Friday, July 29, 2016

An Indispensable Genius Once Every Century

When I was 21 years old I read a truly impressive novel titled A Canticle for Leibowitz, by one Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Except for this novel Miller wrote some completely forgettable short stories. If it hadn’t been for this novel (which he worked on for five years) he too would have been completely forgotten.

This late ’50s novel is about the world being returned to the Stone Age, courtesy of (as always happened in novels and movies in those days) a nuclear war.

Of course it took the world some 3000 years to get back to normal, including interstellar flight. Then, again, the world repeats with another nuclear war – only this time there is an escape to the stars.

In the second part of the book one of the characters made the comment that every century or so there appears an indispensable genius who completely changes the world.

In our time, in the early 20th Century, it was Albert Einstein (when I understood what E=MC2 meant I thought, “How did the universe end up like that”).

In the early 21th Century that indispensable genius is Stephen Hawking.

In the past there has been Isaac Newton, Adam Smith, Aristotle. Each one changed the world.

There have been many others, far less known, who have expanded on these men’s discoveries.

I have no idea what produces these men.

I used to know a woman who told me her brother got a M.S. in Electrical Engineering. Their father was a baker and their mother a home-based seamstress and they lived in what wasn’t much more than a shack. One of her brother’s teachers, she told me, told him, “You are the student I’ve been waiting for my entire life.” (Hawking was working on his PhD in Physics when he was 20.)

And where were they from? Mount Vernon, Illinois, a nasty little town which I once visited.

How did this man come out of parents such as his, and a town like that? Again, I have no idea.

But I do know that when you are a once-a-century-genius you are born one. The proper education is also indispensable (the word “education” really means to draw out what is inside you) since no one can start at the beginning and do it all by themselves.

Even the ones who expand on what these men did are born that way.

Now what about the average man? What he does is maintain. That’s actually me. I don’t invent, I don’t discover – I maintain what exists. It’s men like me – and as I written before, there are millions of us (actually tens of millions) – who maintain civilization. That’s not something Hawking or Einstein or Aristotle or Adam Smith could ever do. They are the men who advance culture and civilization – but they can’t maintain it.

That’s why I never have had any problem with garbage men or plumbers or whatnot. They are indispensible to maintaining civilization (I’ve written before that I consider garbage men more important than doctors, since it’s possible to live your life without seeing a doctor, but what the hell are you supposed to do with your garbage?).

I’ve also written before of Carl Jung’s comments that men are indispensable because they are the culture-makers (and maintainers) and women are indispensable because they are the baby-makers.

Now what we have today is women wanting to give up being baby-makers because they delude themselves they can be culture-makers or maintainers. Sometimes they want to be both culture-makers and baby-makers (Have It All TM )at the same time.

It’s not going to happen. While there may be occasional women (one out of what? a hundred million?) who can be a culture-maker, there never has been, and never will be, a female Aristotle or Adam Smith or Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

Women overwhelmingly cannot create or even maintain culture/civilization. That is why, as I’ve mentioned before, P.J. O’Rourke has written that if civilization was in the hands of women it would last until the next oil change. Or, as Camille Paglia noticed, if civilization had been left in the hands of women we’d still be living in grass huts.

Contrary to leftist delusions people are not blank slates, which means they can be anything they want. If it was true we’d have a hell of a lot more Einsteins and Stephen Hawkings. Especially female ones. But we don’t have even one, do we?


Genji said...

David Stove's "The Intellectual Capacity of a Women" FTW.

Genji said...

Oops: The Intellectual Capacity of Women.

little dynamo said...

"In the early 21th Century that indispensable genius is Stephen Hawking."

LOL! That camera-gobbling fake?

You should have stuck with cabs.

Unknown said...

You've got to be kidding!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bob, but Einstein was a plagiarist. He was only propped up by establishment jews as a genius to tout fraudulent jewish supremacy.

Anonymous said...

And Camille Paglia has it wrong too. No, we would not be still living in grass huts if women ruled the world; we would be extinct.

Anonymous said...

Einstein and Freud were Jewish frauds.

Glen Filthie said...


Someone might remind our anonymous friend that his buddies in third reich would have unquestionably developed the atomic bomb first - had they not dismissed the science as 'Jewish physics'.

As for Hawking? He's a poseur, a performance artist much like Neil deGrasse Tyson. The scientist you would be looking for would probably be Peter Higgs.

Anonymous said...

@Glen: "Jewish physics" is a fraud. Nuclear weapons do NOT exist, they never have, and probably never will.

Please examine and fully comprehend the information on the website:

See also here:

Everyone here, myself, and including the esteemed and learned Uncle Bob, are victims of very intense and thorough social programming/conditioning throughout their lives if they live in the Western world.

Anonymous said... is simply about the lies they make up which are big.

Unknown said...

"And Camille Paglia has it wrong too. No, we would not be still living in grass huts if women ruled the world; we would be extinct."

Okay, you made me laugh.

Unknown said...

BTW, Freud was a fraud but Einstein was not. I don't like Judaism and am disgusted by its evil but I'm not a lunatic who thinks everyone of Jewish ancestry was a fraud.

Unknown said...

Freud was a fraud in the sense that his pyschology based off of mostly 'muh dik'. He turned something complex as human pyschology into nothing more than base urges. Certain more to it than that.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...Or, as Camille Paglia noticed, if civilization had been left in the hands of women we’d still be living in grass huts."

Grass huts with curtains, maybe -- but grass huts, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with grass huts. Modernity is evil, or so says neoreactionaries.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, Freud was a fraud but Einstein was not. I don't like Judaism and am disgusted by its evil but I'm not a lunatic who thinks everyone of Jewish ancestry was a fraud."

I'm not a lunatic and I don't think everybody of Jewish descent is a fraud either. But how familiar are you with the Jewish religion? Have you read what the Talmud teaches about non-Jews? Anybody with a conscience, any morality and a brain would be horrified. The Talmud/Torah advocates lying to, and cheating non-Jews, and even killing non-Jews. Judaism inclines its followers to be anti-social and destructive to societies - Non-Jews in olden times understood Jews and their behavior very well (much more than people today), and this is why they were repeatedly and rightfully kicked out of so many places throughout history. There are very serious, credible and compelling arguments that Einstein was indeed not what he seems, and was most probably fraudulent. Just google it and research it yourself.

Anonymous said...

People not familiar with Jews and Judaism tend to immensely underestimate their malevolent influence, power and effects, whereas those who are familiar with Judaism (especially people involved in nationalist movements) tend to greatly overestimate malevolent Jewish influence and their power in society.

Jews have a very intense in-group preference and out-group hostility (for non-Jews). Jews run things for themselves at the expense and detriment of others (non-Jews). Not only that, but Jews actively seek to harm non-Jews in order to weaken any real or perceived threat to them and their position in society - Most people don't understand or are aware of this behavior by Jews and its very jarring when one becomes aware of it since it seems so ridiculous, bizarre and incomprehensible. There are plenty of Jewish U.S. politicians who have dual-Israeli and U.S. citizenship - Anybody that thinks this is not significant in affecting policy decisions and loyalties is very naive.

Unknown said...

Stephen Hawking is not a fraud but a great physicist. And there was no "Jew conspiracy" to elevate Einstein beyond what he did. Anyone who thinks that has no understanding of even basic physics.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Acting like sand kaffirs and blaming every problem in the world on Jews.