Saturday, July 9, 2016

Trump Reminds Me of Some Fathers I've Known

When I was 20 years old and in college I worked in a nursing home. One of the men visiting his mother was loud and obnoxious, wore a herringbone coat with a garish tie twice as wide as what was stylish, and since he could never remember my name always called me "Blondie" (which was what Eli Wallach always called Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).

He was also always chewing on a huge, unlit cigar.

Yet when I met his grown kids they were fine people. So obviously he was a father who protected his kids and provided for them. He did something right, somehow.

He reminded me of Archie Bunker.

Since then I've met one than one father like my cigar-chewing friend.

All of them in some degree remind me of Trump, who is loud and obnoxious, and although he dresses well, has a godawful '50s hairstyle. And he comes across as working-class - obviously, on purpose.

He also comes across as a father (or perhaps king) who wants to protect the United States and provide for the citizens by "making America great again" and hoping to create a bunch of high-paying jobs.

And Trump's kids have turned out just fine.

Trump in some ways reminds me of my father, who really was working-class blue-collar, a high-school dropout who got his GED, and as far as I know never read a book in his life. I'm positive if he were alive he'd vote for Trump - and he never voted in his life.

Why? He once told me, "If I tried to do now what I did then, I couldn't do it." Be a general contractor, that is. Because the economy is a disaster for blue-collar workers, and neither the Republican nor Democrat parties gives a shit. Trump , at least, appears to. Maybe, like the late Gore Vidal, he realizes the ruling classes are vermin. He knows them intimately, for all practical purposes being one of them.

As I've mentioned before Hillary has a lot of sociopathic qualities - an Evil Queen wannabe. And her daughter (who is the offspring of Webb Hubbell, not Bill Clinton) is a joke.

Clinton does not remind me of my mother, but does remind me of some not-very-bright entitled women I've known, all of whom were backstabbers and completely untrustworthy. She doesn't come across as motherly at all - look at how her ridiculous daughter has turned out.

She reminds of a hostile, angry older woman whose marriage didn't work out so they blame all their problems on men.

The last President who came across as a father-figure was Ronald Reagan. Of course the media hated him just as they hate Trump, and was convinced Jimmy Carter was going to bury Reagan. That didn't happen, as they found out to their horror.

I wonder what would have happened if Trump had run as a Democrat, which is what he said he is? Would the media have swooned over him? You never know. It's not like the media has any brains.

Does anyone in the Mainstream Media understand this is a contest between a man who wants to be a father to the nation, and a woman who wants to be an Evil Queen?

Of course not! And that is why the Mainstream Media is dying - because no one takes them seriously anymore. I sure don't.


Enbrethiliel said...


I wonder if this is true of all male leaders after a certain age. My mother can't understand why I like Trump so much but not Pope Francis. It likely has something to do with which man each of us would rather have as a father.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan was more like a grandfather than father. The kind of grandfather that small children crowd around to hug when he comes over to visit. He was the last successful President that this nation has had.