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The Six Killer Aps of Prosperity

I don't agree totally with this article because I am not politically correct.

I put modern medicine, property rights, competition, the work ethic, the consumer society and the scientific revolution under under the free market, which created these things. I'd add European ancestry, which is what created all of it.

So, in simplest terms, the U.S. government is trying to get rid of minimal government/free market (they go together) and white people.

This is from the site The Dollar Vigilante.

The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity that the US Government is Destroying

"It is worth your while to watch it as it brings up a number of interesting points. More importantly, it does something that no one ever seems to think of nowadays: It looks at the past and tries to figure out not only what happened but what worked and what didn't.

"We now have enough evidence of political and financial systems to be able to come up with some ideas on what works and what doesn't. Yet, rarely is this analyzed by the public.

"Niall tries to look back into history and see what created the most amount of wealth and freedom. He says it boils down to the following six items:

Scientific Revolution
Property Rights
Modern Medicine
Consumer Society
The Work Ethic

"You may agree or disagree with some of the points... but in general most rational people would say this is a fair list.

"So, let's go through that list from the perspective of the current state of affairs in the United States, and most western nations, today.


"Nial makes the point here that this not only includes competition between free-market entities but also competition between political systems. As he states, 'Not only were there a hundred different political units in Europe in 1500 but within each of these units there was competition between corporations as well as sovereigns.' He goes on to state, 'Nothing like this existed in China where there was one monolithic state covering a fifth of humanity.'

"This is an excellent point. Competition between political systems is very healthy. The founding of the US explicitly encouraged this by attempting to give the majority of the power to the States and not to the Federal Government. This, of course, has been mostly erased over many decades as all the power has been taken over more and more by the U.S. Government itself. In fact, this process began 150 years ago with the US civil war when the south tried to secede but was brutally put down in its attempt.

"Today, in the U.S., there is virtually no political competition and even corporate competition is constantly restrained or manipulated by regulations and subsidies.


"By 'scientific revolution', Niall's simply means using evidence to form opinions and ideas and testing those opinions and ideas. Today, in the U.S., the Government has become such a major player in the field of science that it has turned science itself, on its head. As example, economics is still taught in the U.S. from the Keynesian perspective - which has all but been debunked and proven to be wrong. And other areas, including things like physics (as we denoted in our piece, 'The Day Science Died'), have seen the Educational Industrial Complex completely skew it towards maintaining the status quo rather than doing real science.

"Not to mention that the U.S. Government outlaws truly revolutionary forms of science such as research on stem cells. Of course, all this does is ensure the U.S. falls further behind in the sciences. And, as Peyton Manning showed, it just ensures the poor and middle class do not get access to scientific advances while the rich have the ability to jet off to countries for treatment.


"This is the reason the U.S. is still hanging on somewhat. It still has fairly reasonable property rights. However, it should be made clear that people in the U.S. do not own their houses. They rent them from the government. Try not paying your 'property tax' and you will see who owns your house. The same goes for businesses and other assets... try not paying all the license fees or your capital gains tax or dividend tax and you'll quickly find out who really owns your business or assets.


"Niall's point here is mainly about how advances in medicine in the last few hundred years doubled life expectancy due to things like antibiotics. However, in today's 'medical system', the system itself has as its main focus to keep people sick. Rarely are the root cause of problems identified (which would almost always be diet or exercise related) but only the symptoms are treated... usually putting most people into a downward spiral where they become more and more dependent on toxic chemical medications that make them sicker and sicker. Today, in the U.S., because of things like corn subsidies causing a massive increase in fructose corn syrup and a medical establishment beholden to the pharmaceutical companies who disallow natural, healthy medicines to be used, such as marijuana, most people are not only dependent on expensive pharmaceuticals but are all much sicker than they would have been without government involvement in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


"Aha, here you say, the U.S. is doing very well! But, no. Niall's point is that in a society where everyone is a Buddhist monk who does not desire material items the economy would be very small. And, he is right. It is healthy for an economy for people to desire things. However, what has happened in the U.S., thanks to the criminal Federal Reserve banking cartel, interest rates are always kept artificially low leading people to stop saving and spend more... however, this does not lead to a prosperous economy. An economy prospers when it produces more than it consumes. This should be obvious to anyone except those who get Ph.D.s from places like Princeton and Harvard. The American society today believes it can become prosperous by consuming more than it produces... the effects show in the jobless rate and the poor economic conditions in the US today.


"Here the U.S. is still above many parts of the world although it has been losing against many parts of Asia. But the entire structure of American society is so warped by government involvement that most of the 'work' goes for naught. With Government subsidized 'education' it means that most Americans will spend 16-20 years in school - and in many cases learn next to nothing during that entire time - and then be encumbered by student loan debts and other debts, such as mortgages (which are mostly needed because the price of housing has been artificially inflated by the U.S. Government's involvement in subsidizing interest rates and mortgage loans). Just ask many of the young '99%ers' at the Occupy Wall Street rallies. Many state that they have 'worked hard' and done 'everything right' but they have no job, no assets and have overwhelming debt. This is because the government's interventions led everyone down the wrong path. There is no doubt many of them worked hard for many years but they were doing the wrong things.

"Thanks to the internet, education is completely free today... a fact that won't help many who wasted 4-8 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper.


"Milton Friedman once said, 'If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand'. As can be seen above, in Niall's 6 'killer apps of prosperity' the government's involvement has either ruined or is in the process of ruining each of them.

"Now, in reaction to the collapse of the U.S., many people have taken to the streets in the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests. However, many of them are asking for MORE government involvement in the economy and the lives of Americans as a solution.

"Sadly, thanks to 12-16 years of government funded or regulated education they cannot see that the solution many are rallying for is the cause of most of their problems today."

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