Friday, July 8, 2016

Getting Your Balls Cut Off

I've pointed out before the Manosphere is pretty much fact-free. Those who write on its subjects are often historical ignoramuses.

I'll write one more thing about the Manosphere's ludicrous defense of polygamy, because they believe 6000 women would share a George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Sean Connery than even be in the presence of "Joe the Plumber." You know - that "alpha/beta" babble.

Women in very polygamous cultures were imprisoned in harems. They didn't spend their days happily shopping for shoes, funded by a wealthy husband.

They spend their days locked in harems guarded by eunuchs - who involuntarily had their balls cut off. So they could not have sex with the women.

One of Osama bin Laden's wives turned him in, leading to a U.S. military raid. She had him killed, because she was tired of being cooped up with no life.

Some people think an advanced technological culture such as ours can become polygamous. Nope. We have our advanced culture in many ways because it was one man/one woman - the nuclear family, which doesn't exist under polygamy. That's one reason Europe dominated the world

Every polygamous culture has been poverty-stricken and backward, with 99% of the people supporting that one percent so they could live in idleness and luxury. The people themselves were expendable.

Let's take the building of the Taj Mahal. It took 20 years and 20,000 workers toiling day and night, guarded by God knows how many police. A ten-mile-long ramp was built to haul the stone. A lot of people died building the place - perhaps thousands.

I'm not even going to talk about the Great Wall of China and the death toll of the workers.

The Manosphere exists only because of the Internet - advanced technology created by those of European descent. Created by a culture based on one man/one woman.

The Lost Boys seem to think that advanced culture is going to stay intact no matter how demented the morals. If that's not completely deluded, what the hell is?


Shaun F said...

If polygamy is the flavour of the month for the manosphere, they must be getting CIA grade illicit drugs - cause the insanity of the direction of their thinking- is quite obvious.

Unknown said...

This is what happens to those who think Manosphere concepts come from the mouth of God.

Unknown said...


I LMAO the other day when I read in the comment section of your article about some guy claiming that women would rather be 1/500, or whatever number it was, wife to a celeb.

The manosphere is such a joke at this point. Many of its adherents are listening to people that have little to no experience in dating not only women from their home countries, but foreign as well. For instance, on Wednesday I had some little boy who could only regurgitate the same rhetoric that is floated around the MGTOW and PUA sphere. And when I see people who have little experience and can only barf up the same nonsense, that tells me they are utter morons.

In this conversation with this little boy, I asked him to describe the cultural differences between dating an American, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese woman and the impact it has on dating. He couldn't do it. He said they are all the same.

He didn't know that American women talk at people and not with people. He couldn't tell me that the other east Asian women actually engage in conversations with a man. He didn't know that if a Japanese woman wants a relationship, she is told by her culture to go out and start a relationship. And not like American women who just sit around and not be proactive in finding a man. Or he didn't know that Chinese women fucking hate credit cards. Or as an example, a Chinese woman that I date for a while wanted one of those ornate expensive Chinese rugs. Well she didn't have the money for it, so over the course of a year she put money aside to purchase it. If she were an American woman, she would have pulled out the credit card, charged it, attempt to make 1 or 2 payments, defaulted on her credit, and then would spend the next 5 years of being harassed by collection agencies.

And these MGTOWs who get their information from this one guy, he's this ugly looking motherfucker who looks like the type of guy who would walk in a shoot a HS up. And he cries from time-to-time about his first wife who left, even though he said that she told him from the get go that their shame marriage was nothing more than a marriage of convenience so that she could get US citizenship. And he was "surprised" that she divorced him at two years because she would no longer be under suspicion from the government.

A lot of these boys are fucking stupid. And worse yet they take real problems that affect men and graft it onto themselves. When a lot of these boys can spend hours upon hours making YT videos and claim they are "going their own way." I told one of these fucks that I'm a bachelor and because of my studies, job, and activities, I don't have the time to make multi hour long videos whining about women. And I seriously have to question how many of them are "going their own way" when they can produce multi hour long drivel that is nothing more than regurgitated shit from another person.

Unknown said...

I've noticed a lot of differences between white, Asian and black women. Not to mention foreign women.

J.M. said...

Discussing with strawmen must be funnier than I thought at this point Bob. I am not a "fan" of the "manosphere" but I have yet to see one polygamy apologist that hasn't been lynched by the commenters.

Everybody with a functioning brain knows at this point that polygamy is a disaster no matter how you look at it. However is the result of human nature along with "hypergamy", murder, war and infanticide and is a lot more natural than monogamy or civilization, both constructs of the human psyche, maybe divine in origin and whose maintenance requires stringent measures and extreme vigilance. In essence, monogamy is the only socialism that has born useful fruits, a socialism of the sexual market place, where one can ensure that most men have a stake in society. Otherwise only chaos would follow.

It's funny that for a supposed race-realist, you cannot accept that not all men are born equal and that while there are differences between races, so you will find differences between men of the same race, running across a spectrum, some men are handsome, some are uglier, some are born with high intelligence, some are born dull, all can change their circumstances to some extent but they are not equal. "Alpha" and other ridiculous nomenclature is used in a bid to classify and name these differences, albeit with limitations but that approach in spite of its limitations is a lot better than try to deny them like you do.

DeNihilist said...

20 fucks in a 1000 approaches. Yup, sure as hell must have a great understanding of what gets women hawt!

Unknown said...

"have yet to see one polygamy apologist that hasn't been lynched by the commenters."

Then why do they still fervently support it and still believe that alpha/beta nonsense?

Because you cannot be realized out of a position that you were not reasoned into.

Anonymous said...

"I've pointed out before the Manosphere is pretty much fact-free. Those who write on its subjects are often historical ignoramuses."

One of my favorite whacko Manosphere theories is about how all white women secretly lust after "Alpha" black men and other violent third-worlders. Yeah, there are some white women who have that weird fetish, but they're generally not very desirable to begin with, and a lot of them eventually come to regret their poor choices in men.

Just for fun, I took a look at IMDB's list of top-grossing Hollywood actresses of all time, which I figure is a pretty good proxy for high sexual market value, then read up on their romantic histories. Of all the boyfriends and husbands named for the women on that list, the only man who was even close to being black was the light-skinned, green-eyed Dominican baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The only other non-white dated at any time by any of those women was the American Indian half-breed Benjamin Bratt. For Hollywood's top actresses, who could basically have picked any man they wanted during their twenties, every other romantic partner was as white as mayonnaise.

But sure, Manosphere, keep spouting about how pretty white women secretly want their countries flooded with blacks so they can enjoy the "alpha sperm" they really want (if only they could get it).

Unknown said...

My experience with most black men is that they are Omegas (in the real sense of the term) - bottom of the barrel. Which is why they are on the bottom in every country in the world.