts of both. That makes him a populist.

Both parties have lost touch with Americans, to the extent both of them need to be changed completely. As I said - destroyed. The Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders (Communism was originally called "Jewish Bolshevism") tried to portray himself as Someone New and Different - and then turned around and endorsed the Hildebeast! That hypocritical sumbitch!

The last time there was this kind of sea-change in American politics was with FDR, who did some terrible things.

Now, for good or bad, we're looking at another sea-change. And it's not just Trump. There are a lot of people coming up who sound like Trump, only without all the baggage.

As I have mentioned, this is what is called Steam Engine Time. When it's time for the steam engine to be invented, it was invented. When it's time for a sea-change, there will be a sea-change. Things will continue until they can't continue anymore - and they can no longer continue anymore.

Trump has changed the Republican Party - and it's not going to change back. And yay for that!

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Black Poison Soul said...

"And they obviously think the public is so stupid they'll take everything they say at face value because we're so gullible and ignorant and stupid and childish we need guidance about the simplest things."

I hate to sound more cynical than is my normal wont, Bob. Sadly, they (the mainstream media) are being guided by the past - where the public really was that stupid.